LoL Season 13: Unleash Jak’sho with Top Champions

Exploring Jak’Sho the Protean: A Guide to Building Resistances


In the diverse world of League of Legends, there are numerous strategies that players employ to gain the upper hand in combat. One of these strategies revolves around building resistances, allowing champions to withstand more damage and sustain longer in battles. An item that embodies this defensive approach is Jak’Sho the Protean. This guide delves into the intricacies of Jak’Sho, discussing its benefits, optimal champions to utilize it, and its unique mechanics. So, summoners, let’s embark on a journey through the realms of resistance.

The Basics: Getting Moar Resistances

Jak’Sho the Protean is a Mythic tank item that provides an array of defensive attributes to champions willing to invest in its power. Constructed from the Aegis of the Legion, a Kindlegem, and a Ruby Crystal, this item grants +400 health, +30 armor, +30 magic resistance, and +20 ability haste upon completion. Additionally, it bestows an additional +5 armor and magic resistance for each completed legendary item.

One of the most striking features of Jak’Sho is its Voidborn Resilience. As a champion engages in combat, they gradually accumulate stacking bonuses of +2 armor and magic resistance per second. Once the champion reaches 8 stacks, they ascend, unleashing 3% of their maximum health as magic damage to enemies within a 700-unit range (1% against non-champions). This magical onslaught not only heals the champion for the same amount but also increases their total resistances by a formidable +15% until combat concludes.

Champions Who Want to Build Jak’Sho

1. Melee Mages

Upon first glance, Jak’Sho might seem primarily suited for tank champions. However, this item’s ability to bolster defenses as battles prolong makes it an enticing choice for AP bruisers who seek to endure the onslaught of incoming damage. Champions like Mordekaiser, Vladimir, Swain, and Lillia, known for their magical prowess, can benefit greatly from Jak’Sho. By enhancing their defensive capabilities, it becomes exceedingly difficult to neutralize them before they turn the tide of a skirmish.

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2. Chase Tanks

Unsurprisingly, tanks are an obvious match for Jak’Sho. Tanks reliant on resistances can fully exploit the perks offered by this item. With Jak’Sho’s innate ability to amplify armor and magic resistance over time, champions like Rammus and K’Sante stand out as prime candidates. Whether they wish to stick to opponents or stack resistances, Jak’Sho empowers these tanks to become even more imposing forces on the battlefield.

3. Poke Tanks

When it comes to champions who can strategically poke their enemies, Jak’Sho offers a great advantage. Due to the time it takes for Voidborn Resilience’s bonuses to accumulate, champions who can land poke and effectively count as already being in combat gain immense benefits from this item. Maokai with his saplings, Dr. Mundo with his cleavers, or Gragas with his barrels can significantly elevate their survival chances before a full-blown confrontation initiates.

In Conclusion

Jak’Sho the Protean stands as a testament to the importance of resistance in the art of warfare within League of Legends. By diligently accumulating resistances during combat and ascending to unleash devastating magic damage, this Mythic tank item empowers champions to prevail in the most arduous battles. Whether you are a steadfast tank seeking to nullify opposing damage or an AP bruiser aiming to prolong your reign of destruction, Jak’Sho offers a versatile defensive solution for a multitude of champions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can Jak’Sho be built on champions with a burst damage playstyle?

While Jak’Sho primarily caters to champions inclined toward durability and prolonged fights, it may not be the optimal choice for burst damage champions. These champions prioritize dealing massive damage quickly, rendering the scaling resistances of Jak’Sho less effective in their playstyle.

2. Are there any limitations to the ascend ability of Jak’Sho?

The ascend ability of Jak’Sho can only be triggered after accumulating 8 stacks of Voidborn Resilience. This ensures that champions must actively engage in combat for a period of time before unlocking the potential of ascending and activating the damage and healing effects.

3. Is Jak’Sho a recommended item for support tanks?

Support tanks, such as Leona and Nautilus, who often engage in quick burst trades and focus on disrupting enemies, may find other tank items more suitable for their playstyle. Jak’Sho’s strengths lie in its scaling resistances and the ability to persevere in prolonged battles, which is not always the primary focus of support champions.

4. Does Jak’Sho synergize well with healing or shield power items?

While Jak’Sho does not directly interact with healing or shield power items, its additional resistances and the healing effect from the ascend ability can enhance a champion’s overall durability. Combining Jak’Sho with items that boost healing or shield effects can create a more robust and survivable champion.

5. Can Jak’Sho be effective in both solo lanes and jungle roles?

Absolutely! Jak’Sho’s defensive properties make it an appealing choice for both solo laners and junglers. It provides the necessary resistances to withstand the diverse threats encountered in these roles while granting additional benefits as combat progresses. Adapt Jak’Sho to your preferred playstyle and dominate the battleground.

With the vast array of champions and strategies embraced by the League of Legends community, Jak’Sho the Protean offers a unique and valuable avenue to fortify defenses and endure the relentless onslaught of enemies. Whether you’re a fearless tank or an adaptable bruiser, Jak’Sho serves as a trusty companion on the path to victory. So, summoners, combine resilience with might and let Jak’Sho guide you to triumph on the Fields of Justice.

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