Unveiling the Mythic Shop in LoL

The League of Legends Mythic Shop: Exploring the New Content Hub

An Introduction to the LoL Mythic Shop

The League of Legends Mythic Shop has undergone significant changes with the introduction of Season 12. Riot Games has revamped their mythic content shop, replacing gemstones and prestige points with a single currency and implementing a fresh system. In this article, we will explore the details of the newly designed mythic shop, shedding light on what it has to offer and the exciting skins that can be obtained using the new mythic currency called Mythic Essence.

Unveiling the Functionality of the Mythic Shop

Located within the League of Legends client, the Mythic Shop allows players to utilize their mythic essence to purchase various types of mythic content, including skins, emotes, and even orange and blue essence. To access the shop, simply navigate to your “Loot” page and click on the mythic essence you possess. This will unveil all the incredible content available in the shop. From stunning skins to captivating emotes, the Mythic Shop offers a wide array of options. Whether you choose to save your mythic essence or spend it on a desired skin, the choice is yours.

Embarking on a Mythic Skin Journey

Every month, the Mythic Shop introduces new skins for eager players. Mythic skins, such as the coveted Ashen Knight Pyke skin, alongside older Hextech skins, can be acquired for 100 Mythic essence. The shop also unveils unvaulted Prestige skins each month. During the first unvaulting, these exclusive cosmetics will cost 125 Mythic Essence. With subsequent unvaultings, the price escalates to 150 Mythic Essence for the second unvaulting and 200 Mythic Essence for all consecutive unvaults. It’s important to act swiftly if you desire a specific Prestige skin, as they tend to fly off the shelves.

Discovering the Offerings in LoL Patch 13.11

As of June 2022, a monthly Prestige skin rotation has been introduced, while the other mythic skins within the shop remain available for three months before rotating. Leaked information about the upcoming mythic shop rotation hints at some exciting additions. Let’s take a glance at the in-demand skins made available by Riot Games for players to enjoy:

  • Prestige Firecracker Vayne – 150 Mythic Essence
  • Prestige Brave Phoenix Xayah – 125 Mythic Essence
  • Ashen Guardian Shen – 100 Mythic Essence
  • Hextech Tristana – 100 Mythic Essence
  • Lancer Zero Hecarim – 100 Mythic Essence

Accessories: Adding Flair to Your Collection

In addition to skins, the Mythic Shop offers players the opportunity to acquire accessories using Mythic Essence. Similar to skins, these accessories undergo rotation to provide players with fresh options. Here are some of the noteworthy accessories available in the shop:

  • Ashen Knight Ward – 50 Mythic Essence
  • Emberworken Chroma (Ashen Guardian Shen) + Icon – 40 Mythic Essence
  • Mythic Chroma Dawnbringer Riven – 40 Mythic Essence
  • Nothing to Fear Shen Emote – 25 Mythic Essence
  • Random Skin Shard – 10 Mythic Essence
  • 150 Blue Essence – 1 Mythic Essence
  • 50 Orange Essence – 1 Mythic Essence

We advise players against purchasing the Random Skin Shard, Blue Essence, or Orange Essence from the Mythic Shop, as alternative, more cost-effective methods exist for obtaining these items. Save your Mythic Essence for more desirable offerings.

A Glimpse into the Future: The Next Mythic Shop Rotation

The eagerly anticipated next Mythic Shop rotation is set to take place in March. With the arrival of LoL Patch 13.12, players can look forward to exciting unvaulted prestige skins crafted by Riot Games. It’s time to cross our fingers and hope that the elusive Qiyana skin finally makes its appearance.


The League of Legends Mythic Shop has undergone a remarkable transformation, presenting players with a new and captivating way to acquire their favorite skins and accessories. With the introduction of Mythic Essence and the implementation of monthly rotations, the shop delivers an ever-changing landscape of options for players to explore. By staying up to date with the latest additions and acting swiftly, players can make their mark on Summoner’s Rift with style.


1. Can I purchase mythic content in the League of Legends Mythic Shop using currencies other than Mythic Essence?

No, the Mythic Shop exclusively utilizes Mythic Essence as the currency for acquiring mythic content such as skins, emotes, and essence.

2. Are Prestige skins permanently available in the Mythic Shop?

Prestige skins undergo rotation in the Mythic Shop. They will be unvaulted for a limited time each month, providing players with opportunities to obtain these exclusive cosmetics.

3. What should I prioritize spending my Mythic Essence on?

The choice ultimately lies with the player. However, it is generally recommended to consider purchasing mythic skins and exclusive accessories rather than random skin shards, blue essence, or orange essence, as these can be obtained through alternative means.

4. How often does the Mythic Shop rotation occur?

The Mythic Shop rotation takes place on a monthly basis, introducing new skins and accessories while allowing players to explore a fresh selection of mythic content.

5. Will mythic skins ever return once they rotate out of the shop?

Once mythic skins rotate out of the shop, they may return in future rotations. However, the exact timing and availability of specific skins may vary, so it is advisable to seize the opportunity when a desired skin appears in the Mythic Shop.

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