The Rise of Senna: Unveiling Her Potential as an Exceptional ADC

Senna: From Support to ADC


Senna, the sentinel of light, has made a powerful impact on the League of Legends scene. Initially introduced as a support champion, she has undergone significant changes and is now a viable option as an ADC. This transformation has raised questions among players, prompting us to explore the reasons behind this shift and analyze the implications it has on the game.

Senna’s Rise in Power

Over time, Senna’s prowess on the rift has become increasingly evident. Many players have witnessed firsthand her ability to dominate games, often surpassing her ADC counterpart in terms of impact and damage output. The question that arises is: Why is Senna still labeled as a support champion when she excels as an ADC?

Historical Context: Senna as the Support

The association between Senna and the support role stem from her connection to Lucian, her husband and the traditional ADC. Logically, Riot Games initially positioned Senna as a support champion due to her thematic connection to Lucian. However, the meta has shifted, and Lucian has fallen out of favor in recent times. In contrast, Senna has risen to prominence, showcasing her immense power and versatility.

Senna’s Viability as an ADC

Senna’s immense strength in the ADC role cannot be ignored. Her autoattacks pack an incredible punch, delivering devastating blows to her opponents. Compare this to traditional supports like Janna or Yuumi, and the contrast is stark. Senna’s damage output is far superior, making her a formidable force on the bot lane.

A Nerf in Disguise

In Patch 12.11, Riot Games introduced what they called a “nerf” to Senna’s kit. However, a closer look reveals that it may actually enhance her viability as an ADC. The soul drop rate from minion kills has been significantly increased, providing Senna with more opportunities to stack her passive. Additionally, the base slow percentage and slow duration of her Q ability have been tweaked. These changes further solidify her position as a potent ADC.

The Shifting Landscape: Senna as ADC

With the changes in Patch 12.11 and Senna’s inherent strengths, it is highly likely that she will see more playtime as an ADC rather than a support. Even if she is initially chosen as a support in champion select, it is advisable to allow her to farm more and refrain from pinging her when she secures minion kills. Ultimately, this investment will pay off, as Senna’s scaling and impact in the late game can single-handedly lead a team to victory.



In conclusion, Senna’s journey from support to ADC reflects the dynamic nature of League of Legends. Her exceptional scaling, ability to dominate the bot lane, and recent changes in Patch 12.11 have propelled her to the forefront of the ADC role. As players adapt to this shift, it is crucial to recognize Senna’s true potential and embrace her presence as a formidable ADC.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Senna still viable as a support?

Yes, Senna remains a viable option as a support champion. However, due to her strengths and recent changes, she is now commonly played as an ADC.

2. Should I change my playstyle when laning with a Senna ADC?

Adapting your playstyle to accommodate a Senna ADC can be beneficial. Allowing her to secure minion kills and scale will increase your chances of winning the game.

3. How do the changes in Patch 12.11 affect playing Senna as a support?

The changes in Patch 12.11 primarily enhance Senna’s viability as an ADC. However, they also offer slight improvements to her supportive abilities, making her a versatile choice for both roles.

4. Are there any potential downsides to playing Senna as an ADC?

While Senna’s damage output as an ADC is potent, she may lack the traditional attack speed and sustained DPS of other ADC champions. This can be partially mitigated by building items that enhance her attack speed.

5. Can Senna still be played effectively in the support role despite her popularity as an ADC?

Yes, Senna can still be an effective support champion. Her utility, ability to heal allies, and crowd control make her a valuable asset in the bot lane, especially when paired with an ADC that benefits from prolonged engages.

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