Unconventional Korean Ivern Top Lane Strategies

Ivern Top Lane: Unleashing the Annoying Potential

League of Legends, a game known for its diverse roster of champions, occasionally introduces experimental combinations of roles and classes. Ivern, a peculiar champion with an inhuman face and unsettling human eyes, has recently gained popularity in the top lane. While enchanters had dominated the top lane earlier this year, Ivern brings a unique playstyle that can both frustrate opponents and secure victories. In this article, we explore the mechanics and strategies behind the off-meta Ivern top build, uncovering its surprising effectiveness and annoy factor.

How Does Ivern Top Work?

Ivern possesses advantages that set him apart from typical top laners and jungle champions. Firstly, his ranged attacks give him an edge in poking enemies from a safe distance. Secondly, his initial stats align more with jungle scaling, which generally outperforms early lane scaling. However, these advantages alone do not account for the growing popularity of Ivern in the top lane. There are additional aspects of Ivern’s kit that contribute to his success.

Ivern Top Lane – Runes

When deciding on the optimal rune setup for Ivern in the top lane, there are two main approaches. The first, commonly used in both jungle and top lane, is the Aery route. This rune offers superior early-game harassment potential. Alternatively, we recommend the Precision route with Press the Attack (PtA) as the keystone. This choice delivers a substantial power spike at level 6, catching opponents off-guard. Additionally, PtA provides decent harass opportunities if applied skillfully.

The suggested rune setup is as follows:


  • Press the Attack
  • Presence of Mind
  • Legend: Alacrity
  • Last Stand


  • Cheap Shot
  • Ultimate Hunter

Notably, Daisy, Ivern’s ultimate ability, can trigger the effect of Press the Attack. This allows Ivern to overpower any top lane champion once reaching level 6.

Ivern Top Lane – Build Path

While Ivern is primarily recognized as a ganking jungler who often builds Night Harvester and supportive items, Ivern top lane takes a different approach. In this role, Ivern aims to aggressively push lanes and relentlessly chase down opponents. The core build for Ivern top consists of Rod of Ages, Cooldown Boots, and Nashor’s Tooth.

The value of this build lies in the synergy between Ivern, Daisy, and the items themselves. Both Rod of Ages and Nashor’s Tooth can be triggered by Daisy’s attacks. Consequently, enemy champions are slowed, and Ivern and Daisy can demolish towers swiftly, rivaling the efficiency of Yorick, the Shepherd of Souls. If you’re aiming to climb the ranks, follow a High Elo Blueprint to complement your journey.

Ivern Top Lane – Gameplay

Ivern in the top lane has a few notable counterplays, primarily involving champions like Rengar and Olaf who can punish him effectively. Additionally, when his ultimate ability is on cooldown, Ivern becomes more vulnerable. However, against most opponents, Ivern can assert dominance and create a level 3 advantage by exploiting his range to harass enemies. For matchups where the opponent may engage at level 1, such as Tryndamere, starting with Ivern’s E ability is recommended. Against less threatening foes, starting with W provides extra harass potential. Using the passive of his W ability to secure last-hits grants Ivern level 3 priority, which can lead to securing kills or forcing opponents out of the lane.

When facing an enemy with a reliable gap-closer, you can employ a specific tactic. Engage the enemy at point-blank range with your Q ability, and immediately right-click to extend the attack range. This interaction prevents you from being thrown towards the enemy and instead positions you at maximum attack range, facilitating an easy disengage.

Upon reaching level 6, you can bring Daisy into the fray by summoning her from within a bush, where she is concealed from enemy vision. This surprise entrance limits opponents’ reaction time, potentially allowing you to secure kills. When diving an enemy, manipulate tower aggro by waiting for your cannon minion to draw the tower’s attention. By staying out of the tower’s range, you can ensure Daisy remains unaffected by its attacks while the cannon minion is alive.

Once you’ve completed your core build, Daisy’s cooldown will be close to the 60-second mark. Utilize Daisy to push lanes aggressively, as you’ll be able to summon her mere moments after her full duration expires.


Ivern’s venture into the top lane brings a refreshing and unconventional approach, capable of catching opponents off-guard. By embracing a ranged playstyle and capitalizing on unique combinations of items and abilities, Ivern top lane has become a force to be reckoned with. Although counterplays exist, Ivern’s ability to harass, dominate, and swiftly destroy towers creates a captivating and formidable presence on the map.


1. Can Ivern top lane be played in ranked games?

Absolutely! While it may seem unorthodox, Ivern top lane has proven its viability in ranked games. Many players have achieved considerable success with this off-meta pick.

2. Which champions pose the greatest threat to Ivern in the top lane?

Ivern’s greatest challenges in the top lane typically come from champions like Rengar and Olaf. Their aggressive playstyles and ability to punish Ivern’s vulnerabilities make these matchups particularly difficult.

3. Does Ivern’s top lane build work in every game?

While Ivern’s top lane build boasts significant strengths, it’s essential to adapt and build according to the specific game circumstances. Analyze the enemy team composition and adjust your build accordingly to optimize your chances of success.

4. Are there any specific tips for optimizing Daisy’s impact in team fights?

A key strategy is to summon Daisy in a flanking position, catching opponents off-guard and disrupting their positioning. Additionally, utilizing the knock-up provided by Daisy’s Q ability can help your team capitalize on crucial moments in team fights.

5. Can Ivern top lane work without relying on a specific rune setup?

While the recommended rune setup enhances Ivern’s performance in the top lane, you can experiment with other options and adapt to your playstyle. Test different runes to find the optimal fit for your preferred playstyle and adjust as necessary.

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