Mastering Nilah: An In-depth Champion Guide

Introducing Nilah: The New Marksman in League of Legends

League of Legends has recently introduced an exciting new marksman that players are already buzzing about. With a combination of a whip, water, and a demon, Nilah offers a unique and intriguing gameplay experience. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the best tips and tricks for playing Nilah, discuss optimal build paths, and provide valuable advice on maximizing her potential.

Understanding Nilah’s Kit and Abilities

Before diving into playing Nilah, let’s take a closer look at her abilities. Nilah’s simplicity as a new champion makes her accessible, yet players will need to develop a profound understanding of her kit to fully harness her power. She is designed to be a short-range botlaner, setting her apart from other ADCs like Yasuo. Unlike Yasuo, Nilah can thrive with a wide range of supporting champions, including enchanters and engage supports.

When it comes to dueling, Nilah excels in facing auto-attack-based champions such as Yone or Camille. Her kit is specifically designed to take down powerful duelists in the ADC role. However, Nilah is more vulnerable to mages and ability-based champions due to her short range, relative immobility, and limited options for magic resist itemization.

Mastering engage timing and positioning is crucial when playing Nilah. Similar to champions like Irelia or Katarina, she is punished severely for being overextended. While Nilah can be oppressive once she’s within range to unleash her attacks, she remains susceptible to crowd control. Hence, it’s crucial to be mindful of the enemy team’s potential to shut her down. If left unchecked, Nilah can single-handedly dominate team fights with her sustained damage and remarkable lifesteal late game.

Building Nilah: Optimal Itemization

Nilah’s item build requires careful consideration due to her unique balance between melee survivability and ranged damage output. Riot has specifically gated the majority of Nilah’s damage and healing into critical strike (Crit) items to prevent her from becoming overly durable. While players might be tempted to include items like Death’s Dance, it is crucial to prioritize Crit items to maximize her impact in the frontline.

As for the mythic item choice, Immortal Shieldbow is the recommended option for Nilah. Its synergy with her short range and sustain-heavy playstyle makes it the go-to choice in most situations. However, Galeforce can be a viable alternative for increasing mobility in niche scenarios. Champions similar to Nilah, such as Yasuo, Yone, and Samira, exclusively build Shieldbow.

The next core item for Nilah is Phantom Dancer, which synergizes exceptionally well with her kit and desired stats. As a third item, Infinity Edge is a massive damage spike that should be prioritized in 90% of cases. The remaining item slots should be chosen based on the game situation, considering options like Bloodthirster, Guardian Angel, Navori Quickblades, and Lord Dominik’s Regards.

Rune Selection for Nilah

Choosing the appropriate runes for Nilah is essential in maximizing her effectiveness. For keystones, Conqueror or Lethal Tempo are the top choices. Nilah benefits greatly from Conqueror’s attack damage and healing, thanks to the attack speed steroid provided by her Q ability. In terms of major runes, prioritize those that enhance durability and reward skirmishing. Secondary rune choices can be tailored to personal preference, but Overgrowth and Conditioning tend to offer significant value as Nilah’s damage output is not lacking, but rather survivability and mobility. Presence of Mind can be substituted for Triumph, while Legend: Tenacity and Alacrity are viable options, but Bloodline aligns well with Nilah’s affinity for lifesteal.

Tips and Tricks for Excelling with Nilah

To fully capitalize on Nilah’s potential, it’s crucial to master the intricacies of her kit. Here are some key tips and tricks:

  • Utilize auto-cancelling with Nilah’s Q ability to maximize damage output.
  • Be mindful of Nilah’s E ability’s long cooldown and judiciously use its charges to avoid being caught out of position.
  • Strategically employ Nilah’s W ability to dodge crucial enemy attacks rather than using it impulsively when feeling threatened.
  • Remember that the majority of Nilah’s damage comes from her Q ability and empowered attacks, so ensure it lands to maintain high damage output.
  • Recognize that Nilah’s ultimate ability functions more as an area-of-effect crowd control and team-wide heal rather than a significant source of damage.
  • Take advantage of Nilah’s strong early trading and her scaling potential. Similar to Yone or Caitlyn, she experiences power spikes throughout the game, making her laning phase and late-game presence formidable with the right items.
  • Due to Nilah’s short range, effectively use her Q ability to farm minions in lane. It has a low mana cost, allowing for frequent use as a farming tool.


Nilah, the new marksman in League of Legends, offers players an exciting and distinctive playstyle. By combining her whip, water, and demonic abilities, Nilah brings a fresh dynamic to the game. Understanding her unique kit, optimal itemization choices, and leveraging her strengths during gameplay are vital for success. While Nilah faces challenges against ranged and ability-based champions, her prowess in taking down auto-attack-based duelists and dominating team fights cannot be underestimated. As you embark on your journey with Nilah, remember to utilize her abilities effectively, build synergistic items, and make the most of her tremendous power.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is Nilah a viable champion in competitive play?

Despite being a relatively new addition, Nilah has shown promise in competitive play with a growing win rate. With her unique skill set and versatile potential, she can be a valuable asset to a team when played efficiently.

2. How does Nilah compare to other ADC champions like Ashe or Jinx?

Nilah brings a different playstyle to the ADC role compared to champions like Ashe or Jinx. While these champions prioritize long-range damage, Nilah thrives in close-quarters combat. Her ability to duel melee champions effectively sets her apart and offers a fresh dynamic to team compositions.

3. Can Nilah be played in other roles besides botlane?

While Nilah is primarily designed as a botlaner, her versatility allows her to be a viable pick in other roles as well. With favorable matchups in both top and mid lanes, she can be a surprising and effective flex pick for those who enjoy experimenting with off-meta champions in different roles.

4. What makes Nilah stand out from other champions in League of Legends?

Nilah’s distinctive gameplay style, combining her whip, water, and demonic elements, sets her apart from other champions. The inclusion of her short range and sustain-heavy playstyle requires players to adapt their strategies and item builds accordingly, making her a refreshing addition to the game.

5. Are there any upcoming skins or events related to Nilah?

Nilah’s release is accompanied by the highly anticipated Star Guardian event, offering players the opportunity to engage in a delightful experience and further customize their gameplay with exciting skins. Be sure to take part in the event and immerse yourself in the joy of playing Nilah!

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