How to Counter Rengar: Strategies and Champions Revealed

Countering Rengar in League of Legends Patch 12.6: Champions to Dominate the Jungle

League of Legends Patch 12.6 brings forth an anticipated rework to Rengar, the formidable jungle champion. As we prepare to face this feline predator lurking in the bushes, it becomes crucial to identify the champions capable of countering his newfound strength. In this guide, we have compiled a list of the best Rengar counters, ensuring that you can confidently face him on the Rift. Let’s dive in and explore which champions have what it takes to stand against Rengar’s onslaught.

3. Rammus – The Indomitable Armadillo

Rammus embodies everything that strikes fear into the heart of Rengar within the jungle. His formidable armor, scaling abilities, and ample hP make him a challenging target for Rengar’s assassinations. Moreover, Rammus possesses exceptional crowd control capabilities that further hinder Rengar’s attempts to overpower him.

What truly sets Rammus apart as a Rengar counter is his ability to roll away effortlessly from difficult situations. When faced with Rengar’s aggression, Rammus can taunt him with his E, effectively neutralizing the cat-like predator. Even in teamfights, Rammus retains the upper hand against Rengar, making him an ideal pick for jungle supremacy.

2. Hecarim – The Relentless Warhorse

Hecarim, renowned for his dominance in the current meta, topes the list of formidable Rengar counters. It almost seems as if Riot specifically designed Hecarim’s kit to dismantle Rengar’s capabilities.

With staggering mobility, Hecarim holds a distinct advantage over Rengar in both engaging and disengaging. His W provides the means to withstand Rengar’s burst damage, while an array of crowd control abilities leaves Rengar frustrated and defeated. Whether it’s stunning or fearing Rengar, Hecarim ensures that the jungle is no playground for the menacing cat.

1. Warwick – The Blood Hunter

Although Warwick’s effectiveness against Rengar may vary depending on the player’s elo, it remains undeniable that Warwick often emerges victorious in the clash between the cat and the wolf. Let’s examine the tools at Warwick’s disposal that grant him an advantage in the duel against Rengar.

Similar to Rammus and Hecarim, Warwick possesses exceptional outplay potential. His Q, with its healing properties, and his fear-inducing abilities create a formidable combination that Rengar struggles to contend with. Additionally, Warwick’s W allows him to track down low-health Rengar even when invisible, ensuring that the jungle serves as no refuge for the predatory feline. Furthermore, Warwick’s ultimate ability can tear Rengar apart, both offensively and defensively, leaving little chance for the vicious cat to escape unscathed.

Armed with this knowledge, you now possess the power to counter Rengar’s reign in your upcoming solo queue battles. With the rework likely to increase Rengar’s popularity, many players will seek to wield his newfound strength. However, with the champions we have discussed, you can confidently face this jungle predator head-on and tip the scales in your favor.


The rework of Rengar in League of Legends Patch 12.6 introduces a formidable jungle champion that demands strategic counterplay. This article has explored the three best champions to counter Rengar’s aggression: Rammus, Hecarim, and Warwick. Each of these champions possesses unique abilities and playstyles that nullify Rengar’s threat, ensuring jungle dominance. Armed with this knowledge, you can confidently face Rengar and turn the tide in your favor. Remember, the jungle is a place of unpredictability, but with the right champion by your side, you can conquer any challenge that comes your way.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Rengar be countered by champions other than Rammus, Hecarim, and Warwick?

While Rammus, Hecarim, and Warwick are the strongest counters to Rengar due to their specific kits, other champions with high burst damage, crowd control abilities, or tankiness can also pose a significant threat. Champions such as Amumu, Sejuani, and Malphite can be effective in neutralizing Rengar’s impact in the jungle.

2. Are there any specific strategies to employ when facing Rengar as these counter champions?

When facing Rengar, it is essential to have strong vision control to minimize surprise attacks. Additionally, coordinating with your team to collapse on Rengar when he engages can quickly turn the tides in your favor. Lastly, building items that provide armor, such as Thornmail, can make it even more difficult for Rengar to burst down these counter champions.

3. How does Rengar’s rework in Patch 12.6 change the way he is countered?

Rengar’s rework in Patch 12.6 introduces new mechanics and adjustments to his abilities. While this may affect the specific interactions between Rengar and his counters, champions like Rammus, Hecarim, and Warwick still possess the tools necessary to deal with his threats effectively. Keeping an eye on the patch notes and adapting your strategies accordingly will ensure your continued success against Rengar.

4. Can these counter champions be played in other roles aside from the jungle?

While Rammus, Hecarim, and Warwick are primarily jungle champions, they can also be played in alternative roles, such as top lane or support. However, it is important to note that their kit and playstyle may vary depending on the specific role. Prioritize understanding the nuances of playing these champions in different positions to maximize their counter potential against Rengar.

5. Are there any specific tips for beginners looking to counter Rengar?

For beginners, it is crucial to practice your champion mechanics and understanding of Rengar’s abilities. Utilize the practice tool or engage in normal games to familiarize yourself with the nuances of playing Rammus, Hecarim, or Warwick. Additionally, seeking guidance from experienced players or consulting comprehensive champion guides can provide valuable insights to enhance your counterplay against Rengar.

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