Understanding LoL LP: Your Guide to Mastery

Understanding LP in League of Legends

You’ve recently embarked on your League of Legends (LoL) journey, but the constant mention of LP has left you perplexed. Fret not, as we’re here to unravel the enigma of acronyms in LoL and shed light on the significance of LP in your climb through the ranks.

What is LoL LP?

LoL LP stands for League Points, which play a vital role in your progression within the League of Legends ranked ladder. Let’s explore the intricacies of LP and how they function.

When engaging in ranked matches, you accumulate LP by winning and lose LP when facing defeat. This points-based system becomes pivotal once you accumulate 100 LP, as it grants you the opportunity to participate in a promotion series. This series determines whether you ascend to a higher tier or remain grinding in your current one.

Understanding the Mechanics of LoL LP

The acquisition and loss of LP are directly linked to your participation in ranked games. However, it’s crucial to note that the amount of LP gained or lost is contingent upon your Matchmaking Rank (MMR).

MMR, while invisible to players, holds immense importance in the matchmaking process. It essentially serves as a reflection of your true rank. Accumulating consecutive victories elevates your MMR, pitting you against opponents with similar or higher MMR, ensuring fair gameplay.

In terms of LP gain and loss, MMR plays a significant role. By analyzing the amount of LP you gain or lose, you can gauge whether you competed against opponents of similar strength or faced those significantly above or below you. This provides insights into the alignment of your rank and MMR.

The Interplay Between MMR and LP

LP strives to align itself with your MMR ladder. For every win, players gain a consistent amount of MMR, and likewise, for every loss, they lose the same amount. However, LP gains and losses may appear random or arbitrary, but in reality, the system endeavors to bring you closer to your MMR.

Thus, if you find yourself stuck in a lower elo bracket, despite having a high MMR from previous seasons, you’ll experience greater LP gains upon triumph. This adjustment aims to bridge the gap between your current LP and your MMR, ultimately reflecting your true skill level.

LP and Its Relationship with In-Game Circumstances

The Impact of AFK Players on LP

We’ve all encountered those frustrating moments when a teammate decides to go AFK, leaving the rest of the team at a disadvantage. Fear not, as Riot Games has implemented measures to address this issue. If you happen to lose a game due to an AFK player, the LP loss for the affected players is mitigated compared to a regular defeat. Riot diligently identifies AFK players and penalizes them with increased LP losses while minimizing the LP loss for innocent teammates.

The Influence of Dodging on LP Gains

Although it is not encouraged, dodging can paradoxically contribute to LP gains. When you opt to dodge your promotion series to a higher tier, you retain your current rank while continuing to improve your gameplay. Consequently, your MMR continues to soar since only wins and losses impact its calculation.

By maintaining your current tier and allowing your MMR to rise, you can maximize your LP gains with each subsequent victory. This occurs because your current rank progressively diverges from your MMR rank, amplifying the LP boost.


In the complex realm of League of Legends, LP holds immense significance in determining your progress within the ranked ladder. Understanding LP dynamics, its connection to MMR, and the impact of in-game circumstances is crucial for every aspiring summoner. By grasping the intricacies of LP, you’ll be better equipped to navigate the competitive landscape of League of Legends.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I check my LP in League of Legends?

To view your LP progress, simply access the ranked tab in your League of Legends client. There, you’ll find your current LP displayed alongside other vital information related to your ranked journey.

2. Can LP gains or losses be influenced by performance in-game?

No, LP gains and losses are solely determined by the outcome of the game (win or loss) and your Matchmaking Rank (MMR). Personal performance, individual statistics, and in-game achievements do not directly impact LP gains or losses.

3. Is LP gained or lost consistent across different ranks and tiers?

No, the amount of LP gained or lost can vary based on your current rank, MMR, and the matchmaking system’s evaluation of your opponents’ skill level. Higher ranks and tiers often involve smaller LP gains and losses, while lower ranks and tiers may experience more substantial fluctuations.

4. Can LP loss be prevented if all teammates perform exceptionally well?

Unfortunately, the outcome of the game (win or loss) remains the primary determinant of LP gains or losses. While exceptional individual performances contribute to victory, the collective performance of the team ultimately determines the game’s result, directly impacting LP allocations.

5. Does LP affect matchmaking in League of Legends?

No, LP does not directly affect matchmaking in League of Legends. Matchmaking is primarily determined by your Matchmaking Rank (MMR), which reflects your true skill level. LP serves as a measurement of your progress within the ranked ladder, and its fluctuations influence promotions and demotions between tiers.

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