Torracat’s Pokédex Entry – #726

Fire Cat: A Powerful Pokemon with a Fiery Bell

When it comes to Pokemon battles, trainers are always on the lookout for strong and unique creatures to add to their teams. One such Pokemon that stands out is the Fire Cat. This Pokemon not only possesses an impressive bell of fire at its throat but also packs a punch with its powerful front legs.

Type and Abilities

The Fire Cat, as the name suggests, belongs to the Fire type category. Its fiery nature grants it the ability to control and unleash devastating fire-type moves. It has two primary abilities: Blaze and Intimidate.

Blaze: This ability powers up the Fire Cat’s fire-type moves when it finds itself in a tight spot during battles. It boosts the power and effectiveness of its fire-based attacks, turning up the heat and making it a force to be reckoned with.

Intimidate: In addition to its fiery prowess, the Fire Cat possesses the hidden ability of Intimidate. This ability lowers the Attack stat of opposing Pokemon, giving the Fire Cat an edge by reducing the strength of its opponents’ physical blows.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Like any Pokemon, the Fire Cat has its share of strengths and weaknesses. It is important for trainers to be aware of these factors to strategically use their Fire Cat in battles.

Weaknesses: The Fire Cat is susceptible to attacks of Ground, Rock, and Water types. These elements have an advantageous position against the Fire Cat, making it necessary for trainers to create effective strategies to counter these types.

Resistances: On the other hand, the Fire Cat has a good deal of resistance to Bug, Steel, Fire, Ice, Fairy, and Grass types. These resistances grant it an advantage when facing Pokemon with these elemental attributes, giving it a better chance of success in battle.

Immunity: The Fire Cat does not possess any specific immunities, meaning that it can still be affected by moves and attacks of any type.

Evolutions and Physical Attributes

The journey of a Fire Cat does not end with its initial form. It has two evolutionary stages that trainers can guide it through to unlock its full potential.

The Fire Cat, known as Litten, evolves into Torracat starting at level 17. This growth represents the Fire Cat’s development and increased power as it progresses along its evolutionary path.

At level 34, the Fire Cat reaches its final form, known as Incineroar. This stage marks the Fire Cat’s transformation into a formidable creature, one that surpasses its previous stages in terms of strength, abilities, and appearance.

In terms of physical dimensions, the Fire Cat stands at a height of 2′ 04″ and weighs approximately 55.1 lbs. These measurements make it relatively compact and lightweight, allowing the Fire Cat to move swiftly and strike with agility during battles.


The Fire Cat is a Pokemon that combines its fiery nature and impressive physical abilities to become a formidable force in battles. With its bell of fire and powerful front legs, it unleashes devastating attacks that can bend iron bars with a single punch. Trainers who add the Fire Cat to their teams will gain a fierce ally that excels in fire-type moves and possesses the potential to evolve into even stronger forms.


Q: Where can I find a Fire Cat in the wild?

A: Fire Cats, also known as Litten, can be found in various areas such as grasslands, forests, and near volcanic regions. It’s best to explore these areas during the daytime to increase your chances of encountering one.

Q: What are some recommended moves for a Fire Cat?

A: Depending on its level and evolution stage, a Fire Cat can learn a variety of fire-type moves such as Ember, Flame Charge, and Fire Fang. Additionally, it can also learn other moves like Scratch and Slash, which can be useful for dealing physical damage to opponents.

Q: Can a Fire Cat learn non-fire-type moves?

A: Yes, a Fire Cat can learn non-fire-type moves through TM (Technical Machine) compatibility. These include moves like Thunder Punch and Giga Impact, which can add versatility to its set of abilities and surprise opponents.

Q: How does the Fire Cat’s Blaze ability work?

A: The Blaze ability of a Fire Cat empowers its fire-type moves when it is in a difficult situation during battles. This means that as the Fire Cat’s HP (Hit Points) decreases, the power of its fire-type moves increases, allowing it to make a comeback and deal significant damage to opponents.

Q: Can a Fire Cat breed with other Pokemon?

A: Yes, a Fire Cat can breed with certain compatible Pokemon, primarily those belonging to the Field and Monster Egg groups. By breeding a Fire Cat with another Pokemon, trainers have the opportunity to obtain new offspring with potentially unique moves and characteristics.

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