Pikipek Abilities: Mighty Woodpecker Pokemon

Woodpecker Pokemon – Pikipek

This article explores the intriguing characteristics and abilities of the Woodpecker Pokemon, Pikipek. With its remarkable pecking speed, unique feeding habits, and evolutionary line, Pikipek has captured the attention of trainers and researchers alike.

Type and Category

Pikipek belongs to the Normal/Flying type category, reflecting its dual nature. As a Woodpecker Pokemon, it embodies the essence of its real-life counterpart, utilizing its beak to drill holes in trees.


Pikipek possesses different abilities, depending on its individual traits. The first one is Keen Eye, which grants Pikipek the ability to maintain high accuracy by preventing other Pokemon from lowering its accuracy. This allows Pikipek’s attacks to consistently hit their mark. Alternatively, Pikipek can have the ability Skill Link, which enhances the effectiveness of multi-strike moves by increasing the number of successful hits. This ability is particularly useful in battle, as it maximizes Pikipek’s offensive potential.

Hidden Ability

In addition to its primary abilities, Pikipek may also possess a hidden ability called Pickup. With this ability, Pikipek has a chance to retrieve items used by opposing Pokemon during battle. This unique attribute can be advantageous, as Pikipek can acquire useful items to aid its own performance. Furthermore, Pickup may be beneficial outside of battle, enabling Pikipek to find items in its surroundings.

Weaknesses and Resistances

Like any Pokemon, Pikipek has its strengths and weaknesses when it comes to elemental matchups. It is susceptible to Electric, Ice, and Rock-type moves, which can deal significant damage. On the other hand, Pikipek boasts resistances against Bug and Grass-type moves, allowing it to endure attacks of these natures more effectively. Additionally, Pikipek exhibits immunity to Ghost and Ground-type moves, rendering those attacks completely ineffective.


Pikipek undergoes two stages of evolution in its journey. It evolves into Trumbeak starting at level 14, a valuable milestone in Pikipek’s growth. Trumbeak, with its distinct appearance and enhanced abilities, is an evolution that brings forth new possibilities for strategies and battle tactics. Finally, at level 28, Trumbeak evolves into its final form, Toucannon. This evolution marks the culmination of Pikipek’s development, unlocking even greater power and potential.

Physical Characteristics

Pikipek stands at a height of 1’00” and weighs approximately 2.6 lbs. Its small stature belies its impressive pecking abilities and vibrant plumage. With its sleek body and beak, Pikipek is a visually striking Pokemon that captures attention wherever it goes.


Pikipek, the Woodpecker Pokemon, is a fascinating species with unique traits and abilities. Its pecking speed, which can reach an astonishing 16 times per second, allows it to create holes in trees for various purposes, including food storage and nesting. Additionally, Pikipek’s reliance on berries for sustenance has an interesting impact on its attacks, as it uses leftover seeds as ammunition. With its evolutionary line, diverse abilities, and intriguing characteristics, Pikipek is a Pokemon that continues to captivate trainers and researchers alike.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Pikipek learn any moves other than pecking?

Indeed, Pikipek possesses a wide range of moves beyond its signature pecking attacks. As it levels up and gains experience, Pikipek can learn moves such as Tackle, Rock Smash, and Bullet Seed. These moves further diversify its offensive capabilities and strategic options in battles.

2. How does Pikipek’s Pickup ability work outside of battle?

Pikipek’s Pickup ability has practical uses outside of battle as well. While exploring different areas, Pikipek has the potential to find useful items lying around, ranging from berries to healing potions or even valuable artifacts. This attribute makes Pikipek an excellent companion for trainers venturing into unknown territories.

3. Can Pikipek communicate with other Pokemon through its pecking?

Although Pikipek’s pecking behavior primarily serves utilitarian purposes, such as creating holes in trees or foraging for food, it is believed that it can also communicate with other Pokemon through a complex rhythmic pattern of pecks. This form of communication allows Pikipek to convey messages or establish its presence to other Pokemon in its environment.

4. Are there any unique traits associated with Toucannon, Pikipek’s final evolution?

Absolutely! Toucannon, the evolved form of Pikipek, possesses several distinct traits. Its beak, in particular, is larger and more formidable, enabling Toucannon to deliver devastating attacks. Additionally, Toucannon’s vivid plumage and unique coloration make it a striking and easily recognizable presence in any Pokemon roster.

5. Can Pikipek cooperate with trainers to perform specific tasks?

Yes, Pikipek can be trained to cooperate with trainers and perform certain tasks. Due to its natural inclination for pecking and drilling, trainers often utilize Pikipek’s abilities for tasks such as carving intricate designs, creating holes, or even assisting in construction projects. Pikipek’s precision and pecking speed make it a valuable ally in various practical applications.

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