The Pokemon Company and BTS Collaboration

The Pokemon Company Connects with BTS Through Twitter

The Pokemon Company is known for its limited communication through official social media accounts. However, there are exceptions, and recently, the company engaged with South Korean boy band BTS. The popular group shared a picture of a concerned-looking Dragonite on Twitter, referring to it as “mangnanyong.” In a surprising move, The Pokemon Company responded with a winking emoji, creating a buzz among fans and followers.

The Unconventional Interaction between Pokemon and BTS

The Pokemon Company usually maintains a low profile on social media, but occasionally, exceptional events lead to unexpected engagements. BTS, a globally renowned boy band, received a response when they tweeted a picture of Dragonite with the caption “this is mangnanyong.” The interaction surprised fans and sparked curiosity about the relationship between Pokemon and BTS.

Breaking the Silence – Pokemon’s Social Connection

With its reserved social media approach, The Pokemon Company rarely initiates conversations online. However, when BTS shared their photo of Dragonite, the company couldn’t resist joining the conversation. Responding with a playful winking emoji, The Pokemon Company created a moment of excitement and connection for both the band and Pokemon enthusiasts around the world.

Pokemon Company’s Social Media Policy

The Pokemon Company has historically maintained a limited presence on social media platforms. While it occasionally shares important announcements or promotional content, it generally refrains from engaging in conversations or responding directly to individual tweets. This reserved approach has contributed to the mystique and exclusivity associated with the Pokemon brand.

Exception to the Rule – The BTS Connection

Despite The Pokemon Company’s usual social media policy, BTS managed to catch their attention. The boy band’s tweet featuring Dragonite piqued curiosity among Pokemon fans, prompting a response from the company. By breaking their silence and replying with a winking emoji, The Pokemon Company not only surprised BTS but also delighted fans of both Pokemon and the band.

A Peek Into BTS’s Pokemon Fandom

BTS members have openly shared their love for Pokemon in interviews and social media posts. The band’s members have expressed their fascination with the Pokemon world, with some even showcasing their collection of Pokemon merchandise. This connection between the band and the franchise further deepened the significance of their Twitter interaction.

From ARMYs to Pokemon Trainers

BTS fans, known as ARMYs, are passionate and dedicated supporters of the band. Many of them also happen to be Pokemon enthusiasts. The band members’ affinity for Pokemon has resonated with their fans, creating a shared interest in both music and the Pokemon universe. The overlap of these two fandoms makes the connection between BTS and Pokemon even more meaningful.

The Impact of Pokemon’s Response

The Pokemon Company’s response to BTS on Twitter had a significant impact on fans and the online community. Here are a few ways in which this interaction made waves:

  • Online Buzz: The conversation between Pokemon and BTS sparked a flurry of activity on social media platforms. Fans from both fandoms were quick to react and share their excitement, generating a significant online buzz.
  • Media Coverage: News outlets and online publications picked up on the interaction, further amplifying the reach of the story. Articles and reports discussing the unexpected connection between Pokemon and BTS added to the overall hype.
  • Crossover Appeal: The interaction highlighted the shared interests between the band’s fans and Pokemon enthusiasts. It showcased the ability of popular culture to bridge gaps and create unexpected connections between diverse communities.
  • Positive Brand Image: The Pokemon Company’s response was received positively by fans, portraying the brand as approachable and willing to engage with its audience. This interaction fostered a sense of goodwill and strengthened the bond between Pokemon and its loyal fans.


The Pokemon Company’s rare response to BTS on Twitter generated excitement and enthusiasm among fans worldwide. Breaking their usual social media policy, the company playfully engaged with the popular boy band, showcasing the connection between two influential cultural forces. This interaction not only created a buzz but also strengthened the bond between Pokemon enthusiasts and the band’s passionate fanbase. It serves as a reminder of the powerful role that social media can play in bringing communities together, regardless of their interests or backgrounds.


1. Was this the first time The Pokemon Company engaged with a celebrity on Twitter?

No, while The Pokemon Company maintains limited communication on social media, there have been a few instances where they responded to celebrities or engaged in conversations initiated by notable figures.

2. Why do BTS and Pokemon have such a strong connection?

BTS members have openly expressed their love for Pokemon, and their fandom, ARMYs, also overlaps with the Pokemon fan community. This shared interest has strengthened the bond between the band and the franchise.

3. Did the Pokemon Company’s response lead to any collaborations or joint projects with BTS?

As of now, there haven’t been any official collaborations or joint projects announced between The Pokemon Company and BTS. However, this interaction has sparked discussions and fueled speculation among fans.

4. How do BTS fans feel about the Pokemon Company’s response?

BTS fans, known as ARMYs, were thrilled by the Pokemon Company’s response. They saw it as a delightful interaction between the two popular entities and appreciated the company’s willingness to engage in such conversations.

5. What other instances of crossover fandoms have created a similar online buzz?

There have been several instances in which the convergence of different fandoms has created online buzz. Examples include collaborations between video game franchises and popular musicians, as well as interactions between influential personalities from different fields.

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