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The Enduring Legacy of A Pokemon News Site that Reigns Supreme

When it comes to Pokemon websites, the sheer number of options available is mind-boggling. Yet, amid this sea of choices, there is one website that has consistently stood above the rest, capturing the hearts of fans worldwide for over 20 years., without a doubt, holds the title of the most popular Pokemon news site in existence. Its unrivaled status prompts us to delve deeper into the story behind its longevity. In an exclusive interview with USgamer, Joe Merrick, the esteemed webmaster of, sheds light on the website’s journey and enduring appeal.

The Genesis of

Joe Merrick shares that the roots of date back to late 1999, a time when he was just beginning to explore the world of website creation. Alongside a group of friends, he embarked on a collective journey of experimentation. Fueled by his personal fascination with Pokemon, which was only just emerging in the UK, Merrick chose to focus his efforts on this beloved franchise. Little did he know that this decision would pave the way for the birth of, a Pokemon haven that would captivate the hearts of millions.

During this period, many fan sites carried names like “Mew’s Paradise” or “Mew’s Place,” paying homage to the rare and elusive Mythical Pokemon, Mew. However, as the release of Pokemon Gold and Silver in Japan approached, Merrick and his team set their sights on acquiring insider knowledge. It was during this time that they encountered the Mythical Pokemon of those games—Celebi. Discovering that its Japanese name, “Serebii,” charmed Merrick, he decided to adopt it as the name for his burgeoning website. The seeds of had been sown, and its growth was imminent.

The Quest for Timeliness

One of the remarkable aspects that sets apart is its unwavering commitment to delivering up-to-date news and information to Pokemon enthusiasts. Despite being the sole contributor to the site, Merrick emphasizes the importance of promptness: “I always make sure to try and get everything up as soon as humanly possible.” This dedication to timeliness has undoubtedly contributed to the site’s enduring popularity as fans flock to for the latest insights and updates.

Furthermore, Merrick acknowledges the unique challenge of striking a balance between desktop and mobile compatibility, particularly for websites with substantial content that surpasses a mere handful of pages. As a website that covers a vast range of Pokemon-related topics, faces the intricate task of ensuring an optimal user experience across different devices and platforms. The delicate dance between functionality and usability remains a constant focus for Merrick as he strives to provide an accessible platform for Pokemon enthusiasts. Embracing Simplicity and Server Efficiency

Drawing from his experience as the webmaster of, Merrick underscores the significance of maintaining a simple, streamlined design. For websites that extend beyond the realm of blogs and encompass a multitude of diverse pages, he argues that modern layout designs often fall short. In contrast, by prioritizing a simplistic frontend approach, optimizes server requirements, thereby enabling enhanced processing capabilities on the user-end. This successful synergy contributes to the website’s exceptional ability to handle significant traffic and connections, even on servers of relative equivalence.

The Untamed Excitement of the Pokemon Fandom

Despite existing for over two decades, Pokemon continues to ignite fervor and anticipation within its devoted fanbase. Merrick attests to this fervent energy, citing the build-up to the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon in 2016 as a clear demonstration of the enduring excitement surrounding the franchise. As an ardent Pokemon enthusiast himself, he expresses his unwavering enthusiasm for the future, proclaiming that he is just as excited for 2019 as he was for 2016. With resolute determination, Merrick sets his sights on maintaining’s tradition of comprehensive and speedy coverage for all upcoming games, assuring fans of his unwavering commitment to excellence.

Conclusion stands as a testament to the unparalleled success that can be achieved through a steadfast passion for a beloved franchise. Joe Merrick’s unwavering dedication and tireless efforts have propelled this Pokemon news site to iconic heights, attracting an unwavering following of fans across the globe. As continues its remarkable journey, it remains a beacon of reliable information and a vibrant hub for Pokemon enthusiasts of all ages.


1. How long has been the leading Pokemon news site? has reigned as the most popular Pokemon news site for over 20 years, captivating Pokemon fans worldwide since its inception in 1999.

2. Who is the webmaster of

Joe Merrick is the esteemed webmaster of His unwavering dedication and passion for Pokemon have been instrumental in the site’s enduring success.

3. How does ensure timely news updates?

Despite being a one-man operation, Joe Merrick prioritizes timely updates on, striving to provide Pokemon enthusiasts with the latest news as swiftly as possible.

4. What sets apart from other Pokemon websites? distinguishes itself through its commitment to simplicity, server efficiency, and comprehensive coverage. Its minimalist design optimizes server requirements, enabling enhanced user experiences, and its exhaustive coverage of Pokemon-related topics sets it apart from others in the field.

5. Does plan to maintain its dedication in the future?

Absolutely! Joe Merrick reaffirms his unwavering commitment to maintaining the traditions and standards of, promising fans the same level of thoroughness and speed for each game release as in recent years.

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