The Hidden Ecological Impact of League of Legends’ Jungle Pets

The Jungle Book: Your New Pets and You

Confused about the changes to Smite and the new jungle pets? We’ve got you covered!

The Changing Jungle Landscape

The preseason brings a plethora of changes to the jungle, with bigger and tougher monsters and buffs and nerfs to some classical jungle champions. However, one particular change stands out from the rest – the transformation of jungle items. Wave goodbye to the Emberknife and Hailblade, for they have been replaced by three new starting items that come with their own adorable critter companions. Say hello to the Gustwalker Hatchling, Scorchclaw Pup, and Mosstomper Seedling – your loyal friends on your adventure across the Rift!

Summoning Your Companions

Let’s start with the basics. To summon these loyal creatures, you’ll need to purchase their respective items for 450 gold and equip the Smite spell. Once equipped, your furry or leafy companion will join you on the map. By your side, they provide a +20% bonus damage against monsters in your half of the map and grant you extra experience from large monsters. But that’s not all! With a jungle pet, you’ll also recover health and mana after slaying large monsters and enjoy bonus mana regeneration in the jungle or river. Furthermore, the pet will actively attack any monster that attacks you, scaling its damage with your level, damage, AP, and health. It even offers health regeneration, which proves particularly useful for camps with multiple monsters like the razorbeaks.

Evolution and Growth

The pets, whether Gustwalker, Scorchclaw, or Mosstomper, are mechanically identical at first. However, they gradually evolve as you feed them treats obtained from slaying large monsters or passively generated at a rate of one per minute (or once every 90 seconds when the pet is fully evolved). As a delightful bonus, you’ll receive extra gold when you feed your pint-sized buddy after a successful monster kill.

At 20 treats, your companion will undergo its first evolution. This evolution elevates your Smite damage from 600 to 900, allowing it to affect champions (although with reduced effectiveness). The second evolution occurs at 40 stacks, where your not-so-Pokemon reaches its final form. This form increases your Smite damage once again, dealing 1200 damage to the target monster and 600 to all nearby creatures. The jungle will also take 30% less damage from epic monsters when at least two of your allied champions are in range. Finally, each pet unlocks a unique bonus at their final form:

Gustwalker: Swift as the Wind

With a fully evolved Gustwalker by your side, you’ll enjoy a 45% bonus movement speed when you enter a brush. Although this speed boost decays over 2 seconds after leaving the brush, it remains advantageous for surprise ganks or quick escapes. Additionally, killing a large monster grants you a 60% decaying movement speed that can prove invaluable, especially on a map with an ocean soul, where bush patches are plentiful.

Mosstomper: The Resilient Guardian

Mosstomper offers a shield between 75 and 330 HP (based on your level) after killing a large monster or remaining out of combat for 10 seconds. When shielded, you also benefit from 20% tenacity and slow resist for 3 additional seconds. This mini mountain soul-like effect tailored specifically for you can always come in handy during intense battles.

Scorchclaw: Burning Fury

A fully evolved Scorchclaw grants you 3 Ember charges every half second, instantly skyrocketing to 100 charges upon killing a large monster. Once you reach 100 charges, you can unleash them all with your next damaging ability on an enemy champion. This inflicts a 30% decaying movement speed slow and a damage over time effect that deals 4% of their maximum HP over four seconds. The effects also extend to any enemies standing near the main target. Essentially, it’s like having a chargeable red buff effect at your disposal.

Embracing the Jungle’s Spiciness

The upcoming changes in the jungle are bound to create an exciting and dynamic environment. Hopefully, your fellow players will show appreciation for the new animal (or plant) companion accompanying you. Nevertheless, let kindness prevail, and ensure you treat others well as you embrace the jungle’s spiciness!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can I switch between different pets during a match?

No, once you purchase a pet item, you’ll be committed to that specific companion for the duration of the game. Choose wisely!

Q2: Do the pets provide any benefits outside of the jungle?

While the pets primarily offer advantages within the jungle, some benefits, such as movement speed bonuses, can also aid you in other areas of the map, including the river and brushes.

Q3: Are there any plans to introduce more jungle pets in the future?

Riot Games has not revealed any immediate plans for additional jungle pets. However, keep an eye out for future updates and announcements, as surprises are always possible!

Q4: Do the pets have different visual appearances as they evolve?

Currently, the pet’s appearance remains the same regardless of its level of evolution. However, their abilities and power increase as they receive treats and reach higher stages of evolution.

Q5: Can enemies see my pet and its level of evolution?

No, the appearance and level of pet evolution remain hidden information to enemy players. Your pet will appear as a delightful companion, ready to lend a helping hand in the jungle.

In Conclusion

The introduction of the Gustwalker Hatchling, Scorchclaw Pup, and Mosstomper Seedling adds an exciting twist to the jungle experience in League of Legends. With their unique abilities and evolving nature, these loyal companions are poised to become invaluable allies as you traverse the treacherous Rift. Embrace the changes, evolve your pets, and conquer the jungle with your newfound allies!

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