League of Legends: Unlock the Ultimate Status Symbol

The Fascinating World of League of Legends Level Borders

If you’re an avid player of League of Legends, you’re probably familiar with the concept of level borders. These decorative frames add a touch of personality to your profile and represent your progression in the game. In this article, we’ll dive deep into the realm of League of Legends level borders, uncovering all the details you need to know. From the various themes to how to obtain them, let’s embark on an exciting journey together!

What Are League of Legends Level Borders?

League of Legends level borders are unique frames that you can adorn your profile with to showcase your level. Each border has its own distinct theme, ranging from the humble level 1 frame to the prestigious level 500 border. Recently, on April 13, 2022, Riot Games made the decision to revamp these level borders, giving them a modern and refreshed appearance.

So how many level borders are there in the game? Currently, League of Legends offers a total of 21 level borders, with each one representing a specific milestone. These borders come in various themes, such as Piltover, Hextech, Shadow Isles, and many more. Each theme reflects the diverse and rich world of League of Legends, adding a personalized touch to your profile.

A Glimpse of League of Legends Level Border Themes

Let’s take a closer look at the themes associated with different level borders:

  • Level 1: Piltover
  • Level 30: Zaun
  • Level 50: Hextech
  • Level 75: Fire
  • Level 100: Archlight
  • Level 125: Infused
  • Level 150: Shadow Isles
  • Level 175: Shurima
  • Level 200: Lunari
  • Level 225: Warring Kingdoms
  • Level 250: Freljord
  • Level 275: Battlecast
  • Level 300: Ionia
  • Level 325: Bilgewater
  • Level 350: Runic
  • Level 375: Noxus
  • Level 400: Celestial
  • Level 425: Elderwood
  • Level 450: The Void
  • Level 475: Blood Moon
  • Level 500: Eternus

These themes create a visually captivating journey throughout your leveling process, immersing you in the fascinating lore and world-building of League of Legends.

Can You Keep Your Current Level Border?

One common question that arises when leveling up in League of Legends is whether you can keep your favorite level border. The good news is yes, you can! If you’re about to achieve a new level and receive a different border, but you prefer your current one, there’s no need to worry. You have the freedom to choose any border from the ones you’ve unlocked throughout your gameplay.

For example, imagine you’ve reached level 225 and are about to unlock the border for level 250. However, you adore the level 200 border and want to stick with it. In this case, you can simply select the level 200 border and continue leveling up while showcasing your preferred frame.

To change your level border, follow these steps:

  1. Click on your profile icon located in the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Select the “BORDERS” option in the menu that appears.
  3. Choose the level border that suits your style and preferences.

By providing this flexibility, Riot Games ensures that players can personalize their profiles and proudly display the level borders that resonate with them the most.

How to Gain Level Borders in League of Legends

Now that you understand the significance of level borders, you might be wondering how to obtain them in the first place. The process is quite straightforward – all you need to do is earn enough experience points (XP) to level up. Here are the different ways to gain XP in League of Legends:

  • Play Regular Games: The simplest way to level up is by playing regular games. The duration of the game influences the amount of XP you receive, with longer matches granting more XP. Additionally, winning a game also provides extra XP. So, enjoy your matches and strive for victory to earn those precious experience points.
  • First Win of the Day: Completing the first win of the day mission rewards you with bonus XP. This mission resets every 24 hours, encouraging you to log in and participate in the League of Legends experience.
  • Co-op vs. AI, ARAM, and Featured Game Modes: Engaging in Co-op vs. AI, All Random All Mid (ARAM), and other featured game modes can also contribute towards earning XP. These modes offer a variety of gameplay experiences and can be a refreshing change from regular matches.
  • Ranked Solo/Duo and Flex: For those seeking a more competitive challenge, participating in ranked matches in either solo/duo or flex mode can grant XP. Battle it out against similarly skilled opponents and climb the ranked ladder while progressing through the levels.

Remember, playing custom games or regular matches lasting less than 7 minutes won’t contribute to your XP gain. However, immersing yourself in the various game modes League of Legends offers ensures a rewarding leveling journey.

The Evolution of League of Legends Level Borders

In April 2022, Riot Games decided to breathe new life into the level borders that had accompanied players for years. Although the old borders showcased intricate designs, Riot recognized the need for a modernized look that aligns with the evolving aesthetic of League of Legends. The decision to revamp these borders resulted in the more visually appealing and contemporary frames we see today.

If you’re curious about how the old League of Legends level borders looked, you can watch the video below:

[YouTube video – Old League of Legends Level Borders]

What Lies Beyond Level 500?

Reaching level 500 unlocks the pinnacle of League of Legends leveling, the Eternus border. However, once you achieve this milestone, there are currently no additional level borders to obtain. Riot Games has yet to provide information about adding more borders into the game.

As the League of Legends community continues to grow and players reach ever-higher levels of skill and dedication, there is potential for new borders to be introduced in the future. Only time will tell if we’ll witness the arrival of exciting new level borders to mesmerize and motivate League of Legends enthusiasts.


League of Legends level borders offer a captivating way to showcase your progress and add a personal touch to your profile. With 21 distinctive themes, ranging from Piltover to Blood Moon, these borders immerse players in the rich lore and aesthetics of the game. By gaining XP through regular matches, missions, and specific game modes, you can earn new level borders and embark on an exciting journey of leveling up.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I obtain multiple level borders and switch between them?

Yes! You can freely choose any level border you have unlocked and switch between them. Simply access your profile, navigate to the “BORDERS” option, and select the border that suits your preferences.

2. Will Riot Games release more level borders in the future?

While there are currently no plans announced for additional level borders beyond level 500, League of Legends continues to evolve. As the game progresses and players reach new milestones, there may be potential for Riot Games to introduce new and exciting level borders.

3. How long does it take to reach level 500 in League of Legends?

The time it takes to reach level 500 varies depending on factors such as the amount of time you dedicate to playing, the number of games you win, and the game modes you engage with. On average, it may take several months of regular gameplay to achieve this milestone.

4. Do level borders provide any in-game advantages or benefits?

No, level borders are purely aesthetic and do not provide any in-game advantages or benefits. They serve as a visual representation of your level and progression in League of Legends.

5. Are level borders visible to other players?

Yes, your chosen level border will be visible to other players when they visit your profile or see your name in the in-game lobby. It’s an excellent way to showcase your dedication and achievements within the League of Legends community.

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