Reddit Takes Over r/malefashionadvice: A New Era for the Protesting Subreddit

In a recent turn of events, Reddit has taken control of one of its most prominent protesting subreddits, r/malefashionadvice. The subreddit, with over 5 million subscribers, had gone private as a protest against Reddit’s API pricing changes. However, after discussions with the moderators, Reddit has regained control, and the community is now accessible in a restricted mode, with limited posting privileges. This article delves into the events leading up to this transition, the impact on the community, and what lies ahead for both Reddit and the former moderators of r/malefashionadvice.

Last week, the moderators of r/malefashionadvice decided to make the community private as a response to Reddit’s controversial API pricing changes. The move was aimed at drawing attention to their concerns and encouraging users to explore alternative platforms, such as Discord and Substack, for fashion-related discussions.

Upon learning about the subreddit going private, Reddit administrators stepped in, issuing a message to the moderators, known as ModCodeofConduct, indicating that they would be replaced if the community wasn’t reopened. The Reddit team was keen on resolving the situation and restoring access to the community for the broader user base.

Three former moderators, “Walker,” “Zach,” and another unnamed individual, confirmed that they were removed from their positions. The decision didn’t come as a surprise, as the moderators had been anticipating the move for several days. Consequently, ModCodeofConduct is now the sole moderator overseeing the subreddit.

During the period when r/malefashionadvice was private, the moderators had urged users to join the Discord server as an alternative platform for discussions. The Discord community gained momentum, with its user base growing from 2,000 to an impressive 5,000 members. Fortunately, the transition has been smooth, with members being respectful and enjoying the camaraderie on the new platform.

With the recent changes, ModCodeofConduct has assumed sole moderatorship not only over r/malefashionadvice but also other subreddits like r/ShittyLifeProTips, r/AccidentalRenaissance, r/oldbabies, r/BeardAdvice, r/plumbingporn, and r/fordtransit. The management of these communities will likely require careful attention and moderation from the sole moderator.

Despite the transition of r/malefashionadvice back to Reddit’s control, another subreddit, r/streetwear, remains private as of now. This community, boasting over 4 million subscribers, is currently the most substantial subreddit still participating in the protest. Its future trajectory is closely watched, considering its significant influence within the fashion community.

With Reddit back at the helm of r/malefashionadvice, the platform will undoubtedly strive to address the concerns raised by its user base. The focus will be on finding a middle ground that accommodates both the needs of the community and the platform’s business model. Open communication and transparency will play crucial roles in this process.

The handover of r/malefashionadvice to Reddit marks a turning point in the history of the subreddit. After a brief period of protest, the community is once again open for users to engage, albeit in a restricted mode. Discord emerges as a viable alternative for fashion enthusiasts seeking discussions in a courteous and friendly environment. Reddit’s expansion of control over other communities raises questions about the future dynamics of these subreddits. As for r/streetwear, its continued protest stands as a testament to the importance of platform-user relations. Ultimately, it is the combined effort of Reddit and its communities that will shape the future landscape of this ever-evolving social platform.


Why did r/malefashionadvice go private in protest? The subreddit went private as a response to Reddit’s API pricing changes, with the moderators aiming to draw attention to their concerns and explore alternatives.

Has Reddit addressed the concerns of the former moderators? As of now, Reddit hasn’t provided an official response. However, with the community now open in a restricted mode, it shows Reddit’s willingness to find a resolution.

How successful is the Discord server for r/malefashionadvice? The Discord server has seen significant traction, with its user base growing from 2,000 to 5,000 members. Users have appreciated the courteous and friendly atmosphere.

Will r/streetwear end its protest soon? As of the article’s writing, r/streetwear remains private. The subreddit’s future actions depend on the ongoing dialogue between its moderators and Reddit.

How will Reddit manage multiple communities with a single moderator? Managing multiple communities with one moderator can be challenging. Reddit will need to ensure that sufficient support and moderation resources are available to maintain the communities effectively.

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