Purified Gems in Pokemon GO

Exploring Purified Gems in Pokemon GO

What are Purified Gems and how do I collect them?

Purified Gems are unique and valuable items that play a crucial role in the Shadow Raids of Pokemon GO. These Gems have the power to assist Trainers in defeating the formidable Shadow Raid Boss. To obtain a Purified Gem, Trainers must collect Shadow Shards, which can be acquired by triumphing over Team GO Rocket Grunts, Leaders, and even Giovanni in challenging Pokemon Battles.

When a Trainer emerges victorious from these battles, they will be rewarded with Shadow Gem Pieces. By obtaining and combining four Shadow Shards, Trainers can craft a potent Purified Gem. It’s important to note that Trainers can hold up to ten Purified Gems in their inventory at a time, ensuring they are well-prepared for upcoming battles.

Once a Trainer possesses a Purified Gem, they can deploy it during a Shadow Raid Battle, specifically when the Raid Boss is in an enraged state. The Purified Gem serves as a catalyst, neutralizing the Raid Boss’s heightened aggression and making it more susceptible to defeat. The effectiveness of Purified Gems can be further enhanced by the collective efforts of Trainers, as multiple Gems can be utilized during a single Shadow Raid Battle.

By strategically utilizing Purified Gems, Trainers can gain a significant advantage and increase their chances of victory against the powerful Shadow Raid Boss.

Source: Official Pokemon GO support page

Understanding Shadow Raids in Pokemon GO

What are Shadow Raids?

Shadow Raids present a captivating twist to the traditional Raid Battles in Pokemon GO. These unique Raid Battles occur at Gyms that have fallen under the control of the notorious Team GO Rocket. Within these Gyms, Trainers will discover Shadow Pokemon acting as the Raid Bosses. Overcoming the shadowy presence and emerging triumphant from these battles grants Trainers an opportunity to capture these special Shadow Pokemon.

Unlike standard Raid Battles, Shadow Raids boast varying degrees of difficulty that correspond to the strength of the Shadow Raid Boss. The Raid Egg, hanging above a Gym captured by Team GO Rocket, possesses a distinct purple flame, symbolizing the distinctive nature of a Shadow Raid. As the Raid Egg hatches, the Gym itself transforms, adopting a black hue on the Map. Furthermore, Trainers can easily identify Shadow Raids by locating the purple-flamed Raid Eggs or Raid Bosses within their Nearby menu.

Approaching the Gym associated with a Shadow Raid, Trainers will encounter nearby Team GO Rocket Grunts, Leaders, or even Giovanni himself within their range. To participate in a Shadow Raid Battle, Trainers can tap on the Gym and utilize a Raid Pass (please note that Remote Raid Passes cannot be used for Shadow Raids).

During the course of the Raid Battle, the Shadow Pokemon may experience a state of rage, heightening its strength and making the battle substantially more challenging.

How can Purified Gems aid in Shadow Raids?

In the face of an enraged Shadow Pokemon, Trainers equipped with a Purified Gem have a significant advantage. Once the Shadow Pokemon becomes enraged during the battle, a button will appear on the bottom left corner of the Trainer’s screen. By tapping this button, the Trainer can leverage a Purified Gem and subdue the Shadow Raid Boss, causing it to revert to its non-enraged state. This offers a valuable opportunity to regain control and increase the chances of capturing the elusive Shadow Pokemon.

To maximize the effectiveness of Purified Gems, collaboration with fellow Trainers becomes crucial. If multiple Trainers simultaneously employ Purified Gems during a Shadow Raid Battle, the combined effect is amplified, greatly enhancing the chances of victory. It is important to stock up on Purified Gems and coordinate with other Trainers to overcome the challenges posed by these fierce Raid Bosses.

Rewarding Success and Capturing Shadow Pokemon

Successfully defeating a Shadow Raid Boss rewards Trainers with exclusive items and the possibility of capturing the Shadow Pokemon. Comparable to regular Raid Battles, Trainers earn Premier Balls based on their performance during the Raid Battle. These Premier Balls can then be used in a determined attempt to capture the elusive Shadow Pokemon and add it to their collection.

By utilizing their strategic skills, adapting their battle strategies, and making intelligent use of their resources, Trainers can emerge victorious in Shadow Raids, secure powerful Shadow Pokemon, and further their mastery of Pokemon GO.

Source: Official Pokemon GO support page

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Purified Gems a one-time use item?

No, Purified Gems can be used multiple times in Shadow Raid Battles. A Trainer can carry up to 10 Purified Gems at a time and deploy them strategically to subdue enraged Shadow Raid Bosses.

2. Can I use Remote Raid Passes for Shadow Raids?

No, Remote Raid Passes cannot be utilized for Shadow Raids. To participate, Trainers must be physically near the Gym that has been infiltrated by Team GO Rocket.

3. How many Purified Gems can be used in a Shadow Raid Battle?

Each Trainer can use up to 5 Purified Gems in a single Shadow Raid Battle. The combined effect of multiple Gems enhances the chances of defeating the Shadow Raid Boss.

4. Can I store more than 10 Purified Gems in my inventory?

No, the maximum limit for Purified Gems in a Trainer’s inventory is 10. It is advisable to use or discard excess Gems before attempting to obtain additional ones.

5. What are the benefits of capturing a Shadow Pokemon?

Capturing a Shadow Pokemon not only adds a unique and rare Pokemon to a Trainer’s collection but also presents an opportunity for future purifications. Purified Pokemon often possess enhanced statistics and can learn a special Charged Attack called Return, making them formidable battle companions.


Pokemon GO introduces the fascinating concept of Shadow Raids, where Trainers can engage in unique Raid Battles against powerful Shadow Raid Bosses. The strategic use of Purified Gems can turn the tide in favor of Trainers, neutralizing the enraging state of Shadow Raid Bosses and increasing the chances of capturing these elusive Shadow Pokemon. Collaborating with fellow Trainers becomes crucial as multiple Purified Gems can be employed, amplifying the collective effect. By mastering the art of Shadow Raids, Trainers can broaden their Pokemon collection and further assert their supremacy in the world of Pokemon GO.

– Official Pokemon GO support page

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