Pokemon TCG: Single & Rapid Strike Cards

The Top Deck Academy: Exploring Battle Styles in Pokemon TCG


The Pokemon Company International has recently launched the highly anticipated Top Deck Academy for the Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG). In this article, we will explore the latest episode of Top Deck Academy, focusing on the exciting introduction of the Battle Styles mechanic in the Sword & Shield—Battle Styles expansion. Join us as we uncover the unique gameplay mechanics and strategies offered by Single Strike and Rapid Strike Battle Styles.

The Evolution of Pokemon TCG

The Pokemon TCG continually evolves, introducing new card types that greatly impact the game. Over the years, we have witnessed the rise of Prism Star cards, Pokemon-GX, and Pokemon VMAX cards, each bringing their own exciting dynamics to battles. With the release of the Sword & Shield—Battle Styles expansion, players can now explore the world of Single Strike and Rapid Strike Battle Styles. These two distinct styles work in harmony to create captivating deck strategies that are both enjoyable and easily comprehensible.

Introducing Single Strike and Rapid Strike Battle Styles

Single Strike Style

Represented by the color red, the Single Strike Style is all about sheer power and strength. Focused on delivering devastating blows, this Battle Style aims to knock out opponents with a single attack. Single Strike cards often enhance damage output and emphasize brute force. Notable Single Strike cards showcased in this episode include Primeape, Houndoom, Spiritomb, and Jynx, each contributing to the overall strategy of a Single Strike deck.

Rapid Strike Style

Contrasting the Single Strike Style, the Rapid Strike Style, symbolized by the color blue, emphasizes technique and precision rather than raw power. Rapid Strike utilizes meditation and composure to harness its true potential. Cards belonging to the Rapid Strike Battle Style excel in abilities such as switching Pokemon during battles and striking multiple opponents at once. Octillery, a noteworthy example, aids in searching for Rapid Strike cards, such as Pokemon, Trainer, or Energy cards, while Emboar enhances damage dealt by Single Strike Pokemon.

The Synergy of Battle Styles

While Battle Styles do not introduce any special rules in the Pokemon TCG, mastering their true potential lies in understanding the synergy between cards. Pokemon like Emboar and Octillery exemplify this synergy, with abilities that amplify the strengths of Single Strike and Rapid Strike decks. Emboar’s Fighting Fury Stance Ability boosts damage dealt by Single Strike Pokemon, while Octillery’s Rapid Strike Search Ability enables players to search their deck for a Rapid Strike card, providing crucial versatility in battle.

Building a Single Strike Deck

Picking Out Pokemon

When constructing a deck centered around a specific Pokemon or strategy, careful consideration must be given to the selection of Pokemon. In this episode, Kyle Sucevich showcases a Single Strike deck featuring Primeape as the main attacker. Primeape’s Steamin’ Mad Strike attack deals 50 damage for each Benched Pokemon with damage counters, potentially resulting in a devastating blow. Complementary Pokemon, such as Houndoom and its Single Strike Roar Ability, amplify the power of Primeape’s attacks by retrieving Single Strike Energy cards. Supporting Pokemon like Spiritomb and Jynx further enhance the deck’s overall strategy.

Choosing Trainer Cards

The Trainer cards play a crucial role in any Pokemon TCG deck. For this Single Strike deck, the inclusion of Item cards that facilitate the search for Pokemon is vital. Level Ball, Quick Ball, and Evolution Incense allow players to efficiently find and prepare their desired Pokemon. Additionally, Battle Style-specific Trainer cards like Tower of Darkness, Urn of Vitality, and Bruno provide invaluable benefits. Tower of Darkness allows players to discard excess Single Strike cards for extra draw power, Urn of Vitality recovers Single Strike Energy cards, and Bruno becomes particularly useful when one’s Pokemon gets Knocked Out. Standard Trainer cards like Professor’s Research, Boss’s Orders, and Marnie also find a place in this deck, enhancing card draw and disruption capabilities.

Energy Cards and Conclusion

Energy cards are a fundamental component of any deck in the Pokemon TCG. The Single Strike deck benefits from the inclusion of Single Strike Energy, a dual-type Energy card that provides Fighting and Darkness Energy and enhances the attacks of the Pokemon it is attached to. Aurora Energy proves useful when facing Psychic-type Pokemon, while Stone Fighting Energy aids in the deck’s overall resilience. With an optimal balance of Pokemon, Trainer cards, and Energy cards, the Single Strike deck becomes a formidable force in battle.

Unleashing the Power of Single Strike Urshifu VMAX

The Might of Single Strike Urshifu VMAX

In this segment, we explore a deck that revolves around the mighty Single Strike Urshifu VMAX. Boasting an impressive 330 HP, this Pokemon can unleash devastating damage with its G-Max One Blow attack. While requiring four Energy to use, G-Max One Blow bypasses any defensive effects on the opponent’s Active Pokemon, making it a formidable force to be reckoned with. Single Strike Energy supports the damage output of Urshifu VMAX even further, and the inclusion of Houndoom complements the deck’s strategy by swiftly charging up Single Strike Urshifu VMAX.

Supporting Pokemon and Trainer Cards

To enhance deck consistency, supporting Pokemon like Dedenne-GX and Crobat V, known for their drawing Abilities, can help players quickly find the cards they need. Additionally, including Tyranitar V, another Single Strike Pokemon with a type advantage against Psychic-type Pokemon, further solidifies the deck’s versatility and ability to adapt to different matchups. Trainer cards such as Quick Ball, Evolution Incense, and Switch aid in searching for Pokemon and maneuvering them during battles. Single Strike Scroll of Scorn serves as a valuable Pokemon Tool that grants access to Furious Anger, an affordable follow-up attack that synergizes perfectly with Houndoom’s Single Strike Roar Ability.

Wrapping it Up

As we conclude our exploration of Battle Styles in the Pokemon TCG, we have covered the fundamentals and discussed strategies for both Single Strike and Rapid Strike decks. Whether you choose to harness the raw power of Single Strike Pokemon like Primeape or the precise techniques of Rapid Strike Pokemon, the Sword & Shield—Battle Styles expansion promises exciting battles and endless possibilities.


1. How do Battle Styles impact the gameplay in Pokemon TCG?
Battle Styles introduce new dynamics and strategies to the Pokemon TCG, enriching the gameplay experience and offering innovative deck-building options.

2. Can Battle Styles be combined in a deck?
Yes, Battle Styles can be combined within a deck to create unique strategies and capitalize on the strengths of different Pokemon.

3. Which Battle Style is best for beginners?
Both Single Strike and Rapid Strike Styles offer engaging gameplay experiences. Beginners may find Single Strike easier to grasp due to its focus on power and straightforward strategies.

4. What are some recommended Trainer cards for a Battle Styles deck?
Trainer cards like Quick Ball, Professor’s Research, and Boss’s Orders are invaluable additions to any Battle Styles deck, providing card draw, deck thinning, and disruption capabilities.

5. How can I further enhance my Battle Styles deck?
To further enhance your Battle Styles deck, consider exploring additional Battle Style-specific Trainer cards and experimenting with different combinations of Pokemon and Energy cards.

Remember to tailor your deck to your preferred playstyle and always have fun exploring the exciting world of Pokemon TCG!

(Source: Pokemon.com)

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