Glastrier and Spectrier’s Origins

Unraveling the Mystery of Calyrex and its Steeds in Pokemon Sword and Shield

The release of The Crown Tundra expansion for Pokemon Sword and Shield brought an intriguing challenge for players – reuniting the legendary Pokemon Calyrex with one of its two steeds: Glastrier, an Ice-type Pokemon, or Spectrier, a Ghost-type Pokemon. Depending on the horse chosen, Calyrex transforms into either Ice Rider Calyrex or Shadow Rider Calyrex. However, it is important to note that these fusions cannot coexist in a single game.

Theories and Speculation: The Origin of Calyrex’s Steeds

Amidst the confusion surrounding why a player couldn’t possess both forms of Calyrex, a Reddit user named Gamingwithbrendan presented an intriguing theory. According to their theory, Calyrex originally rode a Galarian Rapidash, which unfortunately froze to death and subsequently split into two distinct Pokemon.

The first Pokemon, Glastrier, represents the physical body of Rapidash, now reanimated as a frozen corpse. Glastrier bears striking similarities to Galarian Rapidash, including its pointed ears and a frozen horn. On the other hand, Spectrier embodies the lingering ghost of Rapidash, characterized by its long mane and ethereal hair flowing around its hooves. At a glance, Spectrier’s profile resembles that of Galarian Rapidash, while Glastrier’s stance is reminiscent of Mudsdale.

*Above: Glastrier and Spectrier Theory by Reddit User: Gamingwithbrendan

While this theory remains unconfirmed by official sources, it captivates fans of the Pokemon franchise. Exploring the untold stories that lie in Pokemon lore continues to ignite passionate discussions among enthusiasts. This theory, diving into the darker origins of Pokemon, aligns with the occasional moments of horror presented in the games and anime. Many fans find it a compelling narrative that sheds light on the origins of these legendary Pokemon.

Thoughts and Contribute Your Theory

Do you have thoughts on this theory or your own theories to contribute? Feel free to share them in the comments section below and join the conversation!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is the theory about Glastrier and Spectrier aligning with Galarian Rapidash official?

No, the theory presented by Gamingwithbrendan is speculative and has not been officially confirmed. However, it offers an interesting perspective on the origins of these Pokemon.

2. Can a player possess both Ice Rider Calyrex and Shadow Rider Calyrex in Pokemon Sword and Shield?

No, it is not possible to have both fusions of Calyrex in a single game. Players must choose between Glastrier for Ice Rider Calyrex or Spectrier for Shadow Rider Calyrex.

3. Are there any other fan theories about the origin of Calyrex and its steeds?

Yes, the Pokemon community is filled with diverse theories and speculations about the origins of Calyrex and its steeds. This theory presented by Gamingwithbrendan is just one of the many creative interpretations fans have come up with.

4. Are there any other Pokemon with similar origin stories?

The Pokemon universe is vast and filled with mysterious creatures, many of which have intriguing origin stories. While Calyrex and its steeds have sparked speculation, other Pokemon like Mewtwo, Darkrai, and Giratina also have captivating backstories waiting to be explored.

5. Will future Pokemon games shed more light on the origins of Calyrex and its steeds?

As the Pokemon franchise evolves, it is possible that future games, anime episodes, or additional content will delve deeper into the origins of Calyrex and its steeds. The developers often surprise fans with new revelations and expansions to the Pokemon lore.


The legend of Calyrex and its steeds, Glastrier and Spectrier, continues to inspire theories and captivate the Pokemon community. While the theory connecting these Pokemon to a fallen Galarian Rapidash remains speculative, it adds depth to their origins and offers a darker narrative that fits well within the broader Pokemon universe. As fans await official confirmations or additional revelations, they actively engage in discussions and weave their own imaginative tales surrounding these legendary Pokemon.

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