Pokemon Go: Fairy Type Weaknesses and Counters

Fairy-type Pokemon are a unique and fascinating addition to the Pokemon universe. Introduced in the sixth generation of Pokemon games, these enchanting creatures have a set of advantages and weaknesses that trainers need to know about. According to the Pokedex, Fairy-type Pokemon are mystical creatures that are associated with soft and delicate features such as flowers, moonlight, and love.

If you’re a Pokemon Go trainer, you know how critical it is to have a well-rounded team that can defeat any opponent. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of Fairy-type Pokemon is crucial, as they are considered overpowered with high special defense stats. Players need to understand the vulnerabilities of Fairy-type Pokemon and the right counters to win battles. The goal of this article is to offer an in-depth guide to Fairy Type Weaknesses and Counters in Pokemon Go to help you become a better trainer.

The Weaknesses of Fairy-type Pokemon

Fairy-type Pokemon have become one of the most popular types and are widely accepted as overpowered. However, they do still have several weaknesses that trainers can take advantage of when battling their opponents.

– Steel types weakness
Steel-type Pokemon have high defense stats, making them the perfect candidates to withstand the devastating Fairy-type moves. Many trainers swear by the strength of Steel-type Pokemon because they are incredibly effective against Fairy-type Pokemon.

– Poison types weakness
Poison-type moves and Pokemon are another massive weakness for Fairy-type Pokemon. Poison-type Pokemon can help to take down Fairy-type Pokemon quickly, so it’s always worth considering Poison-type Pokemon when building your team to defeat Fairy-type Pokemon.

– Fairy type weakness
Fairy-type moves and Pokemon can also cause significant damage to other Fairy-type Pokemon. Trainers must be careful, however, because the fight between two Fairy-type Pokemon can end up with both parties losing if there isn’t a clear speed or health advantage.

– Ice type weakness
Finally, the fourth and final weakness of Fairy-type Pokemon comes in the form of Ice types. Ice-type moves are super effective against Fairy-type Pokemon, so any trainer looking to create the perfect strategy against Fairy-type Pokemon should consider adding Ice-type Pokemon to their team.

In conclusion, understanding Fairy-type Pokemon’s weaknesses is essential for any trainer looking to defeat them. Trainers should focus on the four weaknesses mentioned above and make use of Pokemon with type advantages when they form a team to battle Fairy-type Pokemon. By playing smart, trainers can go from being defeated by Fairy-type Pokemon to emerging victorious.

The Counters for Fairy-type Pokemon

An excellent strategy to overcome Fairy-type Pokemon’s overpowered nature is by having the right counters to handle them. However, before delving into the counters, we must first understand why it is necessary to have them.

Fairy-type Pokemon can be challenging to defeat because of their impressive stats and powerful moves. Without the right counters, trainers may struggle to take them down, making it nearly impossible to win battles consistently. Having the four following analytical counters in your team is essential to overcome these powerful creatures.

1. Steel types counter: As we know, Steel-type Pokemon are the most effective counters to Fairy-type Pokemon. Steel types are known for their strength and defense, which makes them incredibly effective against Fairy-type Pokemon.

2. Poison types counter: Similar to Steel types, Poison-type Pokemon is also highly effective in battles against Fairy types. Poison is potent, and Fairy types are unable to withstand them.

3. Fighting types counter: Fighting-type Pokemon are also effective counters for Fairy-type Pokemon. Fighting moves can take out Fairy types in one hit because only a few can resist them.

4. Ice types counter: The last type on our list of analytical counters is Ice type. Ice is super effective against Fairy-type Pokemon since it can freeze them quickly and deal damage at the same time.

To conclude, understanding the right counters is vital in defeating Fairy-type Pokemon. The four analytical counters we have discussed are the most effective ways to handle them. By incorporating these counters into your playstyle, you can quickly overcome these overpowered creatures, making the game much more manageable and, most importantly, enjoyable.

Building the Perfect Team to Counter Fairy-type Pokémon

When it comes to building a team to counter Fairy-type Pokémon, there are two primary options: focusing on hard counters or resist/semi-counters.

Option 1: Focusing on Hard Counters
Focusing on hard counters is an excellent strategy for quickly defeating Fairy-type Pokémon. Hard counters are Pokémon with types that are super effective against Fairy-type Pokémon. Steel and Poison-type Pokémon are the most effective hard counters.

When building a team focusing on hard counters, consider the following strategies:
– For the best results, use as many Steel and Poison-type Pokémon as possible.
– Use Pokémon with moves that are super effective against Fairy-type Pokémon, such as Steel Wing and Sludge Bomb.
– As Fairy-type Pokémon hit super effectively against Fighting, Bug, and Dark type Pokémon, avoid using these types alongside hard counters.

Option 2: Focusing on Resist or Semi-Counters
Resist or semi-counters are Pokémon with types that resist Fairy-type moves. This strategy involves using Pokémon that can take a hit from Fairy-type moves and still battle effectively. Some useful resist or semi-counters include Fire, Flying, and Dragon-type Pokémon.

When building a team focusing on resist or semi-counters, consider the following strategies:
– Use Fire and Flying type Pokémon when possible as they have resistance to Fairy type moves.
– Dragon-Type Pokemons like Rayquaza, Dragonite, and Flygon are excellent additions if you do not have the Steel-type and Poison-types hard counters.
– Utilize moves that resist Fairy type moves but also are fierce against them like Dragon Claw, Fire Blast, and Hurricane.

In summary, both options are effective in countering Fairy-type Pokémon. Focusing on hard counters is a great strategy when you want to win battles quickly. In comparison, focusing on resist or semi-counters is a good option when you want to win without taking substantial damage. It’s worth noting that using a combination of both strategies makes for a well-rounded and versatile team.


In summary, Fairy-type Pokemons may be a group of overpowered creatures, but understanding their weaknesses and counters can lead to more wins and an increased chance of success.

Steel-type Pokemon, Poison-type Pokemon, Fighting-type Pokemon, and Ice-type Pokemon are the latest contenders for taking down Fairy-type Pokemon. Remember, while Fairy-type Pokemons may be overpowered, knowing their weaknesses is still crucial to success.

Furthermore, trainers can counter Fairy-type Pokemons by adopting a strategy that focuses on hard counters or resist or semi-counters. With the knowledge learned in this guide, trainers can form unbeatable teams that defeat Fairy-type Pokemons quickly and efficiently.

In conclusion, mastering tactics for Fairy type weakness and counters can elevate a trainer’s gameplay. We hope this guide becomes an essential tool for trainers as it has described the importance of each counter. So, let’s go out there and become the best Pokemon Go masters we can be.


Q: Why are Fairy-type Pokemon considered overpowered?

A: Fairy-type Pokemon have the advantage over Dragon, Fighting, and Dark types, which are considered some of the most powerful types in the game. They are also resistant to Bug-type and have immunity to Dragon-type, which further adds to their strength.

Q: What are the weaknesses of Fairy-type Pokemon?

A: Fairy-type Pokemon are weak against Steel, Poison, and Steel type moves. They are also weak against Ice-type moves, which can effectively counter them.

Q: What should I do if I encounter a Fairy-type Pokemon in battle?

A: You should use a Pokemon that has moves that are super-effective against Fairies, such as Steel, Poison, or Fighting-type moves. It is also essential to have a well-rounded team that includes Pokemon that can resist or semi-counter Fairy-type moves.

Q: Can I use a Dragon-type Pokemon to counter Fairy-type Pokemon?

A: No, Dragon-type Pokemon are actually weak against Fairy-type moves, so they are not a good choice to counter Fairy-type Pokemon.

Q: How can I build the perfect team to counter Fairy-type Pokemon?

A: There are two options for building the perfect team to counter Fairy-type Pokemon: focusing on hard counters or resist/semi-counters. Focusing on hard counters means using Pokemon with moves that are super effective against Fairy-types, while resist/semi-counters means using Pokemon that are resistant to Fairy-type moves and can withstand them better. The strategy you choose depends on your play style and the types of Pokemon you have available.

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