Fallout 4 Cabot House Guide: Lorenzo’s Fate

Welcome to the ultimate guide of Fallout 4 Cabot House! In this article, we will focus on the crucial decision of either killing or freeing Lorenzo within Cabot House. As one of the most significant quests in Fallout 4, Cabot House presents an array of choices and decision-making abilities for players to explore. In this guide, we will discuss the key aspects of this quest with a focus on the character, Lorenzo.

Lorenzo is a complex character, with unique abilities, and his backstory plays a vital role in the game. He is a wealthy businessman, confined to a secret location in his family home. The player is presented with the decision to either kill Lorenzo or free him from his isolated life. This decision has significant implications for the entirety of the game and is essential for players to understand fully.

We believe that decision-making is a fundamental aspect of Fallout 4, and choosing to kill or free Lorenzo is essential. Our guide will provide players with the necessary knowledge to make an informed decision. Let’s dive in and explore the various pathways in this exhilarating quest.

Overview of Cabot House Quest and Its Storyline

When it comes to the Cabot House quest in Fallout 4, players are presented with a number of different objectives and challenges. This engaging and thought-provoking quest starts with the player interacting with Jack Cabot. Jack believes that his family has been cursed with a peculiar form of immortality, a curse that can be lifted by freeing his father, Lorenzo Cabot.

The Cabot House quest offers a unique storyline that involves a myriad of challenges, from fighting supernatural foes to solving puzzles. Players can expect to encounter a range of enemies, from feral ghouls to maniacal raiders, as they work towards their ultimate goal.

Depending on the decisions made by the player, there are different paths and outcomes available in this quest. Players may choose to either help Jack locate his missing father, or investigate the strange goings-on of the Cabot family on their own. The player may also side with one of the family members, join forces with the Railroad faction, or explore other options.

Ultimately, the Cabot House quest is a rich and engaging storyline that challenges players to think carefully about their choices and make strategic decisions based on their goals. By immersing themselves in this quest, players will learn more about the Cabot family and the unique dynamics of the Fallout 4 world.

Understanding Lorenzo’s Character and Powers

Lorenzo Cabot is the head of the Cabot family in Fallout 4. The Cabot family has lived for centuries, and Lorenzo himself is over 400-years-old. He has a unique backstory that sets him apart from other characters in the game. Lorenzo’s family are wealthy and influential individuals, and they have been actively seeking an ancient artifact known as the “Ancient Artifact” for generations.

Lorenzo himself was once on an expedition to find this artifact when he encountered an ancient alien technology. This technology changed him in more ways than one, granting him extraordinary powers that set him apart from other characters in the game. Lorenzo Cabot enjoys sharing his story with players, often revealing details about his past and how he has changed over time.

One of Lorenzo’s most significant abilities is his incredible strength. He is known for his incredible durability, which allows him to withstand attacks from even the most advanced weapons in the game. Additionally, Lorenzo has incredible regenerative capabilities, allowing him to heal quickly from injuries.

One of the most unique things about Lorenzo’s powers and abilities is that they are not typical for a Fallout 4 character. Lorenzo’s alien technology-based powers add an exciting element to the game. Players can unlock Lorenzo’s powers and abilities and gain an edge over other characters in the game.

The Choice: Kill or Free Lorenzo?

When it comes to the Cabot House quest in Fallout 4, one of the most impactful decisions players have to make is whether to kill or free Lorenzo. This decision has serious consequences for the storyline, meaning players must weigh the pros and cons carefully before making their choice.

Here are some of the pros and cons associated with each option:

Kill Lorenzo:

  • Players will gain access to the mysterious artifact that Lorenzo has been using to enhance his powers.
  • The Cabot family will be grateful to the player and will offer a reward for their services.
  • The player can move on from the quest, which some players may find appealing.

Free Lorenzo:

  • The player will gain Lorenzo’s friendship, meaning Lorenzo will be a powerful ally throughout the game.
  • The player will also gain access to a unique weapon that is only available if they free Lorenzo.
  • The decision to free Lorenzo will have long-standing consequences for both the Cabot family and the Commonwealth itself.

Ultimately, players must decide whether they want access to the artifact or Lorenzo’s friendship and the unique weapon. Additionally, they must consider the long-term effects of their choice. In the end, the decision to kill or free Lorenzo comes down to what players value most in the game – personal gain or community aid.

The Consequences and Rewards of One’s Actions

Making a choice between freeing or killing Lorenzo in Cabot House has significant consequences in Fallout 4. This decision will have a shift in the Cabot House quest’s storyline and can lead to different game endings. Here are the impacts and rewards for both choices.

Killing Lorenzo:

  • Completing the quest by killing Lorenzo will cause a shift in the storyline, making Jack Cabot’s life more manageable.
  • Players will receive a variety of items as a reward, including Lorenzo’s suit, Lorenzo’s artifact gun, and his serum.
  • However, killing Lorenzo will worsen Jack’s mental health, causing him to struggle to stay sane. He may require the player’s help at a later point in the game.

Freeing Lorenzo:

  • Freeing Lorenzo will cause a shift in the storyline, making Jack Cabot’s life more difficult. However, freeing him will add additional radiant quests for the player.
  • Players siding with Lorenzo will receive a significant reward, including a positively effected Karma system and Lorenzo’s telekinetic powers.
  • However, freeing Lorenzo will have consequences. Jack and his sister, Emogene, will refuse to associate further with the player, leading to fewer quests later in the game.

In conclusion, the choice you make between freeing or killing Lorenzo has significant changes in Fallout 4’s storyline. It’s all about weighing the pros and cons of each choice.


In conclusion, the Cabot House quest in Fallout 4 is one of the many examples of how the game incorporates decision-making into the player’s journey. The game provides a sense of free will, and the decisions that you make will impact the storyline in various ways.

The decision to free or kill Lorenzo in Cabot House is a significant one and should not be taken lightly. Depending on your choice, it can result in different rewards and consequences that will affect the remainder of your gameplay.

So what is the better choice? Ultimately, there are advantages and drawbacks to both options. Killing Lorenzo means you gain access to his unique weapon, the Alien Blaster, while freeing him allows for access to the serum that can extend the life of you or other NPCs. However, this choice comes with a cost, as Lorenzo can be difficult to take down, and freeing him may have negative consequences for his family and the world outside Cabot House.

In the end, the choice rests on you as the player. Regardless of your decision, it reinforces the overall theme of decision-making within the game and the impact that it can have on the outcome. So choose wisely, and may your journey into the world of Fallout 4 be filled with exciting choices and unforeseen consequences.


  1. What is the Cabot House quest in Fallout 4?

    The Cabot House quest is a storyline in Fallout 4 where players must assist the Cabot family in retrieving a valuable artifact, uncover their family secrets, and make a decision that could impact the outcome of the game.

  2. What are the different pathways that players can take in the Cabot House quest?

    Players can choose to side with the Cabot family or pursue their own interests by either freeing or killing Lorenzo Cabot. This choice will affect the outcome of the game.

  3. What is Lorenzo Cabot’s backstory and motivation?

    Lorenzo Cabot is a member of the wealthy Cabot family and was subjected to experiments that gave him incredible powers. His motivation is to retrieve an artifact stolen from his family and to seek revenge on those who imprisoned him.

  4. What are Lorenzo’s powers and abilities?

    Lorenzo has immense strength, the ability to heal others, mind control, and energy beams that can disintegrate enemies. Players can access some of these abilities if they free Lorenzo.

  5. What are the pros and cons of either freeing or killing Lorenzo?

    Freeing Lorenzo grants players access to some of his powers, but it also comes with the risk of him losing control and causing chaos. Killing Lorenzo ensures that he cannot harm anyone, but players miss out on the benefits of his powers.

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