PC Awards History of the Event

The PC Gaming Awards is an annual event that recognizes the best video games released on the PC platform. This event has a rich history dating back to its origins from the Computer Game Developers Conference Awards. Over the years, it has grown in significance and popularity within the PC gaming community.

This article will provide readers with a detailed insight into the history and evolution of the PC Gaming Awards. We will delve into the origins of the event, highlighting notable winners and moments, discussing criticisms and controversy surrounding the awards, and explore the future direction of the PC Gaming Awards.

With this article, we aim to provide our readers with expert knowledge and an in-depth understanding of the PC Gaming Awards. Whether you are a dedicated PC gamer or have a passing interest in gaming culture, this article will provide a fascinating account of a significant event in the gaming industry.

The Origins of PC Gaming Awards

PC Gaming Awards have become one of the most notable events in the gaming industry. However, the event didn’t always exist in the way we know it today. In fact, the PC Gaming Awards evolved from another event called the Computer Game Developers Conference Awards, which started in 1987.

Initially, the Computer Game Developers Conference was an informal gathering of computer game developers that met to share ideas and discuss the state of the industry. However, it quickly became a place that showcased the latest industry advancements. Within a few years, it had become a well-established event on the gaming calendar.

In 1996, the organizers introduced a new category in the form of the Interactive Achievement Awards. This led to the introduction of categories such as Game of the Year, Best Game Design, and Best Sound Design. In 2013, a partnership was established between AMD and PC Gamer, which led to the renaming of the event as the PC Gaming Awards.

Since then, the PC Gaming Awards have garnered widespread recognition, attracting an increasing number of attendees each year. This event has proven to be a success with significant positive impacts on the PC gaming industry. Gamers now eagerly await the annual event to see their favorite games and developers receive accolades for their contributions to the industry.

Notable Winners and Best Moments in PC Gaming Awards

The PC Gaming Awards are known for honoring the best in the industry. Each year, the event features several prestigious awards, including the Game of the Year, Best Multiplayer Game, and Best Esports Game. The awards have recognized several outstanding titles and developers throughout the years.

In its early years, the PC Gaming Awards were dominated by RPGs and strategy games. However, in recent years, the awards have expanded to include more genres and platforms. Some of the most notable winners in the event’s history include The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, DOOM (2016), and Dishonored 2.

One of the most memorable moments from the awards’ history was in 2018 when Josef Fares, the director of A Way Out, gave an enthusiastic and eccentric speech while accepting the award for Best Indie Game. His speech became an instant viral hit, adding to the event’s already burgeoning popularity.

The PC Gaming Awards have also featured some of the most captivating performances and music in the gaming industry. Performances from Darkest Dungeon, Dragon Age: Inquisition, and Portal 2 are among the most celebrated. The highlight of the most recent PC Gaming Awards was the performance by the Grammy-winning band Phoenix, who created a medley of songs from iconic games like Sonic the Hedgehog and Tetris.

Overall, the PC Gaming Awards have been home to some of the most deserving winners in the industry and have given way to many unforgettable moments, including speeches, performances, and surprises.

Criticisms and Controversy Surrounding PC Gaming Awards

The PC Gaming Awards have faced criticism over the years for its lack of diversity and representation of women, people of color, and LGBTQ+ individuals. Critics argue that the nominations and winners do not reflect the diverse player base and developers in the gaming industry.

Additionally, the event has faced controversy over certain award decisions made in the past, including snubs towards deserving nominees and questionable wins. The 2015 award ceremony, for example, has been heavily criticized for giving the “Best Gaming Hardware” award to the Oculus Rift, despite not having a consumer-ready product.

The organizers of the PC Gaming Awards have been working to address these criticisms and controversies. In 2020, they introduced a new category for “Innovation in Accessibility” to highlight games that go above and beyond to make their games accessible to players with disabilities.

Furthermore, they have also made changes to the judging panel to ensure a more diverse, representative, and fair selection process. The inclusion of public voting into award selection has also been implemented to increase transparency and engagement.

Overall, it is clear that the PC Gaming Awards have faced legitimate criticisms and controversies over the years. However, it is equally evident that the organizers have taken steps to address these issues and improve the fairness and inclusivity of the event.


In conclusion, the PC Gaming Awards have proven to be an essential event in the gaming industry since its inception. From early beginnings as the Computer Game Developers Conference Awards, the event has grown to recognize and honor groundbreaking achievements in the PC gaming sector. As we move into the future, there is much optimism and excitement regarding the event’s direction and improvements.

Predictions for the future show that the PC Gaming Awards will continue to thrive, with a broader range of categories and added emphasis on representation and diversity. Suggestions for improvement include increased accessibility and new recognition of up and coming talent, encouraging newcomers to the field. The event’s impact on the gaming industry and gamers is undeniable, and it’s clear that the recognition and honors awarded at the PC Gaming Awards drive innovation and excellence.

In brief, the PC Gaming Awards have a fascinating history and bright future that promises to shine the spotlight on the best and most talented in the PC gaming industry. We eagerly await future events, and with each year’s improvements, we look forward to honoring new and exciting innovations in this dynamic field.


  1. What are the PC Gaming Awards?

    The PC Gaming Awards is an annual event that recognizes outstanding achievements in the PC gaming industry. The awards cover a wide range of categories, including best games, hardware, software, and developers.

  2. When did the PC Gaming Awards start?

    The PC Gaming Awards started in 2015, but the event’s origins can be traced back to the Computer Game Developers Conference Awards in the late 1990s.

  3. Who are some of the most notable winners of the PC Gaming Awards?

    Some of the most notable winners of the PC Gaming Awards include “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds,” “Overwatch,” “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt,” and “Portal 2.”

  4. What are some of the criticisms of the PC Gaming Awards?

    One of the main criticisms of the PC Gaming Awards is the lack of diversity and representation in nominees and winners. Additionally, controversial award decisions have also caused criticism and controversy throughout the event’s history.

  5. What is the future of the PC Gaming Awards?

    The future of the PC Gaming Awards is promising, with predictions of continued success and growth. However, suggestions for improvement to address criticisms and controversies can ensure the event’s relevance and impact on both the gaming industry and gamers.

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