LoL Arena’s Item System: A Battlefield Guide

Introducing LoL Arena: A Fusion of League of Legends and TFT

LoL Arena is an exciting new game mode that will be introduced in LoL Patch 13.14. Designed to inject freshness and style into the gameplay, it combines elements from both League of Legends and TFT. This innovative game mode aims to provide a unique experience for players who may have grown tired of the traditional Summoner’s Rift. As Riot Games shares more information about the mode’s arrival on the PBE, let’s explore some key details about LoL Arena.

Obtaining Gold in Arena

In LoL Arena, obtaining gold is a breeze. The game generously rewards players right from the start. During the initial two rounds, each player is granted 1000 Gold to spend on boots and starter items. Subsequently, during the buying phases, players are granted 3000 Gold to purchase fully assembled items. Unlike other game modes, Arena eliminates the need to gather individual item components, as players can instantly acquire completed items. This equalizes the playing field, making it less prone to snowballing effects seen in Summoner’s Rift. However, there are still strategies to gain an advantage, which we will explore shortly.

Buying Items in Arena

Similar to TFT’s carousel rounds, where players collect champions and items, Arena also features buying rounds. These rounds provide an opportunity for players to spend their accumulated gold on items, including a new addition called “juices” introduced by Riot. These juices act as performance-enhancing elixirs, offering temporary boosts to the champions in-game.

Furthermore, LoL Arena introduces a new way to earn gold rewards by eliminating enemies. For each kill, players receive 350 Gold, which can significantly bolster their resources. Moreover, players who have accumulated a minimum of 700 Gold before a round can choose to purchase juices. These elixirs function like steroids, boosting a champion’s performance for a single round.

Alternatively, players can opt to save their funds and make bulk item purchases at a later time. This strategic choice adds depth and variety to the gameplay, rewarding players for their decision-making skills.


LoL Arena brings a fresh and engaging game mode to the League of Legends universe. By combining elements from both League of Legends and TFT, players can enjoy a unique and captivating experience. With gold readily available and the introduction of juices, the gameplay becomes even more thrilling. Whether you choose to stack up kills and purchase juices or save your gold for powerful bulk item purchases, LoL Arena offers countless strategies and opportunities to outplay your opponents. So get ready to dive into the excitement and prove your skills in the arena!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How does LoL Arena differ from Summoner’s Rift?

In LoL Arena, the gameplay is focused on fast-paced action and itemization. Unlike Summoner’s Rift, where players need to gather individual item components, Arena allows them to instantly acquire fully assembled items. This equalizes the playing field and makes snowballing less prevalent.

2. Are the item prices adjusted in LoL Arena?

Yes, all item prices in LoL Arena have been adjusted to a standard 3000 gold. This ensures that all players have an equal chance to purchase powerful items and compete on an even footing.

3. How do juices work in LoL Arena?

Juices in LoL Arena are temporary boosts that can be purchased for 700 gold. These elixirs enhance a champion’s performance for a single round, providing an extra edge in battles. They are a reward for playing early game-focused champions and can make a significant difference in securing victory.

4. Can you save gold to make bulk item purchases in LoL Arena?

Yes, you have the option to accumulate gold and make bulk item purchases in LoL Arena. This strategic choice allows you to plan your itemization strategy carefully, giving you the flexibility to adapt to different phases of the game.

5. Is teamwork important in LoL Arena?

Teamwork is crucial in LoL Arena, just like in any other game mode. Coordinating with your teammates, strategizing item purchases, and executing well-timed engagements can greatly increase your chances of success. Communication and synergy play a vital role, so make sure to collaborate closely with your duo partner or team.

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