Litwick Field Notes Special Research in Pokemon GO

Litwick Burns Bright in Pokemon GO’s October 2022 Community Day

Pokemon GO is back with an exciting announcement for its upcoming event. Get ready for Litwick to shine during the October 2022 Community Day! This Ghost- and Fire-type Pokemon will take center stage on October 15, 2022, from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. local time. Prepare yourself for a thrilling experience filled with special bonuses, a unique Charged Attack, a Special Research story, and more. Let’s dive into all the details!

Encounter Litwick in the Wild

During the Community Day event, Litwick will appear more frequently in the wild. This adorable Candle Pokemon will grace your presence, offering you the chance to add it to your collection. Trainers may even encounter a Shiny Litwick, which features a different color variation. Keep your eyes peeled!

Evolve Lampent for a Special Charged Attack

If you manage to evolve Litwick into Lampent during the event or up to five hours afterward, you’ll be rewarded with a Chandelure that knows the exclusive Charged Attack Poltergeist. This powerful Ghost-type move is making its debut in Pokemon GO, so don’t miss this opportunity to acquire a Chandelure with a unique skill. Take advantage of this spooky addition to your battle roster.

Bonus Bonanza During Community Day

Pokemon GO’s October Community Day brings an array of bonuses to enhance your gameplay experience. Here’s what you can expect during the event:

  • 3× XP for catching Pokemon: Level up faster and earn more experience points during the Community Day event.
  • 2× Candy for catching Pokemon: Stock up on Candy to power up and evolve your Pokemon.
  • Lure Modules and Incense last for three hours: Extend the effects of Lure Modules and Incense to attract Pokemon for a longer duration.
  • Increased chance for Trainers Level 31 and above to receive Candy XL: Level up your Pokemon further with Candy XL, provided at an increased rate.
  • Reduced Stardust cost for Trades: Making trades with other Trainers will require 50% less Stardust during the event.
  • Additional Special Trade: Perform one additional Special Trade, for a maximum of two, during the Community Day.

These bonuses offer fantastic opportunities for Trainers to make the most of their time and maximize their gameplay rewards. Catch, evolve, and trade your way to success!

Special Research: Field Notes: Trick of the Light

For an even deeper engagement during the Community Day, Trainers can embark on a unique Special Research story titled “Field Notes: Trick of the Light.” By purchasing a ticket for US$1.00 from the in-game shop, you can unlock this exclusive research experience. Additionally, you can also gift tickets to your friends who have reached the Great Friends or higher friendship level with you.

As you explore the storyline, you’ll encounter various tasks and challenges that will test your skills as a Trainer. Complete them to unravel the mysteries hidden within the world of Pokemon. Prepare yourself for an illuminating adventure!

Extend the Fun with Bonus Raid Battles

After the three-hour Community Day event concludes, Trainers can continue their journey by participating in four-star Raid Battles. These challenging battles offer a chance to defeat Lampent and unleash its evolved form, Chandelure. Take on these exhilarating raids from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. local time and claim victory against these powerful Pokemon.

Upon defeating Lampent in a Raid Battle, Litwick will appear in a 300-meter radius around the Gym that hosted the raid for 30 minutes. You might even encounter a Shiny Litwick! These bonus raids can only be accessed using Raid Passes and Premium Battle Passes and are not available for Remote Raid Pass users. Gather your team, strategize, and set out for these epic battles!

Connect with Fellow Trainers

If you’re eager to connect and play with other Trainers in your area during the Community Day event, make use of the Community Day map. This useful tool allows you to find local parks and areas that have been historically popular for gathering and playing Pokemon GO. Meet up with fellow Trainers, engage in trades, battles, and Raid Battles, and enjoy the company of like-minded Pokemon enthusiasts.

Remember, while we encourage you to indulge in the Pokemon GO experience, always prioritize your safety and follow the guidelines provided by local health authorities. Stay updated with the latest information through our social media channels, push notifications, and email subscriptions. We’re thrilled to embark on this adventure with you!

Stickers and More!

As an additional treat during the Community Day, be on the lookout for event-themed stickers. Spin PokéStops, open Gifts, and visit the in-game shop to collect these exclusive stickers. Customize your in-game experience and showcase your participation in the festive occasion.


October 2022 Community Day in Pokemon GO brings forth the mesmerizing Litwick as the star of the event. With increased encounters, the introduction of the Charge Attack Poltergeist, exciting bonuses, challenging Raid Battles, and engaging Special Research, Trainers will have a truly unforgettable experience. Gather your Poké Balls, charge into the event, and immerse yourself in this captivating adventure. Remember to connect with fellow Trainers, stay safe, and have a blast capturing Pokemon and creating cherished memories.


1. Can I participate in the Community Day event if I don’t purchase the Special Research ticket?

Absolutely! The Community Day event is accessible to all Trainers, whether or not they purchase the Special Research ticket. The ticket offers an additional storyline and tasks for a more immersive experience, but it is not mandatory for participation.

2. Can I evolve Litwick into Chandelure after the event ends?

Yes, you can evolve Litwick into Chandelure up to five hours after the Community Day event concludes. Make sure to take advantage of this window to obtain a Chandelure with the exclusive Charged Attack Poltergeist.

3. Are Shiny Litwick encounters guaranteed during the event?

While Shiny Litwick encounters are possible during the Community Day event, they are not guaranteed. Keep searching and catching Litwick to increase your chances of encountering a Shiny variant.

4. Can I participate in the Bonus Raid Battles remotely?

No, the Bonus Raid Battles following the Community Day event can only be accessed using Raid Passes and Premium Battle Passes on-site. Remote Raid Passes cannot be used for these specific raids. Join forces with other Trainers and conquer these challenging battles together!

5. Do I need to use Stardust for trades during the event?

During the Community Day event, trades require 50% less Stardust. This reduction in Stardust cost allows Trainers to trade Pokemon more frequently without exhausting their resources. Make the most of this opportunity to exchange Pokemon with your friends and expand your collection.

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