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Fallout 4 is an exciting and immersive game that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. One of the many features of the game is the ability to establish and manage settlements. These settlements are essential for your character’s survival, as they provide food, water, and a place to rest. However, finding all the settlements in Fallout 4 can be difficult, and that’s where we come in. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide on where to find all settlements in Fallout 4.

It’s important to note that the settlements in Fallout 4 are not just a part of the game’s building mechanics. They play a crucial role in the game’s story, where you are tasked with rebuilding the Commonwealth after the nuclear war. By finding all of the settlements, you gain a better understanding of the world and storyline of Fallout 4, making it an essential part of the game.

Now that we have an understanding of the importance of settlements in Fallout 4, we’ll dive into where you can find them. But first, let’s take a brief look at the story of Fallout 4 and how settlements fit into the game’s narrative.

Settlements in Fallout 4

In Fallout 4, settlements are a big part of the game. They are essentially communities that you build and manage using the resources you gather from the world around you. Each settlement can be customized to your liking, with a variety of crafting options and building materials available.

Aside from being a fun and creative aspect of the game, settlements also play a critical role in your overall gameplay. For starters, they serve as a hub for resources. You will need to ensure that your settlements are well-stocked with food, water, power, and defense to keep your settlers happy and healthy.

Settlements are also essential for building an army of settlers, which can be used to create supply lines between settlements, attack enemy outposts, and defend against invaders. Additionally, settlements can be used to generate income, with trade routes between settlements and merchants helping to increase your wealth in the game.

Settlement Map

In Fallout 4, finding all the settlements can prove to be a challenging yet fun task. A crucial tool in this endeavor is the settlement map, which serves as the ultimate guide in your search. The map is an interactive feature in the game that allows you to find all the different settlements. By using it, you can locate and explore each settlement to its fullest extent, collecting resources and completing quests along the way.

The settlement map is imperative for players to keep track of their progress, ensuring that they do not miss any settlements. It highlights each settlement’s location, making it easier to navigate the vast expanse of the Fallout 4 world. As you explore, you’ll be able to gather resources and materials to help you build your settlements, which make them much more effective later in the game.

One of the primary reasons why the settlement map is so vital is that finding settlements is essential for completion of the game. The settlements provide valuable resources and quests that players must complete to progress through the game. Additionally, they provide a place for NPCs to live and can become a crucial aspect of the game’s storyline.

In short, the settlement map is a crucial feature of Fallout 4 that players must utilize to its full potential. Using it will allow you to find all the settlements, uncover important resources, and progress through the game’s storyline.

Where to Find All Settlements

Finding all settlements in Fallout 4 is essential if you want to progress through the game and achieve maximum efficiency in settlement building. Whether you’re protecting your settlers from raiders or building a sprawling metropolis, knowing where all settlements are located is key.

Here is a comprehensive list of all settlements, along with their locations:

1. Sanctuary Hills – Located in the northwest corner of the map.
2. Red Rocket Truck Stop – Just south of Sanctuary Hills, near a gas station.
3. Abernathy Farm – Directly south of Red Rocket Truck Stop, it’s near a silo.
4. Tenpines Bluff – Northeast of the map, near a church.
5. Graygarden – Southeast of Tenpines Bluff, it’s near a highway.
6. Oberland Station – South of Graygarden, it’s near some train tracks.
7. Sunshine Tidings Co-Op – Directly east of Oberland Station, it’s located near a water tower.
8. Starlight Drive-In – Directly east of Sunshine Tidings Co-Op, it’s located in a drive-in theater.
9. Somerville Place – Southeast of Starlight Drive-In, it’s near a broken bridge.
10. County Crossing – Directly east of the bottom edge of the map, it’s near a pond.
11. Finch Farm – Northeast of County Crossing, it’s near a quarry.
12. Nordhagen Beach – Southeast of Finch Farm, it’s near a beach.
13. Warwick Homestead – Directly south of Nordhagen Beach, it’s near a pier.
14. Jamaica Plain – Southwest of the middle of the map, it’s near a town hall.
15. Greentop Nursery – Directly east of Jamaica Plain, it’s near a greenhouse.
16. The Slog – East of Greentop Nursery, it’s near some boats.
17. Croup Manor – Directly east of The Slog, it’s near a spooky mansion.
18. Coastal Cottage – Directly south of the middle of the map, it’s near a beach.
19. Taffington Boathouse – Directly north of Coastal Cottage, it’s near a boathouse.
20. Kingsport Lighthouse – Northeast of the map, it’s near a lighthouse.

With these locations in hand, finding all settlements in Fallout 4 should be a breeze. Remember to protect your settlements and keep building them up – the Commonwealth needs you!

Building Your Settlements

When it comes to building your settlements in Fallout 4, it’s essential to understand the process thoroughly. Building your settlement includes everything from setting up a water source to constructing buildings and defenses. The building system in Fallout 4 is highly flexible, providing gamers with the opportunity to be creative and design their own unique settlements. Here are some tips to build an effective and sustainable settlement:

– Before building your settlement, find a strategic location. It is best to construct your settlement near a water source, so that your settlers do not become dehydrated.
– Before setting up more advanced buildings, like turrets and guard stations, set up the basics such as food, water, and beds. Having applicable needs like food and water provides a better quality of life for the settlers which raises happiness.
– Being creative is incredibly important in the building process, even though some settlement locations may have limited resources. Look for ways to stack walls, place objects at different angles, and use certain objects as foundations for others.
– Constructing walls is essential. Without walls, your settlement is vulnerable to attacks, so it’s best to build walls around your settlement’s perimeter to safeguard against raiders and other enemies.
– As you build up your settlement, regularly check the defense value of the settlement. A high defense value will significantly lower the amount of damage the settlement takes during raids.

Building your settlements plays a vital role in Fallout 4 gameplay. By constructing effective settlements, you significantly enhance the experience of the game while keeping your characters safe and ensuring their well-being. Remember to be creative, strategic, and have fun building your settlements.


Finding all settlements in Fallout 4 is crucial for any player as it unlocks and enhances different features of the game. Not only that, but it also allows you to create a thriving community for your character to come back to. In this article, we’ve covered the importance of locating all settlements, their importance to the gameplay, and detailed the locations of every settlement on the settlement map.

As a final tip, we suggest building connections between settlements to create supply lines. Doing so will save you time and effort while traveling through the game world and provide you with access to resources that you might not have otherwise.

In conclusion, utilizing the settlement map to find and build settlements will vastly improve your gameplay by increasing your character’s overall abilities, improving your game economy and unlocking new features. Finding all settlements is worth the extra effort and will provide you with a more immersive Fallout 4 experience.


1. What are settlements in Fallout 4?

Settlements are locations in the game where players can build and manage their own communities.

2. Why is it important to find all settlements?

Finding all settlements allows players to maximize resources and build a strong network of communities that can support each other.

3. How do I use the settlement map in Fallout 4?

The settlement map is an important tool for finding and managing settlements. Use it to locate settlements and keep track of their resources and needs.

4. Where can I find a list of all settlements in Fallout 4?

We provide a detailed list of all settlements and their locations in Section IV of this article.

5. What are some tips for building effective settlements in Fallout 4?

Some tips include focusing on resource production, building defensive structures, and keeping settlers happy with basic necessities like food and water.

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