Basculegion: Big Fish Pokemon

Meet Basculegion: The Mysterious Water Ghost

Type, Category, and Abilities

Clads itself in the souls of comrades that perished before fulfilling their goals of journeying upstream. No other species throughout all Hisui’s rivers is Basculegion’s equal.

Type: Water/Ghost

Category: Big Fish

Ability: Rattled, where Dark-, Ghost-, and Bug-type moves scare the Pokemon and boost its Speed stat. Or Adaptability, which powers up moves of the same type as the Pokemon.

Hidden Ability: Mold Breaker, where moves can be used on the target regardless of its Abilities.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Weaknesses: Grass, Electric, Ghost, and Dark

Resistances: Poison, Fire, Ice, Steel, Water, and Bug

Immunity: Normal and Fighting

Evolution and Characteristics

Basculegion evolves from White-Striped Basculin after losing at least 294 HP from recoil damage.

Height: 9′ 10″

Weight: 242.5 lbs

When it comes to the captivating world of Pokemon, none can match the enigma and power of Basculegion. This aquatic marvel, known for its ability to harness the souls of fallen comrades, possesses a unique type combination of Water and Ghost. As a member of the Big Fish category, Basculegion stands tall and reigns supreme among the rivers of Hisui.

But what truly sets this Pokemon apart are its remarkable abilities. Basculegion has two potential regular abilities: Rattled and Adaptability. Rattled grants Basculegion an impressive speed boost whenever it encounters Dark-, Ghost-, or Bug-type moves, while Adaptability enhances the power of moves that match its own type. However, the hidden ability, Mold Breaker, takes Basculegion’s prowess to another level, allowing it to unleash moves on any target, regardless of their abilities.

While Basculegion may seem invincible, it does have its vulnerabilities. The Pokemon is weak against Grass, Electric, Ghost, and Dark types, making these opponents particularly formidable. On the other hand, Basculegion can stand its ground against Poison, Fire, Ice, Steel, Water, and Bug types due to its resistances. Additionally, Basculegion boasts immunity against Normal and Fighting types, giving it an edge in battles.

To witness the evolution of Basculegion is a spectacle in itself. This intriguing creature evolves from the White-Striped Basculin, but the process is not as straightforward as one might expect. In order to reach its full potential, the Basculin must endure a significant amount of recoil damage, losing at least 294 HP along the way. It is through this transformative journey that Basculegion emerges, ready to embrace its destiny.


1. Can Basculegion learn any unique moves?

Basculegion has a few unique moves up its sleeve, including “Flip Turn,” “Soak,” and “Liquidation.” These moves showcase the water-based prowess of this extraordinary Pokemon.

2. How does Basculegion use its ability, Rattled?

When faced with Dark-, Ghost-, or Bug-type moves, Basculegion’s Rattled ability comes into play. It gets scared by these moves, but this fear triggers a boost in its Speed stat, allowing it to outmaneuver its opponents.

3. Can Basculegion be encountered in the wild or only through evolution?

Basculegion cannot be found in the wild. It is only attainable through the evolution of its predecessor, the White-Striped Basculin, after meeting the required conditions.

4. What strategies work well against Basculegion?

To counter Basculegion effectively, utilizing Pokemon with Grass, Electric, Ghost, or Dark-type moves can prove advantageous. These types exploit its weaknesses and increase the chances of overcoming this formidable opponent.

5. Is Basculegion a popular choice in competitive battles?

Indeed, Basculegion has gained a significant following in the competitive Pokemon scene. With its unique typing and versatile abilities, it has proven to be a valuable asset in strategic team compositions and has achieved notable success in various tournaments.

In conclusion, Basculegion is a captivating Pokemon that leaves a lasting impression on trainers and admirers alike. With its mysterious origins, powerful abilities, and distinct characteristics, this Water/Ghost type stands as a testament to the diversity and wonder of the Pokemon world. So, embrace the journey, explore the depths, and let Basculegion take you on an extraordinary adventure like no other.

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