Pokemon GO: New Avatar Items (Ho-Oh, Lugia)

All Pokemon from the Johto Region

Get ready trainers for an incredible event in Pokemon GO! For a limited time, all Pokemon originally discovered in the Johto region will be making appearances in various exciting ways. Whether you’re exploring the wild, participating in raids, completing research tasks, or seeking encounters after quests, you’ll have the chance to encounter beloved Johto Pokemon. Not only that, but you can attract them using Incense, hatch them from Eggs, trade with friends, or even obtain them through Evolution during this special period.

Discover Shiny Pokemon from Johto

As if the increased presence of Johto Pokemon wasn’t thrilling enough, shiny variations of these creatures will also grace Pokemon GO for the first time. Prepare to be dazzled by the shimmering beauty of Girafarig, Corsola, Remoraid, Mantine (exclusive to Gold Version), Phanpy (exclusive to Silver Version), and Tyrogue. These rare shiny forms will add a whole new level of excitement to your Pokemon collection. Plus, we can’t forget about the unique Unown variations (G, J, O, R, T, and U) that will also be attracted to Incense during this event.

Wild Encounters and Event Versions

During this extraordinary event, your chances of encountering shiny Pokemon in the wild will depend on the event version you have selected. Each version offers its own set of unique shiny creatures, so make sure to check out the version overview to see which Pokemon you have a higher likelihood of encountering.

Version Overview

Gold Version:

  • Girafarig (Shiny)
  • Corsola (Shiny)
  • Remoraid (Shiny)
  • Mantine (Shiny and exclusive)

Silver Version:

  • Girafarig (Shiny)
  • Corsola (Shiny)
  • Remoraid (Shiny)
  • Phanpy (Shiny and exclusive)
  • Tyrogue (Shiny)


This limited-time event in Pokemon GO is a golden opportunity for trainers to catch, trade, and evolve Johto Pokemon in various exciting ways. With the added allure of encountering shiny variations, it’s a chance to add rare and stunning Pokemon to your collection. So get out there, make the most of this event, and embark on an unforgettable adventure in the Johto region!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How long will this event last?

This event celebrating Johto Pokemon will last for X weeks, giving trainers ample time to encounter and collect these beloved creatures.

2. Can I find shiny Johto Pokemon in raids?

Yes, shiny Johto Pokemon will have a chance to appear in raids. Make sure to gather your friends and take on these challenges together!

3. Are Incense the only way to attract shiny Unown?

While shiny Unown will be more attracted to Incense during this event, there is still a small chance you may encounter them in the wild without using Incense. Keep your eyes peeled!

4. Can I obtain shiny Johto Pokemon through Evolution?

Absolutely! If you have the required Pokemon and resources, you can evolve them and obtain their shiny forms. It’s an exciting way to add some extra sparkle to your team.

5. Will shiny Johto Pokemon be available after the event ends?

Once the event concludes, shiny Johto Pokemon will still exist in the game. However, their encounter rates may return to normal, so take advantage of this event while it lasts!

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