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Warzone 2100 is a classic Sony retro video game that has held up over the years as one of the best real-time strategy games in gaming history. It was originally released in 1999 and developed by Pumpkin Studios. Its primary focus is on base-building and resource management while also emphasizing combat and tactical strategy. This game holds a special place in any gamer’s heart who played video games during the early console years.

In this article, we will provide an in-depth Warzone 2100 overview and review, including its gameplay, graphics, storyline, sound design, replayability, and difficulty. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive view of what this game offers, the challenges it presents, and how it holds up to other retro games. Based on our review criteria, we will provide a score out of ten and a final recommendation at the end of the review. So let’s dive in and explore everything that Warzone 2100 has to offer!


Warzone 2100, released in 1999, was developed by Pumpkin Studios and published by Eidos Interactive. The gameplay features a mix of real-time strategy and real-time tactics elements that provide a thrilling gaming experience.

The objective of Warzone 2100 is to develop a base, acquire resources, create an assortment of military units, and lead them to victory in various missions. The game allows players to construct a wide variety of structures, including refineries, factories, and research facilities, each having its respective function.

The mechanics of Warzone 2100’s gameplay are quite simple and intuitive. The player controls a commander unit from where, along with the construction of the base, players can research and develop technologies like armor, weapons, and radar.

One unique feature of the game is that it allows players to design and build their own units from scratch, selecting components such as weapon/movement systems, turrets, and chassis. This elevated customization feature is rare in modern-day strategy games.

Although the gameplay experience provided by Warzone 2100 is fascinating, the game does have some minor flaws. Unit pathfinding and line of sight mechanics cause difficulties and problems during the gameplay. Additionally, players may feel like they lack data about the map, preventing them from planning the best attack plan for every mission.

Overall, Warzone 2100’s gameplay is both thrilling and satisfying, with sufficient depth without becoming overwhelming. It delivers a 8 out of 10 score for gameplay, making it an excellent choice for any retro game enthusiast.


Being a retro game, Warzone 2100’s graphics are dated in comparison to modern video games, but it still holds up well today. The game was released in 1999, so it was designed with the visual limitations of the time. Regardless, it is still visually appealing and unique in its style.

Compared to today’s games, Warzone 2100’s graphics are pixelated and have a lower resolution. The game has a top-down view, similar to other strategy games such as Age of Empires. While the game now appears simplistic, it was well ahead of its time upon release.

One outstanding aspect of Warzone 2100 is the level of detail in the game’s design, with different units and structures being distinct and easily recognizable. The in-game animations are also smooth and realistic, given the technological limitations of the time.

Broken down into today’s grading system, the graphics would only receive a score of around 4 out of 10, but in 1999, the level of detail and smooth animation was considered outstanding. Taking the graphics limitations into account, Warzone 2100’s visuals still remain impressive in light of its release date and the technology constraints of that era.

Overall Score for Graphics: 6/10


Warzone 2100’s storyline is set in a post-apocalyptic world, following the aftermath of a global nuclear war. The player is tasked with leading a group of survivors, known as The Project, in their mission towards rebuilding their civilization. The game takes place over three campaigns, with each campaign presenting different sets of goals, challenges, and enemies.

One unique aspect of Warzone 2100’s storyline is the player’s flexibility in shaping their own experience. Throughout the game, the player is given the power to make crucial decisions that alter the outcome of the game’s events. The use of cutscenes is also notable, as they help set the tone for each campaign and provide context for the player’s actions.

However, the storytelling in Warzone 2100 is not without its flaws. Some players may find the game’s narrative a bit lacking in depth or character development, especially in comparison to more modern games. That being said, the game’s strong gameplay mechanics and unique post-apocalyptic world more than make up for any minor narrative shortcomings.

Overall, Warzone 2100 presents a solid storyline that complements its gameplay mechanics and world-building elements well. We would give the storyline a score of 8 out of 10 for its flexible decision-making, use of cutscenes, and post-apocalyptic setting.

Sound Design

Warzone 2100’s sound design is an aspect of the game that deserves recognition. Sound is an integral part of any video game, contributing to the overall atmosphere and gameplay experience. Warzone 2100 does not disappoint in this regard.

The audio effects in Warzone 2100 add to the immersive gaming experience, particularly through the game’s sound effects, music, and voice overs. The sounds of weapons firing and explosions make the player feel as though they are in the middle of the action. The music also sets the tone for each level, providing a perfect backdrop for the gameplay.

The voice overs in Warzone 2100 are well-produced and add an extra layer of depth to the game. Dialogues between characters are seamlessly integrated into the gameplay, providing the player with necessary information without unnecessary separation from the game.

In terms of enhancements to the gameplay, the sound design in Warzone 2100 plays a crucial role in alerting players of enemy activity. The sound effects alert players of incoming attacks and danger, creating a sense of urgency that is critical to the game’s success.

Overall, Warzone 2100’s sound design is one of the game’s strong points, contributing significantly to the gameplay experience and immersion. In terms of scoring, we give Warzone 2100’s sound design an eight out of 10.

Warzone 2100 – Sony Retro Video Game Overview, History, and Review

Replayability and difficulty are key elements that will determine whether a game maintains gamer’s attention and gets played multiple times. In terms of replayability, Warzone 2100 has several mechanics that make it a great game to play multiple times, primarily due to its campaign structure. Each campaign can end differently, giving the player the desire to replay it several times to see how their choices are affecting the end results.

Additionally, the game’s skirmish mode is a great way to test one’s strategic skills against the AI player. The game allows players to choose their AI opponent’s level of difficulty, and as a result, gamers of all skill levels will find a suitable campaign experience. Skirmish mode also offers even more replayability for players, and it’s a great way to learn the game’s mechanics outside of the campaign mode.

However, despite the game’s high replayability score, Warzone 2100’s difficulty is relatively challenging. The game presents gamers with four difficulty levels to choose from, and even at the lowest level, Warzone 2100 can prove quite challenging, which speaks to the game’s strategy elements. The objectives in the campaign mode become progressively harder to attain, and the enemies you’ll face along the way are no pushovers.

The game’s difficulty also makes it more rewarding when you complete a challenging mission, which only encourages players to replay earlier levels to make their army stronger and bring their strategies to perfection.

Overall, Warzone 2100 scores highly in replayability and difficulty. The career mode differs from game to game, additional skirmish mode gameplay offers great replayability, and the game presents several levels of difficulty that provide for a challenging experience for all who play. Warzone 2100 receives a solid 8/10 score in terms of its replayability and difficulty.


After analyzing Warzone 2100 for its gameplay, graphics, storyline, sound design, replayability, and difficulty, we can conclude that this classic retro game still holds up today.

With its unique gameplay mechanics, captivating storyline, and impressive sound design, Warzone 2100 scores high marks across the board. While some aspects, such as the graphics, may be outdated compared to modern games, it still holds its charm and retro appeal.

We give Warzone 2100 a final score of 8 out of 10, which is a testament to its enduring popularity and significance within the video game industry. Among retro video games, Warzone 2100 stands out as a must-play title, a game that showcases a rich history and provides a level of enjoyment that contemporary games may not offer.

If you’re looking for a game that challenges you with its gameplay, it’s interesting storyline, and varied sound design, then we encourage you to check out Warzone 2100 for yourself. We believe that you’ll appreciate it for what it is, a classic video game that has aged well and still worth writing home about.


Q: Is Warzone 2100 available for modern gaming consoles?

A: Yes, Warzone 2100 is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. It can also be played on PC through Steam.

Q: What is the maximum number of units that can be built in a single match?

A: The maximum unit cap for Warzone 2100 is 200, but this can be increased by adjusting game settings or through mods.

Q: Does Warzone 2100 have a multiplayer mode?

A: Yes, Warzone 2100 has a multiplayer mode that allows up to 8 players to battle against each other over LAN or the internet.

Q: Are there different factions to choose from in Warzone 2100?

A: Yes, there are three factions to choose from in Warzone 2100: The Nexus, The Collective, and The New Paradigm. Each faction has unique units and structures.

Q: Can Warzone 2100 be played on older computers?

A: Yes, Warzone 2100 has low system requirements and can be played on older computers with at least a 233 MHz processor and 64 MB of RAM.

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