Unveil the Essence of Broken Covenant in LoL

League of Legends: What to Expect from the Broken Covenant Showcase Event

Riot Games is set to release some exciting new skins in League of Legends Patch 13.5. While it may not be a massive in-client event, this update will feature a skin showcase for the brand-new Broken Covenant skin. In this article, we will dive into the details of the event and discuss the loot and capsules that players can anticipate.

Broken Covenant Loot

Data miner Julex Gameplays has uncovered some intriguing information about the upcoming showcase event for the Broken Covenant skins. During the event, players will have the opportunity to obtain various capsules containing valuable in-game cosmetics. Additionally, there will be grab bags, icons, and other enticing rewards up for grabs.

One of the notable loot options is the Neverghaast Capsule, which offers three random skin shards. Players also have a chance to acquire an Aspirant 2023 Grab Bag, which guarantees at least one skin shard worth 1350 RP or below, as well as two skin shards worth 975 RP or more. There’s even a bonus chance to snag two additional skin shards worth 975 RP or more. Unfortunately, there won’t be a Broken Covenant ward skin, but the event is packed with other exciting features to explore.

Broken Covenant Mythic Icon

A mythic icon will also be available during the Broken Covenant showcase event. This exclusive icon can be obtained through the mythic shop, but it comes with a hefty price tag of 125 Mythic Essence. While some players may find this cost excessive, it’s worth noting that this unique icon may still appeal to dedicated collectors and enthusiasts.

However, it’s important to consider whether spending 125 Mythic Essence on an icon is truly worthwhile. Perhaps it would be better to save that currency for other coveted items in the mythic shop or even prioritize purchasing the highly coveted Miss Fortune Broken Covenant Prestige skin. The decision ultimately lies with each individual player.

Miss Fortune’s Prestige Skin: A Must-Have

Among the Broken Covenant skins, Miss Fortune will receive a prestige skin that is sure to turn heads. This prestige option will be available exclusively in the Mythic Shop, allowing players to acquire it for 125 Mythic Essence. Interestingly, unlike many prestige skins that require token farming, this one can also be obtained using Mythic Essence accumulated through Prime Gaming. Of course, players always have the option to invest real money in purchasing chests to earn Mythic Essence for this sought-after prestige skin.

A Multitude of Stunning Skins

The Broken Covenant showcase event is not solely focused on Miss Fortune’s prestige skin. There will be a plethora of other incredible skins up for grabs. In fact, a total of seven champions will be receiving new skins, and Miss Fortune will even be graced with her second prestige skin. Alongside these exciting additions, players can also anticipate the release of six epic skins and one legendary skin, diversifying the cosmetic options available to champions across the League of Legends roster.

For a comprehensive overview of all the Broken Covenant skins and their prices, be sure to check out our dedicated article. It provides a thorough breakdown of each skin, allowing players to plan their RP savings accordingly before the highly anticipated arrival of League of Legends Patch 13.5.


The Broken Covenant showcase event in League of Legends Patch 13.5 brings forth a range of captivating skins and enticing rewards. From the exclusive Broken Covenant mythic icon to the prestigious Miss Fortune skin, players have an array of options to enhance their in-game aesthetics. With multiple epic and legendary skins also joining the fray, champions across the League are in for a treat.
Remember to mark your calendars and prepare to indulge in the Broken Covenant showcase when it arrives with Patch 13.5!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I acquire the Broken Covenant skins?

The Broken Covenant skins can be obtained through the showcased event. Players will have the chance to unlock them by participating in the event activities and obtaining capsules, grab bags, and other rewards.

2. Is the Broken Covenant ward skin available during the event?

Unfortunately, the Broken Covenant ward skin will not be available during the event. However, there are plenty of other exciting features to explore and numerous captivating skins to acquire.

3. What is the cost of the Broken Covenant mythic icon?

The Broken Covenant mythic icon can be purchased from the mythic shop for 125 Mythic Essence. While this may seem like a steep price, collectors and enthusiasts may still find it worthwhile to add this exclusive icon to their collection.

4. How can I obtain Miss Fortune’s Broken Covenant Prestige skin?

The Broken Covenant Prestige skin for Miss Fortune can be acquired exclusively from the Mythic Shop. It is priced at 125 Mythic Essence, offering players a prestigious aesthetic upgrade for the champion.

5. Are there any other skins available during the showcase event?

Absolutely! Alongside Miss Fortune’s prestige skin, there will be a total of seven champion skins, including six epic skins and one legendary skin. This diverse range of cosmetic options ensures that players can discover their own unique style within the game.

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