Unforgettable Expressions in Pokemon Sun & Moon Series

Going Wild on Pokemon the Series: Reliving the Funniest Moments


When Ash and Pikachu embarked on their journey in the Alola region during the start of Pokemon the Series: Sun & Moon, fans were quick to notice the show’s refreshed animation style and updated character designs. With each passing season, especially the recent Pokemon the Series: Sun & Moon—Ultra Adventures, it became apparent that this new look allowed the creators to explore more creative expressions and reactions from the characters, resulting in some truly hilarious scenes that left viewers in fits of laughter.

Exploring Wild Takes in Pokemon the Series: Sun & Moon—Ultra Adventures

As we eagerly await the next season, Pokemon the Series: Sun & Moon—Ultra Legends, let’s take a trip down memory lane and relish some of the wildest moments from Ash and his companions. In animation, a “wild take” refers to an exaggerated overreaction that effectively punctuates a comedic moment. Pokemon the Series has embraced this zany technique in recent seasons, delivering a delightful array of humorous instances in each episode.

Episode 4—A Masked Warning!

During an encounter with a group of irritable Pinsir, a sudden teleportation by Nebby throws Ash, Pikachu, and Lycanroc off balance, and their attempts to stay composed quickly unravel.

Episode 12—The Professors’ New Adventure!

When Professor Kukui proposes to Professor Burnet, their students, eager to surprise them, struggle to conceal their intentions effectively. Hilarity ensues as their not-so-subtle planning leads to comical mishaps.

Episode 13—Let Sleeping Pokemon Lie!

Jigglypuff’s enchanting song effortlessly lulls Team Rocket into a deep slumber. However, Bewear’s furious reaction to Jigglypuff’s subsequent doodling sets off a panic among the troublemakers.

Episode 14—The Dex Can’t Help It!

Ash’s lack of caution on a slippery, soap-covered floor may cause him to take a tumble, but he manages to do so with remarkable grace and dignity.

Episode 18—A Mission of Ultra Urgency!

In a flex-off with the Ultra Beast Buzzwole, Ash momentarily loses focus. Prompted by his friends, he experiences a sudden burst of maturity, resulting in a slightly unsettling transformation.

Episode 19—Acting True to Form!

As Meowth fears being usurped by his Alolan counterpart in Team Rocket, the episode showcases a plethora of amusing expressions. However, his stress-induced evil grin steals the show as the epitome of comedic perfection.

Episode 23—Love at First Twirl!

Team Rocket delights in making grandiose entrances with their elaborate routines, but Jessie’s disappointment overperforming without an audience adds an extra layer of amusement.

Episode 28—Sours for the Sweet!

Mallow’s brother bakes delectable bread, leading to a decline in Team Rocket’s food truck business. Jessie concocts a plan to win back customers, and her inexplicable reaction leaves everyone bewildered.

Episode 41—The Long Vault Home!

During a vaulting competition in gym class, Kiawe’s attempt to leap over a disguised Stakataka goes horribly wrong. The nightmarish interior of the Ultra Beast’s body shocks Kiawe and provides a hilarious yet horrifying moment.

Episode 45—The Prism Between Light and Darkness!

Team Rocket sets their sights on a recently opened Ultra Wormhole but hesitates to venture inside. Jessie, with a diabolical plan in mind, accompanies it with an equally diabolical expression, adding to the comedic charm.


These moments we discussed represent just a fraction of the many wild takes that captivated audiences in Pokemon the Series: Sun & Moon—Ultra Adventures. As we eagerly anticipate the premiere of Pokemon the Series: Sun & Moon—Ultra Legends, get ready for more incredible laughs and unforgettable facial contortions!


1. Will I miss out on previous episodes if I start watching Pokemon the Series: Sun & Moon—Ultra Legends?

No, each season of Pokemon the Series is designed to be standalone, allowing both new and returning viewers to enjoy the show without feeling lost or missing out on crucial plot points.

2. Where can I watch complete episodes of Pokemon the Series: Sun & Moon—Ultra Adventures?

For a limited time, you can catch all the episodes of Pokemon the Series: Sun & Moon—Ultra Adventures on Pokemon TV, ensuring you don’t miss any of the hilarious and entertaining moments.

3. How does the animation style in Pokemon the Series: Sun & Moon—Ultra Adventures differ from previous seasons?

Pokemon the Series: Sun & Moon introduced a refreshed animation style with updated character designs, which allowed for more expressive and comedic scenes, adding to the overall enjoyment of the show.

4. Are there any other comedic techniques used in Pokemon the Series?

While wild takes play a prominent role in creating humor, Pokemon the Series also incorporates clever dialogue, witty banter, and amusing character interactions to deliver laughter throughout each episode.

5. What can we look forward to in Pokemon the Series: Sun & Moon—Ultra Legends?

Pokemon the Series: Sun & Moon—Ultra Legends promises to bring even more laughs and captivating moments as Ash and his friends embark on new adventures, encounter new Pokemon, and face exciting challenges in the Alola region. Stay tuned for thrilling twists and turns in this highly anticipated season.

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