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Experience an Exclusive Pokemon GO Tour in Las Vegas!

Trainers, get ready for an epic adventure in Las Vegas! Pokemon GO is bringing the Hoenn region to life at Sunset Park. Join us for the Pokemon GO Tour: Hoenn – Las Vegas event on February 18–19, 2023. It’s a two-day extravaganza where you can immerse yourself in all things Pokemon. Catch, trade, and battle with fellow Trainers from around the world, and maybe even encounter some rare Pokemon along the way!

Event Gameplay

Dive into a Hoenn-inspired adventure like never before in Las Vegas! During the Pokemon GO Tour: Hoenn – Las Vegas event, ticket-holding Trainers will embark on a special research story featuring an exclusive collaboration with Team GO Rocket. Yes, you heard it right! You can work alongside the notorious Team GO Rocket leaders for the first time ever. But beware, not everything is as it seems. Is this a change of heart for Team GO Rocket, or are they setting a trap? Uncover their motives and enjoy this unique adventure available exclusively at Pokemon GO Tour: Hoenn – Las Vegas!

Shining Surprises

Get ready for some dazzling encounters! It has been revealed that Trainers participating in Pokemon GO Tour: Hoenn – Las Vegas will have an increased chance of encountering Shiny Pokemon originally discovered in the Hoenn region. That’s right, the odds will be in your favor to add some shimmering variants to your collection. As if that wasn’t enough, prepare yourself for an unprecedented encounter with a never-before-seen Shiny Jirachi! Don’t miss out on these incredible opportunities during the event.

A Coded Quest

If you have a taste for solving puzzles, you’re in for a treat. Sunset Park will be filled with secret codes waiting to be discovered. Search high and low to uncover these hidden clues, and you’ll be rewarded with epic encounters with Legendary Pokemon. Keep your eyes peeled and your wits sharp, as you never know what legendary surprises await you.

Exclusive Live Experiences

Legendary Encounters

Prepare for an encounter with greatness. During your Hoenn adventure, you’ll have the chance to come face-to-face with the majestic Eon Pokemon – Latias or Latios! Capture the magic by taking a snapshot of Latias (Sapphire badge) or Latios (Ruby badge) in the wild. In return, you’ll earn another encounter with that very same legendary Pokemon. This is a remarkable opportunity to add these iconic creatures to your collection!

Encounters in GO Snapshot

Get your cameras ready and strike a pose! During the event, make sure to take plenty of snapshots using the GO Snapshot feature. You might just capture surprise appearances from Treecko, Torchic, and Mudkip – the first partner Pokemon from the Hoenn region. These adorable creatures will be more than happy to strike a pose and become the stars of your snapshots. Don’t miss this chance to capture their charm in your Pokemon GO album!

Timed Research: GO for a Spin

Buckle up, Trainers! Engage in exciting Timed Research tasks that will put your skills to the test. By completing these research challenges, you’ll earn encounters with Spinda, the adorable and unique Spot Panda Pokemon. Gather your team, tackle the tasks, and add this delightful Pokemon to your collection!

Field Research

Keep an eye out for special Field Research tasks during the event. Completing these tasks will reward you with valuable Mega Energy and give you the chance to catch Ghost-type Pokemon. As an added bonus, Trainers with a ticket to the event will enjoy a boosted chance of receiving this research. Don’t miss this opportunity to stock up on Mega Energy and expand your Ghost-type collection!

Bonus Bonanza!

Here are some incredible bonuses exclusively available to Trainers attending Pokemon GO Tour: Hoenn – Las Vegas:

  • Up to six Special Trades can be made within the park. Take this chance to trade Pokemon with your friends and make lasting memories.
  • Enjoy a 50% Stardust cost for Trades made within the park, making it easier than ever to swap Pokemon with your fellow Trainers.
  • Experience an increased chance of encountering Shiny Pokemon. This is your time to shine and catch some truly remarkable and rare Pokemon!
  • Spin the Photo Discs at Gyms and receive up to nine additional free Raid Passes. Rally your team and take on exciting Raid Battles without worrying about running out of passes!
  • Make the most of your Incense during the event as it will give you a boosted chance of encountering costumed Pokemon and the elusive Unown. Unleash the power

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