Tracking Pokemon Sleep with Professor Neroli

Pokemon Sleep, the innovative sleep tracker app that combines sleep and entertainment, is now available on Google Play for Android devices. In this article, we will explore the exciting features and gameplay of Pokemon Sleep, providing you with all the information you need to embark on a sleep-filled adventure with your favorite Pokemon.

How to Play Pokemon Sleep

Playing Pokemon Sleep is a unique experience that involves tracking your sleep patterns and exploring the fascinating world of Pokemon during your slumber. To begin, simply place your smartphone or Pokemon GO Plus + device near your pillow before drifting off to sleep. As you awaken, you can explore the intriguing results of your sleep tracking, study the sleep styles of the Pokemon that appeared, and collaborate with Professor Neroli, a Pokemon sleep researcher, to document your findings in the Sleep Style Dex.

As you accumulate more sleep, the iconic Pokemon, Snorlax, will grow in size, leading to encounters with a greater variety of Pokemon and the discovery of more sleep styles. Additionally, during the daytime, you have the opportunity to raise Snorlax and further enhance your Pokemon Sleep experience.

The Three Sleep Types

Pokemon Sleep classifies sleep into three distinct types: Dozing, Snoozing, and Slumbering. Each individual’s sleep type aligns with a specific Pokemon sleeping pattern, resulting in the gathering of Pokemon that share your sleep type around Snorlax. By studying the sleep styles of these Pokemon, you can offer them Poké Biscuits to strengthen your bond, eventually enlisting them as loyal helper Pokemon in your sleep-filled journey.

Gather Drowsy Power and Raise Snorlax

In Pokemon Sleep, players receive a “sleep score” based on the duration of their sleep, with a perfect score of 100 points awarded for a minimum of 8.5 hours of sleep. The longer you sleep, the more Drowsy Power Snorlax accumulates, determining the number of Pokemon that gather around you upon waking up. During the day, your trusty helper Pokemon will gather Berries to assist in raising Snorlax and activate special skills to support your journey. Remarkably, these helper Pokemon can gather Berries even when Pokemon Sleep is not actively being played.

New Research and Exciting Encounters

Each Monday in Pokemon Sleep marks the beginning of a new sleep research expedition. Players have the opportunity to choose a different location and encounter a fresh Snorlax to raise. Every region introduces unique Pokemon, and weekends often showcase the appearance of rare species. Furthermore, sharing your sleep research with friends in the vibrant Research Community allows for valuable insights and rewards.

Discover the Pokemon GO Plus + Device

The Pokemon GO Plus + device complements your Pokemon Sleep experience, providing additional features and interactions. This device features an adorable Pikachu donning a nightcap, which you can encounter within Pokemon Sleep when the device is paired with the app. In Pokemon Sleep, players typically form teams of five Pokemon, but the nightcap-wearing Pikachu can join as a special sixth team member.

By connecting your Pokemon GO Plus + device to Pokemon GO and spinning PokéStops, you can accumulate Berries that will benefit your Pokemon Sleep gameplay when the devices are linked.

Visit to explore more about Pokemon Sleep and the exciting features of the Pokemon GO Plus + device.

Pokemon Sleep: A Journey into Restful Nights and Dream-filled Adventures

Embarking on a journey with Pokemon Sleep is an unparalleled experience that intertwines entertainment, sleep tracking, and the beloved Pokemon universe. By tracking your sleep at night and studying the sleep styles of Pokemon in the morning, you unlock a world of delightful encounters and fascinating discoveries. As you raise Snorlax and witness its growth, your quest will lead you to new research expeditions, encounters with rare Pokemon, and the opportunity to connect with other players in the Sleep Research Community.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Can I play Pokemon Sleep on my iOS device?

    Currently, the availability of Pokemon Sleep is limited to Android devices. However, keep an eye on official Pokemon Sleep Twitter account for updates on iOS compatibility.

  2. Is Pokemon Sleep solely for entertainment purposes?

    Yes, Pokemon Sleep is designed for entertainment and enjoyment. It is not intended as a tool for medical diagnosis, treatment, or detection of any medical conditions or diseases.

  3. Can I share my sleep research with friends?

    Absolutely! Pokemon Sleep encourages you to connect with friends and share your sleep duration, sleep type, and various other sleep-related data. Additionally, reviewing your friends’ sleep research can earn you rewards.

  4. How can I make the most of my Pokemon Sleep experience?

    To make the most of Pokemon Sleep, it is recommended to establish consistent sleep habits, set a target bedtime using the bedtime feature, and aim for a good night’s sleep. By meeting your sleep goals, you can earn rewards and stamps on your stamp card.

  5. When will the Pokemon GO Plus + device be available?

    The exciting Pokemon GO Plus + device is set to be released on July 14, 2023. Stay tuned for its arrival!

With Pokemon Sleep, your sleep is transformed into a captivating adventure. Embrace the world of Pokemon, enhance your sleep habits, and prepare to rest your very best!

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