Top Off Meta Picks of the Moment: Unconventional but Effective

Which Off Meta Picks Are the Best Right Now?

In the world of League of Legends, playing the same champions in the same lanes can become repetitive and mundane. The game lacks variety, but fear not! There is a way to spice things up and create excitement in your matches. How, you ask? Through the use of off-meta picks! These unconventional choices can catch your opponents off guard and offer a refreshing gameplay experience. In this article, we will explore five off-meta picks that are currently shining in different roles: Top, Jungle, Mid, and Support.

Top – Thresh

When you think of Thresh, the first thing that comes to mind might be his support prowess. However, Thresh is also a force to be reckoned with in the top lane. With the right setup and strategy, you can dominate your opponents and secure first blood. By utilizing the Lethal Tempo rune, Thresh’s auto attacks become swift and deadly. You can stay in your lane and punish your enemies whenever they overstep. When your jungler comes to gank, use your hook to set up kills, creating opportunities for your team to snowball to victory.

Jungle – Taric

While Taric is primarily known for his supportive role, he can unleash his true potential as a jungler. Equipped with the Predator rune, Taric becomes a formidable force in ganks. With a well-timed stun, you can lock down the enemy, enabling your allies to secure kills. Taric’s heals provide immense sustain, making him a durable and reliable jungler. If you want to try out Taric in the jungle, it’s best to practice in Draft Pick first and fine-tune your strategies before dominating in ranked games.

Mid – Singed

Singed might not be a completely off-meta pick in the mid lane, but he is certainly a unique choice that catches many opponents off guard. Singed’s kit and playstyle make him a menace in the mid lane. His ability to fling enemies and poison them over time can quickly whittle down their health bars. By proxy farming, Singed can easily push waves and apply pressure to the mid lane, forcing the enemy laner to react. Playing Singed mid requires a different mindset and understanding of map control, but the rewards can be staggering.

Support – Elise

Do you find yourself going up against aggressive supports like Brand who constantly hides in bushes, threatening to make your laning phase miserable? Fear not, for Elise is here to save the day! As a support, Elise brings her spiderlings to the bot lane, making Brand regret his decision to hide in the bushes. Elise’s spiderlings act as a deterrent, revealing enemies hiding in the fog of war and helping you maintain control of the lane. With her ability to engage, disengage, and catch opponents off guard, Elise can turn the tides of the bot lane in your favor.

These off-meta picks are just the tip of the iceberg. As the meta evolves, new and exciting choices will emerge, providing players with fresh strategies and surprising opponents. Remember, experimentation and adaptation are key to staying ahead in the ever-changing landscape of League of Legends.


Exploring off-meta picks can breathe new life into your League of Legends experience. Thresh dominating the top lane, Taric roaming the jungle, Singed wreaking havoc in the mid lane, and Elise supporting with her spiderlings are just a handful of the many possibilities that await you. Embrace the challenge, unleash your creativity, and become a pioneer in the Summoner’s Rift.


1. Are off-meta picks viable in ranked games?

While off-meta picks can be successful in ranked games, it’s crucial to consider your team composition and communication with your teammates. Ensure that your off-meta pick complements your team’s overall strategy and be willing to adapt if necessary.

2. Should I try off-meta picks in normal games first?

Yes, it’s advisable to practice off-meta picks in normal games before bringing them to the ranked environment. This allows you to familiarize yourself with the champion’s mechanics, matchups, and specific playstyle.

3. Can off-meta picks catch opponents off-guard?

Absolutely! Off-meta picks often catch opponents by surprise, as they are less commonly encountered. This element of surprise can lead to a psychological advantage and potentially give you an edge in matches.

4. How can I effectively communicate my off-meta pick to my team?

Communication is essential when selecting an off-meta pick. Clearly explain your intentions, strategies, and how your pick synergizes with your team. Encourage open dialogue and be receptive to feedback from your teammates.

5. Are off-meta picks suitable for all skill levels?

Off-meta picks can be enjoyed by players of all skill levels. However, it’s important to have a solid understanding of the champion’s mechanics, strengths, and weaknesses. Practice and familiarity will improve your chances of success.

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