Thresh in League of Legends: A Comprehensive Guide

Everything you need to know about the Chain Warden

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to the Chain Warden, better known as Thresh, in League of Legends. If you’re a beginner or a rookie looking for a support champion that suits your play style, Thresh might be the perfect choice. With his versatile abilities and playstyles, there’s a lot to explore and master. In this guide, we’ll provide you with a quick overview of Thresh and help you understand his abilities, recommended items and runes, and his unique playstyle.

Thresh’s Abilities

Passive: Damnation

Thresh’s passive ability is called Damnation. Whenever minions, jungle monsters, champions, or epic jungle monsters are defeated, they drop souls that Thresh can collect. Gathering these souls increases Thresh’s Armor and Ability Power, making him sturdier and more impactful as the game progresses.

Q: Death Sentence

Thresh’s Q ability, Death Sentence, is a skill shot that allows him to throw his chain in a straight line. If the chain hits an enemy, Thresh can reactivate his ability to drag himself towards the hooked target. This ability is essential for engaging or catching enemies, and timing is crucial to land successful hooks.

W: Dark Passage

Dark Passage, Thresh’s W ability, is a lantern toss that provides utility and protection to his allies. Teammates can click on the lantern to be pulled towards Thresh, which is particularly useful for saving allies from dangerous situations or assisting in ganks. Additionally, the lantern provides a shield to allies, and the strength of the shield scales with the number of souls Thresh has collected.

E: Flay

Flay, Thresh’s E ability, is a versatile skill that allows him to manipulate enemies and create crowd control effects. Thresh can either pull enemies towards him or push them away, depending on the direction he chooses. This ability is excellent for engaging or disengaging fights, and it also grants Thresh a passive bonus to his auto-attacks.

R: The Box

Thresh’s ultimate ability, The Box, summons a pentagram of shadow-walls around him. These walls deal damage and slow enemies who come in contact with them. The Box can be used both as a tool for engaging and controlling fights or as a defensive mechanism to protect your team by creating barriers. It’s a highly versatile ability that can turn the tide of team fights when used strategically.

Recommended Items and Runes

As a versatile support champion, Thresh can adapt to different playstyles and team compositions. Let’s explore some recommended items and runes that can enhance Thresh’s strengths in various situations.

Starting Items

For support players, starting the game with the Relic Shield is advisable. This item not only provides tankiness in the early game but also allows you to share minion gold and experience with your ADC. This wealth generation sets you up for a strong start and helps you scale into the mid and late game. More experienced players can use the Relic Shield’s execute effect to secure cannon minions and create opportunities for hooks.

Item Recommendations

Thresh’s itemization largely depends on the specific game situation and your desired playstyle. Here are a few recommended items that can enhance Thresh’s performance:

  • Knight’s Vow: This item provides additional tankiness and allows you to form a symbiotic relationship with an allied champion. When connected, you receive heals based on the damage dealt by your partner.
  • Redemption: Redemption offers tank stats and the ability to heal teammates over a long distance. It can be a game-changer in team fights, providing support and sustaining your team.
  • Dead Man’s Plate: Dead Man’s Plate is a strong all-around item for Thresh. It offers tank stats and grants movement speed, allowing you to engage or disengage effectively. Additionally, it provides an empowered auto-attack that scales over time, boosting your damage.

Remember that itemization should be flexible and adaptable to the game’s circumstances. Analyze the opposing team composition and identify which items can best counter their threats or bolster your team’s strengths.


Thresh’s rune choices can vary depending on personal preference and playstyle. Here are some recommended runes to consider:

  • Aftershock: Aftershock provides extra resistances and deals damage to enemies after you immobilize them. Given Thresh’s abundance of crowd control effects, this rune synergizes well with his playstyle.
  • Font of Life: Font of Life allows your allies to heal when they damage enemies affected by your crowd control effects, such as stuns or slows. It provides additional utility and sustain in team fights.
  • Unflinching: Unflinching grants tenacity and slow reduction, making Thresh more resilient against crowd control effects. This rune is generally useful in most matchups and helps you maintain control over engagements.

Ultimately, rune choices should align with your preferred playstyle and complement your team’s composition. Experiment with different setups to find what suits you best.

Thresh’s Playstyle

Thresh’s playstyle can be adaptable and flexible depending on team compositions and game situations. Whether you prefer an aggressive or defensive approach, Thresh offers options to support your team effectively.

As a support champion, your primary task is to protect and assist your ADC in the bottom lane. However, Thresh provides more than just protection. He excels at engaging fights and making picks with his devastating hooks. Here are some general tips to enhance your Thresh playstyle:

  • Master the Hook: Landing successful hooks can turn the tide of battles. Look for opportunities to hook enemies when they are out of position or when they walk between minions, increasing your chances of hitting your target.
  • Coordinate with your ADC: Communication is key when playing Thresh. Inform your ADC when you plan to engage or disengage, and remember to communicate the availability of your lantern for them to escape or engage as needed.
  • Be Adaptive: Thresh’s utility allows him to be adaptive during fights. Evaluate whether your team needs engaging tools or peel and adjust your playstyle accordingly. Sometimes it’s more important to safeguard your carries than to go for aggressive plays.
  • Provide Vision: Utilize your Zombie Ward rune to gain vision control. Destroy enemy wards and place your own to provide valuable information to your team and secure objectives safely.

Remember, practice makes perfect. Take the time to understand Thresh’s abilities, master his mechanics, and adapt your playstyle to different game scenarios. Thresh rewards precision, communication, and smart decision-making.


Thresh, the Chain Warden, offers a unique and versatile playstyle that can greatly impact the outcome of matches. Whether you enjoy making aggressive plays with his hooks or providing crucial peel and protection for your team, Thresh has the tools to succeed. Mastering his abilities, understanding itemization, runes, and optimizing your playstyle will make you an invaluable support player in League of Legends.


1. What is the optimal ADC pairing with Thresh?

The optimal ADC pairing with Thresh depends on the

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