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The Pokemon Company Announces New Pokemon Day Celebrations

Get ready, Pokemon fans! The Pokemon Company has unveiled its exciting plans for this year’s Pokemon Day, promising something for every type of fan out there. From new downloadable content to thrilling adventures, there’s a lot to look forward to. Let’s dive into the details!

New Downloadable Content for Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet

In a special Pokemon Presents video presentation streamed worldwide on Pokemon Day, The Pokemon Company announced “The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero,” brand new downloadable content for the incredibly popular Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet video games. These games have taken the Nintendo Switch gaming community by storm, with over 10 million combined units sold within just three days of their global release on November 18, 2022 – setting a new record for software sales on any Nintendo platform within that timeframe.

The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero consists of two separate adventures: Part 1 – The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero: The Teal Mask, set to launch in the fall of 2023, and Part 2 – The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero: The Indigo Disk, planned for release at a later date. Nintendo Switch users can already purchase this exciting new content from the Nintendo eShop.

Embark on a New Pokemon Journey

Exploring the Land of Kitakami

“We are incredibly grateful to the millions of Trainers worldwide who have explored the vast Paldea region,” says Tsunekazu Ishihara, the president and CEO of The Pokemon Company. In The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero, players will embark on a journey to the enchanting land of Kitakami, where they will encounter new Pokemon and intriguing characters. The aim is to recreate the same sense of excitement and joy that trainers experienced when they first embarked on their Pokemon adventures.

Trainers can seamlessly continue their existing saved data from Pokemon Scarlet or Pokemon Violet when venturing into The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero. This downloadable content takes players beyond the familiar Paldea region and introduces them to new locations and experiences.

Part 1: The Teal Mask

Part 1 of The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero, known as The Teal Mask, invites players to join a renowned school trip. This annual collaborative event with another school brings participants to the majestic land of Kitakami. Towering mountains, picturesque rice paddies, and sprawling apple orchards set the stage for an adventure filled with serene landscapes. As luck would have it, the trip coincides with a vibrant festival in Kitakami, bustling with street vendors, stalls, and a lively atmosphere. Along the way, players will forge new friendships, encounter captivating Pokemon, and uncover the mysteries embedded in the folklore of this unique land.

Meet Pokemon New and Old

Reunite with Familiar Faces

One of the exciting aspects of The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero is the opportunity to encounter over 230 familiar Pokemon that have previously resided in different regions but had not made an appearance in Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet. Players can bring these beloved Pokemon into their games through Pokemon HOME or via trades. It’s a chance to reunite with old favorites and strengthen their teams in thrilling new ways.

Legendary Pokemon and Local Heroes

Part 1 of The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero introduces players to a new Legendary Pokemon called Ogerpon. This mythical creature will captivate trainers with its unique abilities and captivating backstory. Additionally, players will encounter three legendary local heroes named Okidogi, Munkidori, and Fezandipiti. These heroic figures hold a special place in the hearts of Kitakami’s residents, with stone statues immortalizing their valor and gratitude.

Exclusive Early-Purchase Bonus

For trainers who purchase The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero before Tuesday, October 31, 2023, a special gift awaits. Players will receive a serial code to unlock a Hisuian Zoroark with three unique features: the move Happy Hour, Tera Blast, Bitter Malice, and Nasty Plot. This Hisuian Zoroark stands out with its Charismatic Mark and Dark Tera Type. Make sure to grab this bonus Pokemon and enhance your gaming experience. The serial code will remain valid until Thursday, February 29, 2024. Don’t miss out!


As Pokemon fans around the world celebrate Pokemon Day, The Pokemon Company delivers exciting news and updates to keep our adventure-filled journeys alive. The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero offers an immersive experience in the captivating land of Kitakami, accompanied by new Pokemon, legendary encounters, and heartwarming stories. Whether you’re exploring the serene landscapes of The Teal Mask or unraveling the mysteries of The Indigo Disk, this downloadable content is sure to reignite the joy and excitement of being a Pokemon Trainer.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I play The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero without owning Pokemon Scarlet or Pokemon Violet?

No, The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero is downloadable content that requires either Pokemon Scarlet or Pokemon Violet as the base game. Ensure you have one of these games before purchasing the DLC.

2. How can I transfer Pokemon from other regions into Pokemon Scarlet or Pokemon Violet?

To access Pokemon from other regions, you can use the Pokemon HOME service to transfer your Pokemon to the game. This will enable you to bring in previously unencountered Pokemon and expand your team’s variety and strength.

3. Are there any plans for additional ways to acquire Hisuian Zoroark?

While the exclusive early-purchase bonus provides trainers with a Hisuian Zoroark, future updates may bring alternative methods of obtaining this unique Pokemon. Keep an eye out for further announcements from The Pokemon Company.

4. How long does it take to reach the Mystery Gift feature in Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet?

On average, it takes approximately 1 to 1.5 hours of gameplay before players can access the Mystery Gift feature in Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet. This feature allows players to redeem codes and receive special in-game gifts, including the early-purchase bonus for the Hisuian Zoroark.

5. Can I use the Hisuian Zoroark serial code in multiple save files?

No, each Hisuian Zoroark serial code can only be used once. Once redeemed in a save file, the code cannot be used again in another save file. Make sure to use the code on the save file where you want to enjoy the special gift.

For more information about The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero and its exciting new features, visit the official Pokemon website: https://scarletviolet.pokemon.com/en-us/dlc/.

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