Team GO Rocket Leaders in Pokemon GO 2022


Battling against Team GO Rocket Leaders can be quite challenging, especially when compared to facing regular Team GO Rocket Grunts. However, with the right knowledge and strategic approach, you can emerge victorious against Sierra, Cliff, and Arlo. Defeating them grants you the opportunity to catch their prized Shadow Pokemon: Sierra’s Shadow Sableye, Cliff’s Shadow Machop, or Arlo’s Shadow Mawile. In this article, we will provide you with valuable insights, recommended Pokemon, and effective strategies to help you overcome these formidable Team GO Rocket Leaders.

Team GO Rocket Leader Sierra

Sierra’s Potential Pokemon

Sierra’s lineup consists of a variety of challenging Pokemon:
– First Pokemon: Sableye (Dark/Ghost)
– Second Pokemon: Flygon (Ground/Dragon), Cacturne (Grass/Dark), Honchkrow (Dark/Flying)
– Third Pokemon: Snorlax (Normal), Houndoom (Dark/Fire), Cradily (Rock/Grass)

Recommended Pokemon to Defeat Sierra

To counter Sierra’s Pokemon effectively, these recommended choices can give you an advantage:
– Fighting-type Pokemon: Machamp / Shadow Machamp, Hariyama / Shadow Hariyama, Terrakion
– Fairy-type Pokemon: Granbull / Shadow Granbull, Togekiss, Sylveon

How to Defeat Sierra

Defeating Sierra requires careful planning and the right Pokemon team. Here’s a strategy to secure victory:
– Select a Fairy-type Pokemon and two Fighting-type Pokemon for your lineup.
– Equip each Pokemon with a Fast Attack and Charged Attack that match their type for maximum damage.
– Choose a Fairy-type Pokemon with a fast-charging Charged Attack to break through Sierra’s Protect Shields.
– Utilize your Fairy-type Pokemon to handle Sierra’s first and second Pokemon.
– Unleash your Fighting-type Pokemon against Sierra’s third Pokemon, especially if it’s Snorlax, Houndoom, or Cradily.
– Ensure your Pokemon are powered up as much as possible before challenging Sierra, as her Pokemon have substantial CP.

Team GO Rocket Leader Cliff

Cliff’s Potential Pokemon

Cliff presents different challenges with his Pokemon lineup:
– First Pokemon: Machop (Fighting)
– Second Pokemon: Pinsir (Bug), Crobat (Poison/Flying), Amoonguss (Grass/Poison)
– Third Pokemon: Aerodactyl (Rock/Flying), Tyranitar (Rock/Dark), Camerupt (Fire/Ground)

Recommended Pokemon to Defeat Cliff

These Pokemon choices can help you overcome Cliff’s lineup effectively:
– Water-type Pokemon: Blastoise / Mega Blastoise / Shadow Blastoise, Swampert / Shadow Swampert, Kyogre
– Psychic-type Pokemon: Alakazam / Shadow Alakazam / Mega Alakazam, Mewtwo / Shadow Mewtwo, Metagross / Shadow Metagross
– Flying-type Pokemon: Moltres / Shadow Moltres, Rayquaza, Hisuian Braviary

How to Defeat Cliff

To emerge victorious against Cliff, follow this recommended strategy:
– Lead with a Flying- or Psychic-type Pokemon to defeat Cliff’s Machop and preferably break through his Protect Shields.
– Use your Water-type Pokemon to overcome Cliff’s third Pokemon.
– Consider teaching your Pokemon an additional Charged Attack for more type coverage.
– Power up your Pokemon before challenging Cliff, as his Pokemon have high CP.

Team GO Rocket Leader Arlo

Arlo’s Potential Pokemon

Arlo poses a unique challenge with his Pokemon selection:
– First Pokemon: Mawile (Steel/Fairy)
– Second Pokemon: Charizard (Fire/Flying), Salamence (Dragon/Flying), Staraptor (Normal/Flying)
– Third Pokemon: Dragonite (Dragon/Flying), Granbull (Fairy), Scizor (Bug/Steel)

Recommended Pokemon to Defeat Arlo

These Pokemon options can help you overcome Arlo’s lineup:
– Fire-type Pokemon: Charizard / Mega Charizard Y, Moltres / Shadow Moltres, Entei / Shadow Entei (has a Steel-type Charged Attack)
– Rock-type Pokemon: Tyranitar / Shadow Tyranitar (has access to a Fire-type attack), Rampardos (has access to a Fire-type attack), Rhyperior / Shadow Rhyperior (has access to a Water and Ground-type attack)
– Steel-type Pokemon: Metagross / Shadow Met

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