Swinging Back in Time: Donkey Kong Junior Colecovision Review

Donkey Kong Junior Colecovision is a classic retro game that has been around for decades, capturing the hearts of many gamers. Developed by Nintendo, it remains one of the company’s best-remembered franchises in the history of video games. Colecovision released this amazing game in 1983, allowing gamers to experience the thrill of swinging through various levels and rescuing Donkey Kong Jr from the evil Mario. It made a significant impact on the gaming industry, moving the needle for the market favorably. With its gameplay blended with eye-catching graphics, and beyond its time audio, the game was an instant hit. It offered a new way of playing games by designing levels and mechanics that were not seen before. In this article, we will provide an in-depth analysis of the gameplay and provide a review of the game while also considering its legacy and impact on the platformer games moving forward in time.

Donkey Kong Junior Colecovision Graphics and Audio

Donkey Kong Junior Colecovision boasts impressive graphics for the time and is a noticeable upgrade from its predecessor. The game features vibrant colors that brighten up each level and highlight the different challenges that players face. The graphics are compatible with the ColecoVision Entertainment Computer System, and they look sharp and well-defined on its TV monitor.

Moreover, the game’s audio system and sound effects contribute to its overall appeal. The sound effects are realistic and are in line with actions that players take in-game. From the audio cues that tell when Kong moves to the sound produced when Junior grabs a fruit, the audio delights and immerses the player into the game.

In comparison to other games released during the period, Donkey Kong Junior Colecovision arguably has one of the best graphics in the genre. The game’s well-defined graphics and impressive sound effects make it a top pick for the lovers of retro-gaming.

Gameplay and Mechanics

When it comes to Donkey Kong Junior Colecovision, gameplay and mechanics are the bread and butter of the game’s appeal. The gameplay is smooth and seamless, offering precise movement controls for incredibly responsive gameplay that feels great in your hands. The game is a platformer, with Donkey Kong Junior running and jumping his way through various levels, each filled with challenging obstacles and enemies. The game’s mechanics are straightforward, with players needing to jump over obstacles, climb ladders, and grab keys to open doors that lead them to the game’s next level.

The obstacles within the game are diverse. Some levels present spiked floors, while others may feature flaming barrels that roll down a ramp. In some levels, players will need to jump over large gaps or dodge flying birds while climbing up ladders. For those who want a real challenge, the game’s final few levels ramp up the difficulty, taking the game to a whole new level. Indeed, the game’s mechanics keep players hooked throughout the game’s levels.

Comparing Donkey Kong Junior Colecovision to other platformer games of the time, one can see the game has a level of polish and fluidity that many other games of this genre lack. The game’s core mechanics can be translated to other games, but the smoothness and precision of its controls set the game apart. Furthermore, the game’s enemies and obstacles are well-designed, with a logical reward and punishment system that encourages players to keep pushing forward.

In summary, Donkey Kong Junior Colecovision provides a thoroughly satisfying gameplay experience backed by mechanics that stand the test of time. From its precise movement controls to its clever enemy and obstacle designs, the game is truly a masterpiece of the platformer genre. Any retro gaming enthusiast should consider playing this classic title, and those who are already fans will know precisely what makes it so special.

Legacy and Impact of Donkey Kong Junior Colecovision

Donkey Kong Junior, released for Colecovision in 1982, was an instant hit and has since become an essential part of the gaming industry. The game was the first-ever sequel to the ground-breaking Donkey Kong game and advanced the arcade gaming world. Due to its immense success, Donkey Kong Junior has had a great impact on the features and mechanics of subsequent platformer games.

After Donkey Kong Junior’s release, arcade gaming underwent a significant shift from single-screen games to platformer games featuring various levels. The game’s impact on the industry was massive, with a surge in platformer games following its release. Its success gave developers a new direction in game development, inspiring them to create more exciting sequels with enhanced gameplay.

Donkey Kong Junior’s influence on the gaming industry was also felt in the console market. The release of Colecovision led to a boom in the gaming industry with more companies starting to produce home video game consoles. The release of the game also featured prominently in the development of handheld gaming devices. Its enormous success led to the eventual creation of more portable devices like the Nintendo Game Boy and the Playstation Portable.

Despite its success in the 80s, some gamers might not be familiar with the game today. However, Donkey Kong Junior’s impact is still felt in modern platformer games. Developers of today’s modern games, such as Super Meat Boy and Ori and The Blind Forest, have incorporated the mechanics of Donkey Kong Junior into their designs.

Donkey Kong Junior’s legacy continues to live on and is viewed as an essential part of video game history. The game’s success made it an industry favorite in the 80s. Its influence on the future of platformer games and the introduction of console gaming still resonates today. Donkey Kong Junior Colecovision was a significant milestone in video game history, and its impact is still felt in many of the contemporary games we play today.

Donkey Kong Junior Colecovision Review Conclusion

Donkey Kong Junior Colecovision is a classic platformer game that has rightfully secured its place as a fan favorite. Despite being over three decades old, it still manages to mesmerize players with its engaging gameplay, charming graphics and sound, and the competitive drive to perform better.

After our extensive review, we have concluded that Donkey Kong Junior is still an exceptional game to play today. It offers a balanced and challenging level design, a simple control scheme yet hard to master, and innovative gameplay mechanics.

In comparison to other classic platformers, Donkey Kong Junior truly stands out as a masterpiece in the gaming industry and it manages to maintain its charm to this day. However, when it comes to graphics and sound, it can appear slightly outdated, but it is still enjoyable nonetheless.

We highly recommend this game to gamers and fans of retro-gaming, looking for a fun and challenging experience. Donkey Kong Junior Colecovision undoubtedly deserves a spot in any gamer’s retro collection.


In conclusion, Donkey Kong Junior Colecovision is an iconic game that played a significant role in the gaming industry. Our analysis in Section II demonstrated that the graphics were ahead of their time, the audio was innovative, and the game mechanics were engaging. Additionally, Section III showcased the various levels and challenges that offered a unique experience for players. The game’s impact on the industry can be found in Section IV, with its influence on the platformer genre and relevance even today.

As a bonus, we also explored the history of Colecovision in Section VI, which was a significant player in the gaming industry in the ’80s, competing with Atari and Intellivision. Many classic games developed on Colecovision were groundbreaking, such as Zaxxon, Smurf, and Choplifter. Compared to games of the same generation, Colecovision played a crucial role in the development of video games.

Overall, we recommend Donkey Kong Junior Colecovision for retro gaming enthusiasts and classic gamers interested in exploring the roots of platformer games. The game still holds up as a challenging and thrilling experience even today. With a mix of classic graphics and gameplay mechanics, Donkey Kong Junior Colecovision remains a valuable addition to any retro gaming collection.


1. What is the history behind Donkey Kong Junior Colecovision?

Donkey Kong Junior was released in 1982 as the sequel to the popular arcade game Donkey Kong. It was later ported to the Colecovision console, a home video game system that was released in 1982. The console quickly gained popularity and became known for its high-quality graphics and range of games.

2. How do the graphics and sound fare in Donkey Kong Junior Colecovision?

The graphics in Donkey Kong Junior Colecovision are impressive for their time, with relatively high resolution and vibrant colors. As for the audio, it features catchy tunes and sound effects, which are typical of games of the same generation. Overall, the graphics and sound in this game are some of the console’s strengths.

3. What are the gameplay mechanics in Donkey Kong Junior Colecovision?

The gameplay in Donkey Kong Junior Colecovision is made up of platforming and puzzle-solving elements. The player takes control of Donkey Kong Junior, tasked with rescuing his father from Mario. The game features multiple levels and other challenges that increase in difficulty as the player progresses. Additionally, controls are intuitive, making it easy to move and jump as needed to complete levels.

4. How did Donkey Kong Junior Colecovision impact the gaming industry?

Donkey Kong Junior Colecovision was one of the first high-quality games to be released on the Colecovision console, showcasing the system’s capabilities and solidifying its reputation as a leader in the gaming industry. Additionally, the game’s success paved the way for other platformers to incorporate puzzle-solving elements, such as Super Mario Bros.

5. How does Donkey Kong Junior Colecovision compare to other classic platformers?

The game is often compared to other platformers of the same generation, such as Mario Bros and Super Mario Bros. While the gameplay mechanics are similar across these games, Donkey Kong Junior Colecovision stands out for its challenging levels and high-quality graphics and sound. Overall, it’s considered a classic and a must-play for fans of retro platforming games.

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