Skyrim Alchemy Recipes: Comprehensive List

Skyrim is a game that is known for its massive world and in-depth gameplay. One of the most important aspects of the game is Alchemy, a crafting skill that enables players to make potions and poisons. These Alchemy Recipes provide a wide range of benefits, such as restoring health, boosting magicka, and curing diseases. Alchemy is an essential part of any player’s experience in Skyrim, and in this article, we will provide a comprehensive list of Alchemy Recipes.

In this article, we will delve into the world of Alchemy in Skyrim, exploring the various types of Recipes and ingredients used in crafting them. We will look at the different benefits of each Recipe, how to make them, and where to find the necessary ingredients. Additionally, we will cover advanced Alchemy Techniques, including how to create unique potions and poison Recipes and Recipe combinations for more potent results. So, let us explore the world of Skyrim Alchemy together.

Overview of Alchemy Recipe Types

In Skyrim, Alchemy is a crafting skill used to create potions and poisons. There are different types of Alchemy Recipes players can use to create different effects. Alchemy Recipe Types are based on the ingredients used and the effect they give. In this section, we will explore the different Alchemy Recipe Types and their benefits.

Health Restoration Recipes: These Recipes are used to restore players’ health and are essential when exploring the vast world of Skyrim. Players can create various Health Restoration potions using Alchemy ingredients such as Blisterwort, Blue Butterfly Wing, and Wheat.

Magicka Restoration Recipes: Magicka is an essential resource in Skyrim, especially for spellcasters. Alchemists can create Magicka Restoration potions by using ingredients like Eye of Sabre Cat, Glow Dust, and Moon Sugar.

Disease Curing Recipes: In Skyrim, players can contract a range of diseases that affect their stats and abilities. To cure these diseases, players can use Disease Curing Recipes. Different ingredients can cure different diseases, such as recipes that use Mora Tapinella to cure Bone Break Fever.

Health and Magicka Boost Recipes: For an extra boost, Alchemists can create recipes that increase Health and Magicka. Players can craft an array of Health and Magicka Boost potions using Alchemy ingredients such as Garlic, Salt Pile, and Small Antlers.

The variety of Alchemy Recipe Types available in Skyrim adds depth to the game while allowing players to tailor their gameplay experience. Now that we have an overview of Alchemy Recipe Types, let’s look at how to harvest Alchemy ingredients in the next section.

Understanding the Alchemy Ingredients

Alchemy is a vital skill for players in Skyrim. It enables them to create a variety of useful potions and poisons to aid them on their adventures. To master the art of Alchemy, players must first understand the ingredients used in the process. In this section, we will describe the various Alchemy ingredients and discuss how players can harvest them.

Alchemy Ingredients
Alchemists use various plant and animal-based ingredients in the creation of potions and poisons. Each ingredient has different effects and can be combined with others to create more potent results. Commonly used ingredients in Alchemy include:

– Blue Butterfly Wing
– Mountain Flower
– Red Mountain Flower
– Orange Dartwing
– Garlic
– Snowberries
– Thistle Branch
– Vampire Dust

Harvesting Alchemy Ingredients
Skyrim is filled with various plants and animals that contain ingredients useful for Alchemy. Players can obtain these ingredients by harvesting plants, looting enemies or containers, and hunting animals. Harvesting plants can be done by activating them and obtaining their ingredient.

Rare Ingredients
Some of Skyrim’s most potent ingredients for Alchemy can be challenging to find. Players can find these rare ingredients in unique locations such as Dwemer ruins or by defeating bosses or rare types of enemies. For instance, Vampire Dust is only available by killing a Vampire or looting their dens.

By understanding the Alchemy Ingredients and where to find them, players can become proficient in the art of Alchemy and create powerful potions and poisons that can aid them on their adventures in Skyrim.

Comprehensive List of Alchemy Recipes

Alchemy is a vital aspect of Skyrim, allowing players to create powerful potions and poisons with various benefits. Here is a comprehensive list of useful Alchemy Recipes to aid you in your adventures.

1. Fortify One-Handed
– Ingredients: Salt Pile, Small Antlers, and Yellow Mountain Flower
– How to make: Combine Salt Pile, Small Antlers, and Yellow Mountain Flower in the Alchemy Lab
– Benefit: Increases the damage dealt with one-handed weapons by 25% for 60 seconds.

2. Slow
– Ingredients: Deathbell and Salt Pile
– How to make: Combine Deathbell, Salt Pile, and Small Antlers in the Alchemy Lab
– Benefit: Slows down the target by 50% for 15 seconds.

3. Invisibility
– Ingredients: Crimson Nirnroot, Ice Wraith Teeth, and Luna Moth Wing
– How to make: Combine Crimson Nirnroot, Ice Wraith Teeth, and Luna Moth Wing in the Alchemy Lab
– Benefit: Grants invisibility for 60 seconds, making the player undetectable by enemies.

4. Cure Disease
– Ingredients: Charred Skeever Hide and Mudcrab Chitin
– How to make: Combine Charred Skeever Hide and Mudcrab Chitin in the Alchemy Lab
– Benefit: Cures all diseases.

5. Regenerate Health
– Ingredients: Garlic, Honeycomb, and Juniper Berries
– How to make: Combine Garlic, Honeycomb, and Juniper Berries in the Alchemy Lab
– Benefit: Regenerates health by 10 points per second for 300 seconds.

These Recipes are just some of the many Alchemy combinations available in Skyrim, granting a range of benefits to players who create them. By experimenting with different ingredients and Recipe combinations, players can create potent potions and poisons to aid them in their ongoing adventures.

Advance Alchemy Techniques

Alchemy is a vast and complex skill in Skyrim that allows players to take various ingredients and transform them into potions and poisons. Once you master the basics of the skill, it’s time to move on to advanced techniques. In this section, we will discuss the introduction of advanced alchemy techniques, how to create unique potion and poison recipes, and the importance of recipe combinations for more potent results.

Creating your unique Potion or Poison Recipe:
One of the critical aspects of Advanced Alchemy is learning how to create your unique Potion or Poison Recipe. Once you have a handle on the basics, start experimenting with different ingredients and mixtures to learn what they do and their effects. It’s also essential to pay attention to other potions and poisons when looting dungeons and caves to find rare and unique ingredients.

Importance of Recipe Combinations:
Thousands of different ingredient combinations offer unique and different results based on the player’s choice. To get the most potent potion or poison, it’s essential to mix ingredients with similar traits. One approach is to create a potion that has multiple effects. Suppose a player wants to create a high-tier recipe to restore health, magic, and boost stamina simultaneously. In that case, they will have to combine ingredients that affect each parameter’s efficiency.

In conclusion, Advanced Alchemy is all about exploring, experimenting, and exploiting the plethora of mechanics embedded in it. To create unique and potent potions or poisons, it is essential to perfect combining different techniques and constantly explore ingredient combinations. As with any other Alchemy part, always remember to keep expanding your knowledge through experimentation.


In conclusion, we have explored Skyrim Alchemy’s essential recipes in-depth and compiled a list of comprehensive recipes for players to try in the game. In the introduction, we emphasized the importance of Alchemy in the game and how making and using the right Recipes can help players succeed in their quests. In section II, we provided an overview of the different types of Alchemy Recipes, including those that restore health and magicka, cure diseases, and boost health and magicka.

In section III, we provided a detailed description of the Alchemy ingredients and where to find rare ingredients. In section IV, we presented a comprehensive list of Alchemy Recipes with a description of how to make each Recipe and its benefits. In section V, we discussed advanced Alchemy Techniques and Recipe combinations for more potent results.

We hope this article has been informative and helpful for all Skyrim players seeking to improve their Alchemy skills in the game. Our final recommendation is for players to experiment with different Recipes to discover unique combinations that work best for them. We encourage you to try these Recipes yourself and witness how they can enhance your gameplay experience in Skyrim.


1. What is Skyrim Alchemy?

Skyrim Alchemy is a skill that allows players to create potions and poisons from various ingredients found throughout the game world. These potions and poisons can grant temporary boosts to health, magicka, or other attributes, or they can cause damage to enemies.

2. How do Alchemy Recipes work?

Alchemy Recipes are created by combining two or more ingredients at an Alchemy Lab. Each ingredient has four different effects that it can contribute to a Recipe, so players must experiment to discover the most effective combinations. Alchemy Recipes can also be improved by leveling up the Alchemy skill and investing points in its associated perks.

3. Where can I find rare Alchemy ingredients?

Rare Alchemy ingredients can be found in a variety of places throughout the game world. Many can be harvested from plants and flowers, while others can be found on the bodies of enemies. Some rare ingredients can only be obtained through quests or by purchasing them from vendors. A comprehensive guide to ingredient locations can be found in the article’s section “Understanding the Alchemy Ingredients.”

4. Can Alchemy Recipes be used to cure diseases?

Yes, Alchemy Recipes can be used to cure diseases. Many ingredients have curative properties that can neutralize common maladies such as poison, frostbite, and even vampirism. These Recipes can be particularly useful in difficult combat situations where the player is debilitated by a status effect.

5. What are Advanced Alchemy Techniques?

Advanced Alchemy Techniques refer to the use of rare ingredients and strategic Recipe combinations to create more potent potions and poisons. Players can experiment with different ingredient combinations and use knowledge of ingredient effects to create unique Recipes with powerful effects. A guide to Advanced Alchemy Techniques can be found in the article’s section “Advance Alchemy Techniques.”

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