Sigilyph’s Global Debut in Pokemon GO Fest 2023

Niantic Announces Pokemon GO Fest 2023: A Month of Exciting Events

In an exciting update for Pokemon GO enthusiasts, Niantic has officially announced the return of Pokemon GO Fest, an annual event that brings together Trainers from all over the world for a month-long celebration. This year, Pokemon GO Fest 2023 promises to be bigger and better than ever before, with two gameplay areas in each participating city. Let’s dive into the details and get ready for an unforgettable adventure!

Pokemon GO Fest 2023 Real-World Locations

The pinnacle of Pokemon GO Fest is undoubtedly experiencing it in person. Niantic has revealed the three host cities where the live events will take place:

London, England

From August 4 to August 6, 2023, the vibrant capital of England, London, will play host to the opening weekend of Pokemon GO Fest 2023. Following its successful hosting of the 2022 Pokemon World Championships, this city is buzzing with excitement to welcome Trainers from around the world. Get ready to embark on thrilling adventures while exploring the rich European charm of London!

Osaka, Japan

Another thrilling host city for Pokemon GO Fest 2023 is Osaka, Japan, where the event will also take place from August 4 to August 6, 2023. For the first time ever, Osaka will be the venue for an exhilarating GO Fest adventure. Prepare to immerse yourself in the unique culture and vibrancy of Japan while enjoying the festivities!

New York City, USA

For Trainers who prefer the energetic hustle and bustle of city life, New York City is the place to be. From August 18 to August 20, 2023, the Big Apple will host a spectacular Pokemon GO Fest event. Join thousands of fellow Trainers from across the globe as you explore the iconic landmarks and experience the excitement of Pokemon GO in one of the world’s most vibrant cities!

Pokemon GO Fest 2023: Global Event

If traveling to the live events is not feasible for you, worry not! Niantic has got you covered with a special two-day digital event that will be available to Trainers worldwide. This means you can participate in the festivities from the comfort of your own home. Connect with millions of Trainers around the globe as you embark on a virtual Pokemon GO adventure like never before!

Tickets for the global event are now available, and you can purchase them up until the last day of the event. Unlike the in-person events, there is no need to fret about tickets selling out, so you can join in the fun whenever it suits you!

More details about all four Pokemon GO Fest 2023 events, including specific activities and surprises, will be shared by Niantic at a later date. Keep an eye out for these updates, as they are sure to make your Pokemon GO Fest experience even more thrilling and engaging.

Wrap Up and FAQs

In conclusion, Pokemon GO Fest 2023 promises to be a month-long extravaganza filled with exciting events and opportunities for Trainers worldwide. Whether you choose to attend one of the live events in London, Osaka, or New York City, or opt for the global digital event, you can look forward to a summer packed with special Pokemon encounters, exclusive gameplay moments, and mythical surprises.


1. How do I purchase tickets for Pokemon GO Fest 2023?

To purchase tickets for Pokemon GO Fest 2023, visit the official Pokemon GO website or check the in-game announcements for the ticket sales link. The availability of tickets may vary for each event, so be sure to secure yours as soon as possible!

2. Can I attend multiple Pokemon GO Fest 2023 events?

Absolutely! If you have the opportunity, you can attend multiple Pokemon GO Fest 2023 events, whether in person or virtually. Each event offers its own unique experiences, so why not embark on a multi-city Pokemon GO adventure and create unforgettable memories?

3. Are there any exclusive rewards for Pokemon GO Fest participants?

Yes! Pokemon GO Fest attendees, both in-person and virtual, can look forward to exclusive rewards, such as special Pokemons, unique items, and increased chances of encountering rare Pokemon. These rewards serve as a thank you from Niantic to the dedicated Trainers who join in the festivities.

4. Can I participate in the global digital event if I attend a live Pokemon GO Fest event?

Absolutely! Attending a live event doesn’t exclude you from participating in the global digital event. Feel free to join the digital extravaganza from wherever you are, even if you’ve already attended one of the live events. It’s a fantastic opportunity to connect with Trainers worldwide!

5. What happens if I encounter technical issues during the digital event?

If you encounter any technical issues during the global digital event, don’t worry. Niantic has a dedicated support team to assist you. Check the official Pokemon GO website for troubleshooting guides or reach out to Niantic’s support through their designated channels to receive prompt assistance and ensure your experience is smooth and enjoyable.

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