Shiny Totodile, Croconaw & Feraligatr in Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO Community Day 2019: Mark Your Calendars!

Niantic, the company behind the popular augmented reality game Pokemon GO, has just announced the first Community Day event of 2019. Pokemon trainers around the world will have the opportunity to participate in this exciting event set to take place on January 12th. With increased spawns of a special Pokemon, exclusive moves, and a range of bonuses, this Community Day promises to be a memorable one for players of all ages and experiences.

What is Community Day?

Community Day is a recurring event in Pokemon GO that takes place once a month. It provides players with a unique opportunity to come together, explore their local area, and engage in a shared Pokemon experience. Each Community Day event focuses on a specific Pokemon, which has increased spawns during the designated hours. This allows trainers to catch rare Pokemon, evolve them into powerful forms, and even encounter elusive shiny variants.

Totodile Takes the Spotlight

The first Community Day of 2019 will shine the spotlight on Totodile, a Water-type Pokemon from the Johto region. During the event, Totodile spawns will be significantly boosted, giving trainers a greater chance to encounter them in the wild. Whether you’re a dedicated Totodile fan or simply looking to expand your Pokemon collection, this Community Day is the perfect opportunity to catch and evolve this popular Pokemon.

Exciting Bonuses and Exclusive Moves

In addition to increased Totodile spawns, Community Day offers several other bonuses to enhance your gameplay experience. During the event, Lures will last for three hours, providing an extended period of increased Pokemon activity. The distance required to hatch eggs will be reduced by a quarter, making it easier for trainers to hatch new Pokemon. And most excitingly, evolving a Totodile into its final evolution, Feraligatr, during Community Day will grant it an exclusive move: Hydro Cannon, a powerful Water-type attack.

Shiny Pokemon Debut

Community Day also marks the debut of shiny variants for Totodile and its evolved forms, Croconaw and Feraligatr. Shiny Pokemon are extremely rare and highly sought after by collectors. These special Pokemon feature unique color schemes and are sure to add a touch of excitement to your Pokemon GO adventures. Keep an eye out for the elusive shiny versions of Totodile and its evolutions during Community Day and make sure to catch them if you spot them!

Event Details and Timing

The specific timing of Community Day events varies depending on your location. For players in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and India, the event will take place on January 12th from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. UTC. Players in the Americas and Greenland can participate from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. PST on the same day. Finally, trainers in the Asia-Pacific region will have their Community Day on January 13th from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. JST. Make sure to mark your calendars and set a reminder so you don’t miss out on this exciting event!

An All-New Community Day Box

To enhance your Pokemon GO experience during Community Day, Niantic has introduced a special Community Day Box. This limited-time offer includes four Egg Incubators, which you can use to hatch eggs and discover new Pokemon. It also contains one Lucky Egg, which provides increased XP gain for a limited period, allowing you to level up faster. Additionally, the Community Day Box includes one Star Piece, which boosts the amount of Stardust you receive from various in-game activities. Finally, you’ll receive 30 Ultra Balls, ensuring that you’ll have plenty of Poké Balls to catch as many Totodile as possible. The Community Day Box is available for purchase from the in-game shop for 480 PokéCoins, so make sure to grab one before the event begins.


Get ready to kick off 2019 with a splash as Pokemon GO’s first Community Day of the year brings Totodile into the spotlight. With increased spawns, exciting bonuses, exclusive moves, and the introduction of shiny Pokemon, this Community Day promises to be an event that trainers won’t want to miss. Mark your calendars, stock up on Poké Balls, and prepare to embark on a thrilling adventure as you catch, evolve, and battle with Totodile and its evolved forms. See you on Community Day!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Will the exclusive move Hydro Cannon only be available during Community Day?

A1: Yes, evolving a Totodile into Feraligatr during the Community Day event is the only way to obtain Hydro Cannon as its exclusive move. Make sure to take advantage of this opportunity before it ends!

Q2: Can I evolve a previously caught Totodile into Feraligatr to learn Hydro Cannon?

A2: Yes, as long as you evolve Totodile into Feraligatr during the specified Community Day hours, it will learn the exclusive move Hydro Cannon, regardless of when you caught the Totodile.

Q3: Are the shiny variants of Totodile and its evolutions permanent additions to the game?

A3: Yes, the addition of shiny Pokemon such as shiny Totodile, Croconaw, and Feraligatr is permanent. However, their appearance rates are generally low, so spotting and catching them during Community Day events is your best chance to add them to your collection.

Q4: Can I participate in Community Day if I can’t make it to the specific event hours in my region?

A4: While the Community Day bonuses and increased spawns are only active during the designated hours in each region, you can still encounter Totodile and its evolutions outside of those hours. However, the exclusive move Hydro Cannon and the increased shiny Pokemon rates will only be available during the event hours.

Q5: Can I purchase the Community Day Box after the event ends?

A5: No, the Community Day Box is only available for a limited time during the event. Once the event concludes, the box will no longer be available for purchase. Make sure to grab one before it’s too late!

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