Shiny Swablu Evolution in Pokemon GO

Explore the Exciting World of New Hoenn Pokemon in Pokemon GO

Attention Pokemon Trainers! Get ready to embark on a new adventure in the world of Pokemon GO. Niantic, the developer behind this highly addictive mobile game, has recently announced the addition of even more Hoenn Pokemon to the game. This means that your collection is about to get bigger and more exciting than ever before.

Discover New Hoenn Pokemon

If you thought you had caught them all, think again! The latest update brings a variety of new Hoenn Pokemon to Pokemon GO. Prepare to encounter and capture creatures such as Pelipper, Salamence, Tropius, Swablu, Altaria, Swellow, Chimecho, Beldum, Bagon, Metagross, and the Legendary Rayquaza.

One of the most exciting additions is the appearance of the Legendary Rayquaza in Raid Battles at Pokemon GO Gyms. This powerful and majestic Pokemon will be available to challenge until March 16th, so gather your friends and take on the ultimate Raid Battle.

Shiny Pokemon and Evolution

In addition to the new Hoenn Pokemon, there is also a chance to encounter Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon GO. One of these coveted Shiny Pokemon is the Shiny Swablu, which has a unique appearance. To evolve it into the rare Shiny Altaria, you’ll need a total of 400 Candy. So keep an eye out for these Shiny Pokemon and make them a valuable addition to your collection.

Unleash the Power of Your Pokemon

Now that you know about the new Hoenn Pokemon, it’s time to focus on training and maximizing their potential. Strengthen your team by powering up your Pokemon, evolving them, and teaching them powerful moves. Each Pokemon has its own unique abilities and strengths that can be unlocked through careful training and strategic battles.

Make use of items such as Stardust and Candy to power up your Pokemon and increase their Combat Power (CP). Evolving your Pokemon can also lead to powerful transformations and the ability to learn new moves. Experiment with different combinations to create a balanced and formidable team that can take on any challenge.

Explore the World in Search of Pokemon

One of the most exciting aspects of Pokemon GO is the real-world exploration it encourages. Get out there and explore your neighborhood, city, and beyond in search of rare and powerful Pokemon. Each location may offer different types of Pokemon, so be sure to visit a variety of environments.

Head to parks, lakes, and other natural areas to encounter water-type Pokemon like Pelipper and Swablu. Uncover the sky-dwelling Pokemon like Altaria and Swellow by exploring open areas and tall structures. Urban areas are often home to a diversity of Pokemon, including Beldum and Metagross.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on your in-game radar to track down nearby Pokemon. As you wander, you may stumble upon Pokemon nests where specific species are more likely to appear. These nests can be a treasure trove of new Pokemon to add to your collection.

Battle in Raid Battles and Gyms

If you’re looking for thrilling battles and the chance to challenge formidable opponents, Pokemon GO has you covered. Raid Battles and Gyms provide opportunities to put your Pokemon to the test and show off your skills as a Trainer.

Take on Raid Battles, where powerful Pokemon await your challenge. The Legendary Rayquaza is currently making its presence known, so gather your strongest Pokemon and battle alongside friends to defeat and capture this extraordinary Pokemon. But remember, time is limited, and you only have until March 16th to encounter Rayquaza.

When it comes to Gyms, choose your allegiance and join either Team Mystic, Team Valor, or Team Instinct. Work together with fellow teammates to defend your Gym from rival teams and gain control of Gyms throughout your city. Being a Gym Leader comes with its own perks and rewards, so strive to become the strongest Trainer in your area.


The world of Pokemon GO continues to grow with the introduction of new Hoenn Pokemon. From the powerful Rayquaza to the dazzling Shiny Swablu, there are plenty of exciting Pokemon to discover and add to your collection. So, grab your smartphone, head outside, and embark on an adventure to become the ultimate Pokemon Trainer.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I find Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon GO?

Finding Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon GO requires a bit of luck. Keep catching Pokemon of the same species, and eventually, you may encounter a Shiny variant. Some Pokemon have a higher Shiny encounter rate during specific in-game events, so stay updated on the latest news and events to increase your chances.

2. Are Hoenn Pokemon stronger than Pokemon from other regions?

Pokemon from different regions, including Hoenn, have various strengths and weaknesses. The strength of a Pokemon depends on its individual Combat Power (CP), IVs (Individual Values), moveset, and your strategic abilities as a Trainer. With proper training and strategy, any Pokemon can become a formidable force in battles.

3. Can I catch Legendary Pokemon outside of Raid Battles?

Currently, Raid Battles are the primary way to encounter and catch Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon GO. These battles offer a challenging but rewarding opportunity to capture powerful and elusive Pokemon. Keep an eye out for upcoming Raid Boss rotations to stay informed about future opportunities to catch Legendary Pokemon.

4. How do I maximize the Combat Power (CP) of my Pokemon?

To maximize the Combat Power (CP) of your Pokemon, you’ll need to invest resources such as Stardust and Candy. Powering up your Pokemon will increase their CP and make them stronger in battles. Furthermore, evolving your Pokemon and teaching them new moves can also enhance their CP and overall performance.

5. Can I trade Hoenn Pokemon with other trainers?

Yes, trading Pokemon with other trainers is possible in Pokemon GO. However, there are a few restrictions to keep in mind. Trading requires physical proximity, so you’ll need to be in close proximity to the trainer you wish to trade with. Additionally, some Pokemon may have special trade conditions, such as requiring a certain friendship level or being a new addition to your Pokédex.

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