Shiny Pokemon’s Mega Evolution in Pokemon GO

The Exciting Arrival of Mega Evolution in Pokemon GO


Attention, Pokemon Trainers! Brace yourselves for the latest addition to the world of Pokemon GO – Mega Evolution! In certain regions, including the renowned Kalos region, trainers have discovered that some Pokemon possess the ability to achieve an additional evolutionary stage known as Mega Evolution. This extraordinary transformation grants them immense power for a limited time during battles. With the guidance of Professor Willow, we have delved into the mechanics of Mega Evolution in the world of Pokemon GO and unearthed some fascinating findings.

Mega Evolution Mechanics

Mega Evolution in Pokemon GO introduces a newly discovered resource called Mega Energy, which facilitates the transformation process. As trainers, you can gather Mega Energy by participating in Mega Raids, which are specially designed Raid Battles featuring Mega-Evolved Pokemon. Interestingly, the quicker you defeat a Raid Boss, the more Mega Energy you acquire for that particular Pokemon. Once you have accumulated enough Mega Energy, you can Mega Evolve select Pokemon such as Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, and Beedrill. Keep in mind that Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise can also be encountered in Mega Raids. Once you have Mega Evolved a Pokemon, the amount of Mega Energy required for subsequent Mega Evolutions of that Pokemon decreases. It is important to note that Shadow and Clone Pokemon are not eligible for Mega Evolution, although Shiny Pokemon can undergo this phenomenal transformation.

Maintaining Balance: One Mega-Evolved Pokemon at a Time

Prudent trainers must bear in mind that only one Pokemon can be Mega-Evolved at any given time. Should you choose to Mega Evolve another Pokemon, the previously Mega-Evolved Pokemon will revert to its original form. To help you keep track of Pokemon that can Mega Evolve and the ones you have successfully Mega Evolved, the all-new Mega Pokédex has been integrated into your Pokédex interface. Be sure to explore this invaluable resource!

Exploring the Potential of Mega-Evolved Pokemon

Once a Pokemon has undergone Mega Evolution in Pokemon GO, it remains in its Mega-Evolved form for a limited time, even outside of battle. This opens up exciting opportunities for trainers to utilize their Mega-Evolved Pokemon in various activities. Here are some notable ways to maximize the potential of your Mega-Evolved Pokemon.

1. Battle in Raids

Mega-Evolved Pokemon are exceptional assets in raid battles. They provide an attack boost to all the Pokemon of fellow trainers participating in the raid. Furthermore, Pokemon with attack types matching the types of the Mega-Evolved Pokemon receive an additional attack boost for their attacks. Keep in mind that each Pokemon can benefit from attack boosts from only one Mega-Evolved Pokemon at a time.

2. Battle in Gyms

While Mega-Evolved Pokemon cannot defend gyms, they are formidable contenders in gym battles. Unleash the power of your Mega-Evolved Pokemon to overcome challenging gym defenders and establish your dominance!

3. Battle Team GO Rocket

Team GO Rocket holds no candle to the might of Mega-Evolved Pokemon. Use these formidable creatures to thwart the nefarious plans of Team GO Rocket and restore peace to the Pokemon world.

4. Battle Your Friends

Engage in friendly battles with your fellow trainers and showcase the true strength of your Mega-Evolved Pokemon. The sheer power and prowess of these extraordinary creatures make for thrilling battles and memorable moments.

5. Buddy Up

Make your Mega-Evolved Pokemon your buddy and enjoy its companionship during your adventures. It will accompany you on the map, and you can play, feed, and interact with it to deepen your bond.

6. Capture Special Moments

Take snapshots of your Mega-Evolved Pokemon using the GO Snapshot feature and share them on social media with the hashtag #GOsnapshot. Let the world witness the magnificence of your Mega-Evolved Pokemon!

Accessorize with Mega Bracelet Avatar Items

To commemorate the arrival of Mega Evolution in Pokemon GO, we have introduced avatar items inspired by Mega Bracelets. Although Mega Energy is the primary requirement for Mega Evolution in our world, you have the option to sport these stylish Mega Bracelets while embarking on your Pokemon adventures. Choose from a range of designs, including the free GO Mega Bracelet, or show your allegiance to Team Instinct, Team Valor, or Team Mystic with team-specific Mega Bracelets.

Embark on the Mega Evolution-Themed Special Research

Delve deeper into the secrets of Mega Evolution by embarking on the all-new Mega Evolution-themed Special Research quest, aptly named “A Mega Discovery.” Join Professor Willow on an educational journey as he unravels the mysteries surrounding Mega Evolution. Completing this Special Research will reward you with Beedrill Mega Energy, a rare resource that will enable Beedrill to Mega Evolve.

Unleash Mega Evolution in the Mega September Event

Trainers, get ready for an exhilarating Mega September Event, featuring three weeks packed with Mega Evolution-themed events and exciting features. Here’s a sneak peek of what each week has in store:

Week 1: Mega Raid Marathon

From Tuesday, September 1, 2020, to Monday, September 7, 2020, embark on a Mega Raid marathon! Engage in as many Mega Raids as possible to gather valuable Mega Energy and evolve your Pokemon to reach heroic levels of power.

Week 2: Test Your Mettle

From Friday, September 11, 2020, to Thursday, September 17, 2020, put your battle skills to the test with your Mega-Evolved Pokemon. Engage in fierce battles in Gyms, take on Team GO Rocket, and challenge fellow trainers in Trainer Battles (excluding GO Battle League battles).

Week 3: Bonding Time

From Tuesday, September 22, 2020, to Monday, September 28, 2020, strengthen the bond between you and your Mega-Evolved Pokemon by spending quality time together. Capture special moments with your Mega-Evolved Pokemon using the GO Snapshot feature and share them with the Pokemon GO community on social media using the hashtag #GOsnapshot.


Excitement fills the air as Mega Evolution finally arrives in Pokemon GO. The introduction of Mega Energy, the ability to Mega Evolve select Pokemon, and the various benefits and experiences that come with Mega-Evolved Pokemon have taken our adventures to the next level. Remember to stay tuned for further discoveries about Mega Evolution and its profound impact on the world of Pokemon GO!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can any Pokemon be Mega-Evolved in Pokemon GO?

No, not all Pokemon are eligible for Mega Evolution in Pokemon GO. Only specific Pokemon, such as Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, and Beedrill, have the ability to Mega Evolve.

2. How can I gather Mega Energy in Pokemon GO?

Mega Energy can be obtained by completing Mega Raids, which are Raid Battles featuring Mega-Evolved Pokemon. Defeating Raid Bosses quickly grants more Mega Energy for that particular Pokemon.

3. Can a Pokemon benefit from attack boosts from multiple Mega-Evolved Pokemon?

No, a Pokemon can only benefit from attack boosts from one Mega-Evolved Pokemon at a time. Choose your Mega-Evolved Pokemon wisely to maximize the advantages for your team.

4. Can Mega-Evolved Pokemon defend Gyms in Pokemon GO?

No, Mega-Evolved Pokemon are not capable of defending Gyms. However, they can participate in battles against gym defenders.

5. How can I take snapshots of my Mega-Evolved Pokemon in Pokemon GO?

To take snapshots of your Mega-Evolved Pokemon, use the GO Snapshot feature in Pokemon GO. Capture the perfect moment and share it on social media with the hashtag #GOsnapshot to showcase the grandeur of your Mega-Evolved companions.

Remember, trainers, embrace the power of Mega Evolution, embark on epic adventures, and become the ultimate Pokemon Master in Pokemon GO!

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