Risk of Rain 2: Best Characters Tier List

Risk of Rain 2 is a popular third-person shooter game developed by Hopoo Games. The game features numerous playable characters that players can choose from, each with their unique abilities and merits. While some characters are formidable in certain situations, others excel in other areas. As a result, tier lists have become an essential section of the game. These tier lists rank the characters based on their effectiveness and strength, making it easier for players to select the best characters to use in different gameplay scenarios.

The purpose of this article, therefore, is to provide a comprehensive and detailed Risk of Rain 2 Tier List, ranking the best characters, and providing an analysis of their abilities. In the following sections, we will take a closer look at the ranking system, exploring the criteria used to compile the list. We will also identify the characters with the highest ranking, their strengths and weaknesses, before moving on to mid-tier and low-tier characters. By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of Risk of Rain 2 and be able to select the best characters to suit your gameplay style.

Setting Up the Tier List

Before diving into the tier list itself, it’s essential to understand the ranking system used for Risk of Rain 2. The ranking system categorizes each character into tiers based on their overall strength, versatility, and effectiveness in different situations.

To rank the characters in Risk of Rain 2, we took into account several critical criteria, including:

  • Damage output: how much damage the character can deal in various situations.
  • Survivability: how much damage the character can withstand before dying.
  • Mobility: how quickly and freely the character can move around the map.
  • Crowd control: how effectively the character can disable or hinder a group of enemies.
  • Utility: the character’s unique abilities that can provide an advantage over others.

Each criterion has a significant weight in determining the overall ranking of each character, and we took great care to provide comprehensive and accurate rankings based on these factors.

Top Tier Characters

When it comes to Risk of Rain 2, there are certain characters that stand out from the rest. These characters have been identified as top-tier due to their unique skills and abilities. Understanding their strengths can help you excel in the game and dominate your opponents. Let’s dive into a brief description of the four characters with the highest ranking.


The Artificer is a long-range attacker with exceptional abilities to deal massive damage. She is one of the best characters in the game who can control both the crowd and the distance in combat. Her strongest move is her M2 attack, which can deal massive amount of damage to a single target.


The Engineer is an intelligent player with unique gadgets. He is great support for his team and can handle multiple enemies on his own thanks to his turrets. Not only does he have turrets that shoot automatically at incoming targets, but he can also deal significant damage himself by planting mines.


Rex is one of the most unique characters in the game, with his abilities based on health management. He is great at crowd control and has unmatched healing capabilities. Although his primary attack is weak, his special can deal significant damage, as well as heal himself if used the right way.


The Loader is a close-range fighter who excels at dealing with high health targets. She is a real tank, frequently dodging attacks and capable of dealing enormous damage with her hook. Furthermore, her special move can knock out several enemies at once and turn the tide of any fight.

Understanding the strengths and unique abilities of these top-tier characters can make the difference between victory and defeat. Experimenting with different characters and finding your favorite will lead to a more enjoyable experience and more wins on the board.

Risk of Rain 2 Tier List: Best Characters Ranked

As we dive into the world of Risk of Rain 2, it’s essential to understand the tier list and how it can affect your gameplay. The middle tier characters have a respectable ranking, but their skill sets can prove challenging. We will explore these characters, their strengths and weaknesses, and ways to overcome their challenges.


Acrid is a melee character with impressive mobility and poison abilities. He is a challenging character to master, but his abilities can deal a lot of damage. However, his melee fighting style puts him in harm’s way, and he has a low health pool, making him susceptible to enemy attacks.


Artificer provides long-range attacks with powerful elemental skills. However, she has a long cooldown time and is slow, making mobility challenging. With careful planning and good positioning, Artificer can become a top-tier character, but she requires practice and patience to master.


The Engineer is a popular choice for players who love to set up fixed defenses. The turrets often take the heat off players and deal consistent damage to enemies. However, the turrets can’t move, and Engineer’s mobility is low, making him vulnerable to surprise attacks.


MUL-T provides excellent tanking abilities with his high health pool and is the only character that can use two different weapons at once. However, his mobility is slow, and he needs to switch weapons often, making him challenging to use. With good timing and strategy, MUL-T can become a valuable asset in combat.

While these mid-tier characters may seem challenging, they provide unique abilities that can prove beneficial in combat with proper usage. By understanding their weaknesses and finding ways to overcome them, players can master these characters and rise to the top of Risk of Rain 2’s tier list.

Low-Tier Characters

In Risk of Rain 2, not all characters are created equal. Some characters have significant drawbacks, reducing their potential when compared to other viable characters. Here’s a rundown of the low-tier characters in Risk of Rain 2 and what makes them less effective.


Acrid is one of the weakest characters in the game, despite having a unique playstyle. Although Acrid has high damage output, the character suffers from an extremely low mobility rate and a suite of critical hitbox detection issues. Poor damage mitigation also makes Acrid vulnerable to enemy attacks, especially in more challenging stages. If you’re planning to use Acrid, make sure to play cautiously and keep distance between your character and mobs.


Although the Captain is a popular Risk of Rain 2 character, it ranks low due to its limited skillset. Captain’s gadgets, such as the Supply Drop and the Orbital Probe, have a long cooldown, making them less useful in battle. Additionally, the Captain’s primary weapon has a low DPS, which can be disadvantageous when trying to take down tankier enemies. On the other hand, Captain has exceptional durability, thanks to its shield generation, which significantly aids survivability. Try using Captain as a support character, primarily focusing on creating windows of opportunities for other characters to attack.


Lodestar is another less powerful Risk of Rain 2 character with low mobility. It has low health and low damage output, making it less suitable to carry burden in harder stages. However, the character has an above-average capability to support the team, thanks to its electric-based attacks and the ability to manipulate gravitational forces. Additionally, Lodestar’s ‘Black Hole’ gadget can group enemies together, making them more vulnerable to area-of-effect attacks. If you’re planning on using Lodestar, prioritize crowd control over blindly attacking enemies.

While low-tier characters might not be the most powerful options, it doesn’t mean they’re not worth using. With some strategic gameplay and appropriate builds, you can still find ways to use them to their maximum potential.


In conclusion, the Risk of Rain 2 Tier List provides players with an insight into the strengths and weaknesses of each character. Having a tier list helps players pick the best character to play with and increase their chances of winning.

After analyzing the character rankings, it’s clear that some characters have an advantage over others. The top-tier characters, which include Mul-T, Acrid, and Rex, offer players the best chances of winning, while the low-tier characters, such as Artificer and Captain, can be challenging to use effectively.

It’s important to remember that tier lists are not definitive and should be used as a guide. The ranking system is based on specific criteria and should be considered along with personal gaming skills and preferences. Tier lists can be useful for new players looking for guidance but it’s important for experienced players to trust their instincts and use other resources to advance their skills.

Overall, the Risk of Rain 2 Tier List is a helpful tool for players of all levels. It provides a comprehensive ranking of the characters, allowing players to make informed decisions about who to play with. With time and practice, players can master even some of the lowest tier characters in the game and enjoy them just as much as the top performers.


  1. What is a tier list?

    A: A tier list is a ranking of characters in a game based on their overall effectiveness and usefulness.

  2. What criteria are used to rank the characters?

    A: The ranking criteria can vary, but typically includes things such as damage output, survivability, utility, and ease of use.

  3. Why are tier lists important in Risk of Rain 2?

    A: Tier lists can help players make informed decisions about which characters to play and how to approach the game’s challenges, maximizing their chances for success.

  4. Are low-tier characters useless?

    A: No, low-tier characters can still be viable options, especially for players who are comfortable with their playstyle and understand how to use them effectively.

  5. Should I always choose a top-tier character?

    A: It’s ultimately up to personal preference, but playing as a top-tier character can certainly give you an advantage, especially in higher difficulty levels.

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