Ranking All Braum Skins: Choose Your Champion in Style

The Best Skins for Braum: A Comprehensive Ranking


When it comes to League of Legends skins, Braum enthusiasts are spoiled for choice. The lovable support champion has a plethora of options, each with its own unique flair. In this article, we will dive deep into the world of Braum skins, ranking them based on their appeal, in-game execution, and thematic elements. Prepare yourself for a thrilling analysis of Braum’s most coveted appearances.

6. Braum Lionheart

We begin our ranking with the Braum Lionheart skin. While the concept behind this skin holds promise, its execution ultimately falls short of expectations. One of the disappointments lies in the lack of a dedicated splash art for Lionheart Braum, making it difficult to even make out his iconic features. It’s a shame to see such potential go to waste. (Image: Riot Games)

5. Sugar Rush Braum

Taking the fifth spot on our list is Sugar Rush Braum. This skin stirs up some controversy, as its concept doesn’t quite match the excitement of its competitors. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with Sugar Rush Braum, it often fails to captivate players due to its lackluster theme. That being said, the addition of a giant waffle is a delightful touch. (Image: Riot Games)

4. El Tigre Braum

El Tigre Braum takes our fourth place, though some may find its ranking surprising. Braum boasts an extensive collection of amazing skins, and while this particular one presents a brilliant concept, it doesn’t quite live up to its potential when experienced in-game. However, it does earn a few bonus points for featuring the adorable wrestler poro. (Image: Riot Games)

3. Dragonslayer Braum

For those seeking an extra dose of badassery, Dragonslayer Braum is the skin to choose. Braum already exudes an air of resilience and strength, but this skin enhances those qualities further. Prepare yourself to feel like a true powerhouse as you defend your team, all while donning the fierce appearance of a Dragonslayer. (Image: Riot Games)

2. Pool Party Braum

Next up, we have Pool Party Braum, where our mighty protector shows off a more relaxed side. This skin exudes a carefree vibe and demonstrates Riot’s creativity by dressing Braum in a speedo. The perfect choice for those hot summer days on the Rift, Pool Party Braum is sure to make a splash. (Image: Riot Games)

1. Crime City Braum

Claiming the top spot on our list is the suave and sophisticated Crime City Braum. This skin truly embodies the essence of a debonair gentleman. With a shield crafted from a safe door, Braum exudes a sleek and stylish appearance. For those looking to elevate their fashion game on the Rift, don’t miss out on the Obsidian chroma, which adds an extra touch of opulence. (Image: Riot Games)

The Legendary Santa Braum

When it comes to Braum skins, there’s one that stands head and shoulders above the rest – Santa Braum. Not only is it considered the best skin for Braum, but it also holds a special place in the hearts of players as one of the finest Christmas-themed skins in League of Legends. In fact, Santa Braum even made it onto our ranking of the 10 Sexiest Male LoL Skins. With its festive charm and undeniable appeal, Santa Braum can bring joy to the Rift no matter the season. (Image: Riot Games)


In this article, we explored the diverse range of skins available for Braum in League of Legends. From the lackluster execution of Braum Lionheart to the unparalleled charm of Santa Braum, each skin carries its own unique traits and appeals to different players. Choosing the perfect skin for Braum depends on personal preference, whether you seek a touch of whimsy, a glimpse of elegance, or a burst of badassery. Regardless of your choice, these skins truly enhance the gameplay experience and allow you to showcase your style and personality on the Rift.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are League of Legends skins only cosmetic changes?

No, League of Legends skins are not merely cosmetic changes. While they do not affect gameplay mechanics, they enhance the visual appearance of champions, allowing players to express their individuality and personalize their gaming experience.

2. Can skins improve my gameplay?

Skins do not directly affect gameplay performance. However, some players argue that certain skins can influence the overall experience and psychological state, potentially boosting their confidence and morale during matches.

3. Are all skins available for purchase?

Most skins in League of Legends are available for purchase in the in-game store using Riot Points, the game’s premium currency. However, there are also limited-edition skins that may become unavailable after a certain period or event.

4. Can I gift a skin to a friend?

Yes, gifting skins to friends is indeed possible in League of Legends. The gifting feature allows you to surprise your friends with their desired skins and add an extra touch of camaraderie to your gaming experience.

5. Can I refund a skin if I’m not satisfied?

League of Legends offers a refund system that allows players to request a refund for recently purchased content, including skins. However, there are limitations to how many refunds you can make, so it’s important to choose your purchases wisely.

Note: This article has been written by a subject-matter expert and is intended for an audience with a high school education. The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author.

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