Power of Comfey in Pokemon UNITE

Pokemon UNITE: Introducing Comfey, the Posy Picker Pokemon

Pokemon UNITE continues to expand its content, regularly adding new playable characters and in-game items. One of the latest additions to the game is Comfey, the Posy Picker Pokemon. As a Ranged Supporter, Comfey is equipped with the ability to attach to ally Pokemon and utilize stored flowers to enhance its support moves, particularly Floral Healing. In this article, we’ll delve deeper into Comfey’s abilities, strategies, and how it can contribute to your team’s success in Pokemon UNITE.

Comfey Basics: Abilities and Gameplay

Comfey’s unique ability, Triage, revolves around collecting flowers. It slowly accumulates one flower over time and gains four flowers when it enters tall grass. The maximum number of flowers it can hold is eight. Comfey can consume these flowers when using moves like Synthesis, Floral Healing, or Sweet Kiss to boost their effects. Additionally, when Comfey is near an ally Pokemon with less than half remaining HP, its movement speed increases.

When Comfey uses Synthesis, Floral Healing, or Sweet Kiss, it can attach itself to an ally Pokemon. While attached, Comfey is immune to attacks and gradually recovers HP. Comfey remains attached until the ally Pokemon is knocked out or until it decides to release its attachment. If the attached ally Pokemon exceeds its maximum Aeos energy capacity, Comfey absorbs the excess energy. Furthermore, when the ally Pokemon scores a goal, Comfey shares the same amount of energy gained. With Comfey’s basic attacks, every third attack becomes a boosted attack, dealing damage and granting two flowers.

Comfey’s Moves and Upgrades

Lv. 1 & 2 Moves


When Comfey is not attached to an ally Pokemon, it can attach itself to provide a shield. If already attached, it restores the ally Pokemon’s HP. The amount of HP restored depends on the number of flowers consumed. Releasing the attachment allows Comfey to move in a designated direction.

Vine Whip

Comfey strikes out with whiplike vines, damaging opposing Pokemon in the area of effect and decreasing their movement speed temporarily.

Lv. 4 Moves

Floral Healing

Similar to Synthesis, when Comfey is not attached, it attaches itself to an ally Pokemon and applies a shield. When attached, it restores the ally Pokemon’s HP, with more flowers consumed resulting in greater HP restoration. If the restored HP exceeds the ally Pokemon’s maximum, it converts into a shield. Upgrading Floral Healing increases the movement speed of the attached ally Pokemon for a short time.

Sweet Kiss

In the absence of an attachment, Comfey attaches itself to an ally Pokemon to grant a shield. While attached, it charges power and infatuates opposing Pokemon in the area of effect. Infatuated Pokemon are compelled to approach Comfey against their will. The longer the power is charged, the larger the area of effect becomes, and consuming more flowers extends the duration of the infatuation. Upgrading Sweet Kiss enhances the movement speed of the attached ally Pokemon during Comfey’s charging phase.

Lv. 6 Moves

Magical Leaf

Comfey launches three curious and scattering leaves each second for a set amount of time. These leaves target opposing Pokemon in the area of effect, dealing damage upon impact. They can even hit Pokemon hiding in tall grass. If the same opposing Pokemon is hit by these leaves six times, it becomes unable to act. If Comfey is attached to an ally Pokemon, the area of effect of Magical Leaf expands. This move can be upgraded to increase the number of leaves launched per second from three to four.

Grass Knot

Comfey unleashes vines in a designated direction, damaging opposing Pokemon and rendering them unable to move. This move can affect up to two opposing Pokemon, pulling the second Pokemon toward the location of the first and dealing additional damage to both. Upgrading Grass Knot increases its area of effect.

Strategies and Metagame Watch

Comfey’s unique ability to attach itself to ally Pokemon while remaining invulnerable to damage makes it an excellent supporter on the battlefield. Its primary focus is to assist Pokemon that benefit from increased durability through Floral Healing and hinder opposing Pokemon with moves like Sweet Kiss, Magical Leaf, and Grass Knot.

An effective strategy involves building Comfey around Floral Healing and Grass Knot when attached to strong Ranged Attackers such as Cinderace and Dragapult. Comfey’s support keeps these Pokemon healthy, while Grass Knot can stop aggressive Speedsters like Absol or Zoroark in their tracks.

Alternatively, when attaching to more fragile Speedsters, Comfey can utilize Sweet Kiss, allowing it to infatuate opposing Pokemon and locking them down with the additional support of Magical Leaf or Grass Knot. This strategy is especially useful when paired with bulky Defenders like Snorlax, Slowbro, or Trevenant, as they require less healing and benefit from the hindrances caused by Comfey’s Sweet Kiss.

Comfey Character Spotlight | Pokemon UNITE

Comfey, the flora-supporting Pokemon, is ready to make an impact in Pokemon UNITE! Its arrival on February 2 brings a unique dynamic to team strategy battles. By utilizing healing gifts and creating large grassy areas, Comfey remains a valuable teammate throughout each match. Stay up-to-date with the official Pokemon UNITE Twitter account for the latest news on Comfey and other exciting updates in the game.

Frequently Asked Questions about Comfey in Pokemon UNITE

Q1: How do I unlock Comfey in Pokemon UNITE?

A1: Comfey can be obtained by spending 12,000 Aeos coins or 575 Aeos gems at the Unite Battle Committee shop. During the first seven days of its release, Comfey can only be obtained using Aeos gems.

Q2: What is the role of Com

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