Pokemon TCG: Scarlet & Violet Expansion

The Next Official Expansion Sets for Pokemon TCG: Snow Hazard and Clay Burst

The Pokemon Company has recently announced the upcoming release of two new official expansion sets for the Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG): Snow Hazard and Clay Burst. These exciting new sets, which are part of the Pokemon Card Game Scarlet & Violet series, are set to be released on April 14, 2023, in Japan. In this article, we will take a closer look at what these expansion sets have to offer and the exciting new features they bring to the beloved trading card game.

Snow Hazard: A New Chapter Unfolds in the Pardea Region

The Snow Hazard expansion pack marks the beginning of a new chapter in the Pardea region. The seal that has kept this region hidden and mysterious is finally lifted, revealing a multitude of new Pokemon, Trainers, and exciting gameplay mechanics. With the expansion mark “SV2P” on the recording card, Snow Hazard introduces players to a world filled with adventure, challenges, and icy landscapes.

Clay Burst: Unleash the Power of Clay

Alongside Snow Hazard comes the Clay Burst expansion pack, which delves into the power of clay in the Pokemon universe. The recording card for Clay Burst bears the expansion mark “SV2D,” indicating its association with this remarkable set. Prepare to witness the might of Clay Burst as it introduces unique Pokemon, Trainers, and strategies that revolve around the fascinating world of clay.

Pokemon EX: Exceptional Performers

Within these expansion sets, players will discover a variety of Seed Pokemon called Pokemon EX. These Pokemon exhibit exceptional performance and possess powerful abilities that can turn the tide of battles. Let’s explore a few notable examples:

Paojian EX: Unleash Blades and Manipulate Water Energy

Paojian EX is a Seed Pokemon with extraordinary characteristics and skills. Its ability allows players to add up to 2 basic water energy cards from their deck to their hand, providing a valuable resource for strategic gameplay. Additionally, Paojian EX possesses the remarkable ability to discard water energy cards attached to its own Pokemon, making way for devastating 60 damage x 60 “Blade” attacks. This Pokemon embodies adaptability and versatility.

Dinru EX: Silent Mastery and Potent Attacks

Dinru EX possesses the unique characteristic known as “Jubaku no Daichi.” This ability allows Dinru EX to nullify the characteristics of opposing Pokemon that have damage counters on them, excluding Pokemon EX. Its formidable attack, “Land Scoop,” deals a hefty 150 damage to the opponent’s Benched Pokemon while simultaneously placing 2 damage counters on them. By combining this attack with Pokemon that possess abilities, players can effectively neutralize the opponent’s capabilities, making Dinru EX an invaluable asset in battles.

Ikirinko EX: The Power of Renewal and Card Draw

Ikirinko EX possesses an intriguing characteristic called “Ikiri Take.” Although this characteristic can only be used during the player’s first turn, its effect is substantial. By discarding all cards in the player’s hand, Ikirinko EX allows them to draw 6 cards from their deck, setting the stage for a fresh hand and new possibilities. Additionally, Ikirinko EX’s “Kai wo Iru” attack enables players to attach up to 2 Basic Energy cards to their Benched Pokemon while dealing damage. This flexibility makes Ikirinko EX a welcome addition to any deck.

Eyui EX: Disruptive Skills and Fiery Power

Eyui EX brings disruption to the battlefield with its skill “Envy,” which forces the opponent to discard the top 2 cards from their deck and deals 100 damage. Furthermore, Eyui EX’s “Flame Surge” skill enables players to attach 1 basic Fire Energy card from their deck to up to 3 of their Benched Pokemon. This fiery Pokemon proves to be a formidable force, combining its obstructive effect with potent attacks.

Other Pokemon: Supporting Cast and Strategic Synergies

Beyond the Pokemon EX, the Snow Hazard and Clay Burst expansion sets introduce a myriad of other Pokemon with unique abilities and strengths. Here are a few examples of the supporting cast:

Segrave: Energizing Pokemon and Quick Strikes

Segrave possesses the powerful ability known as “Kyokution.” This ability allows players to attach basic water energy cards from their hand to Pokemon as many times as they desire during their turn. With this ability, players can enhance Segrave’s “Buster Tail” attack, which dishes out 130 damage, or swiftly energize another Pokemon to unleash their devastating attacks. Segrave’s compatibility with Paojian EX, which can add basic water energy to the hand, creates a dynamic duo on the battlefield.

Veracas: From Trash to Bench

Veracas introduces a unique gameplay mechanic with its ability “Saiki no Nori.” This ability allows players to put Pokemon from their trash onto their bench. The versatility of this ability lies in the fact that it is not limited to Seed Pokemon, enabling players to surprise their opponents by suddenly introducing a powerful non-Seed Pokemon to the battle.

Cigaroko: Paralyze and Interfere

Cigaroko possesses the “Horinage Flash” skill, which not only deals damage but also paralyzes the opponent’s Pokemon. By returning Cigaroko and all cards attached to it to the deck, players can disrupt the opponent’s strategy while inflicting damage simultaneously. This potent combination makes Cigaroko a nuisance on the battlefield.

Nokocchi: Interference and Overwhelming Recovery

Nokocchi’s “Horinage Flash” technique delivers damage to the opponent’s Pokemon while simultaneously paralyzing them. This unique skill interferes with the opponent’s plans while providing an opportunity for Nokocchi to recover from any precarious situations.

Kyojione: Healing and Resilience

Kyojione possesses the extraordinary characteristic known as “Megumi no Shio.” With this characteristic, Kyojione recovers 20 HP for each of the player’s Pokemon every time a Pokemon is checked. This healing effect allows players to sustain their Pokemon throughout battles, replacing damaged Pokemon tactically while increasing their chances of victory.

Raichu: Electrifying Power

Raichu’s “Electric Charge” attack enables players to add basic Lightning Energy cards from their deck to Raichu, empowering it for its subsequent attack. By utilizing the “10 Man Volt” attack, Raichu can deal a staggering 200 damage. This electrifying Pokemon is a force to be reckoned with.

Tortoise: Overwhelming Damage Potential

Tortoise’s “Bite and Roll” technique unleashes immense damage by placing damage counters on each of the opponent’s Pokemon, based on the number of “water rats” on the player’s field. With the ability to potentially place significant damage counters using this attack, Tortoise becomes a fearsome threat.

Trainers: Supporting Your Strategy

In addition to the diverse range of Pokemon, the Snow Hazard and Clay Burst expansion sets introduce powerful Trainers that enhance players’ strategies and gameplay options.

Grusha: Deck Refresh

Grusha, the gym leader from the Pardea region, makes her debut in the Pokemon TCG with a support card that allows players to replenish their hand. By drawing cards until they have a total of 5 in their hand, Grusha provides a valuable resource, particularly at the early stages of a battle when energy cards may not yet be attached to the player’s Pokemon. This support card proves especially effective against decks that rely less on energy cards.

Nanjamo: Disruption for Card Advantage

Nanjamo, another gym leader from the Pardea region, introduces a disruptive support card that can potentially give players the upper hand. By causing each player to return their hand to the bottom of their deck and draw the number of cards remaining on their side, Nanjamo can disrupt the opponent’s strategy and provide a stronger card advantage, especially when the opponent has fewer cards remaining in their hand.

Great Fishing Rod: Salvaging from the Trash

The Great Fishing Rod is a valuable item card that allows players to retrieve up to 3 Pokemon and basic energy cards from the trash and return them to the deck. This item proves particularly useful when players need to recover important Pokemon that have been defeated, retrieve energy cards that were previously discarded, or simply manage their deck more effectively.


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