Pokemon Scarlet/Violet: Quaxly, the Duckling Pokemon

The Exciting Announcement of Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet

Pokemon enthusiasts were thrilled as The Pokemon Company unveiled the highly anticipated Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet during the Pokemon Presents video presentation held on February 27, 2022. These new video games mark the next evolutionary advancement in the popular Pokemon series, capturing the hearts of fans just like the original Pokemon Red and Pokemon Green games did twenty-six years ago. Set to be released exclusively on the Nintendo Switchâ„¢ system in late 2022, Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet promise to take trainers on an extraordinary journey of discovery and exploration.

Celebrating Pokemon Day

Pokemon Day, the annual fan-focused holiday commemorating the launch of the original Pokemon games on February 27, 1996, served as the perfect occasion to make this exciting announcement. Fans worldwide were able to witness the unveiling of Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet through the special Pokemon Presents video presentation. Tsunekazu Ishihara, the president and CEO of The Pokemon Company, eagerly shared his enthusiasm, stating that these upcoming games will offer a one-of-a-kind adventure for trainers, promising an experience unlike any other in the Pokemon universe.

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet – A New Evolutionary Step

Developed by GAME FREAK inc., the minds behind the Pokemon franchise, Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet introduce a new evolutionary step in the main series of Pokemon games. Players can look forward to exploring an expansive open world where seamlessly blended towns and thriving wilderness coexist. Pokemon will be visible everywhere in this vast world, whether soaring through the skies, dwelling in the depths of the sea, or roaming the bustling streets.

The Journey Begins

As trainers dive into the captivating world of Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet, they will take on the role of one of the main characters. The game they are playing will determine their character’s outfit, adding a unique touch to their personal adventure. Before embarking on their journey, trainers will have the opportunity to choose their first partner Pokemon from a selection of three delightful creatures. They can opt for Sprigatito, the Grass Cat Pokemon, Fuecoco, the Fire Croc Pokemon, or Quaxly, the Duckling Pokemon, each possessing their own charming characteristics and abilities.

Meet the First Partner Pokemon


Category: Grass Cat Pokemon
Height: 1′4″
Weight: 9 lbs.
Type: Grass
Ability: Overgrow

Sprigatito, the Grass Cat Pokemon, exhibits a capricious and attention-seeking nature, ensuring trainers will never have a dull moment with this mischievous companion. Its distinct appearance and organic capabilities make it an intriguing choice for trainers yearning for a unique and dynamic partnership.


Category: Fire Croc Pokemon
Height: 1′4″
Weight: 21.6 lbs.
Type: Fire
Ability: Blaze

Fuecoco, the Fire Croc Pokemon, possesses a laid-back temperament, often opting for a leisurely pace when engaging with the world around it. Its fiery presence and powerful fire-based abilities make it a formidable ally when facing tough challenges and battles.


Category: Duckling Pokemon
Height: 1′8″
Weight: 13.4 lbs.
Type: Water
Ability: Torrent

Quaxly, the Duckling Pokemon, is characterized by its earnest and tidy disposition. With its endearing appearance and genuine commitment to its trainer’s success, Quaxly proves to be a loyal and supportive partner throughout the exhilarating journey. Its water-based abilities ensure a refreshing and diverse approach to battles and encounters.

Expand Your Pokemon Collection with Pokemon HOME

Upon the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet, trainers will have the opportunity to connect these games with Pokemon HOME, a convenient service that allows them to centralize their Pokemon collections in one place. By linking Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet with Pokemon HOME, trainers will have access to their Pokemon from other regions, bringing unparalleled depth and diversity to their adventures in the new games.

For more information and updates about Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet, visit the official website at Pokemon.com/ScarletViolet.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus – Unveiling a Mystical Adventure

In addition to the excitement surrounding Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet, fans were also treated to new updates and information about other Pokemon games. Pokemon Legends: Arceus, a game that takes trainers to the vast Sinnoh region in its ancient past, received several noteworthy announcements.

New Game Content in Daybreak Update

Trainers eagerly awaiting new adventures in Pokemon Legends: Arceus can now enjoy the Daybreak update, marked as Version 1.1.0. With this update, trainers will embark on investigations into mysterious outbreaks of Pokemon throughout the Hisui region. Prepare to face powerful opponents, including legendary Pokemon and wardens, adding thrilling encounters and challenges to the Pokemon battle experience.

Celebrate with a Special Mystery Gift

To commemorate Pokemon Day, trainers exploring the world of Pokemon Legends: Arceus can receive valuable items to aid in their journey. By entering the password “ARCEUSADVENTURE” in the Mystery Gifts menu before March 31, 2022, trainers can acquire 30 Ultra Balls, 30 Gigaton Balls, and 30 Jet Balls, providing them with essential resources and enhancing their gameplay experience.

An Animated Series Set in the Hisui Region

Excitingly, the production of an online animated series set in the Hisui region, the same setting as Pokemon Legends: Arceus, has officially commenced. This upcoming series promises an original and captivating storyline, further immersing fans in the rich lore and enchanting world of Pokemon. The animated series is

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