Pokemon GO Tour: Hoenn – Wild Pokemon & Primal Raids

Niantic Announces Pokemon GO Tour: Hoenn – Las Vegas Event

Niantic, the developer of Pokemon GO, has revealed exciting new events and content for players. One of the highly anticipated events is the Pokemon GO Tour: Hoenn – Las Vegas. In this article, we will explore the details of this event, which guarantees a Hoenn-inspired adventure like never before.

Event Gameplay

Get ready for an extraordinary adventure in Las Vegas, inspired by the Hoenn region! Pokemon GO Tour: Hoenn – Las Vegas promises a unique experience for trainers. During this special event, players with tickets will have the exclusive opportunity to team up with Team GO Rocket for the first time ever. Venture into a one-of-a-kind journey and discover whether Team GO Rocket has truly changed their ways or if it’s all part of an elaborate trap!

Shining Surprises

Professor Willow has received intriguing new data – Trainers participating in Pokemon GO Tour: Hoenn – Las Vegas will have an increased chance of encountering Shiny Pokemon originally discovered in the Hoenn region. Prepare to complete your Hoenn Pokédex with these rare and dazzling finds. Additionally, there’s a chance to encounter Shiny Jirachi, a Pokemon that has never appeared in its Shiny form before!

A Coded Quest

Hidden secret codes throughout Sunset Park will offer Trainers the chance to earn encounters with Legendary Pokemon. Be on the lookout for these codes and unlock the opportunity to face powerful and elusive Legendary Pokemon during your Hoenn adventure.

Exclusive Live Experiences

The Pokemon GO Tour: Hoenn – Las Vegas event will feature several exciting live experiences exclusive to ticket-holding Trainers:

Legendary Encounters

Prepare to encounter Latias or Latios, the Eon Pokemon, during your adventure through the Hoenn region. By taking snapshots of Latias or Latios in the wild, you will earn another encounter with these majestic Legendary Pokemon, further enhancing your experience.

Encounters in GO Snapshot

Utilize the GO Snapshot feature during the event, as you might be surprised by the appearance of Treecko, Torchic, and Mudkip, the partner Pokemon from the Hoenn region. Capture these Pokemon in AR snapshots to add a delightful twist to your adventure.

Timed Research: GO for a Spin

Completing timed research tasks during the event will grant you encounters with Spinda, the Spot Panda Pokemon. Embark on this spinning quest and add this unique Pokemon to your collection.

Field Research

Trainers with tickets will have an enhanced chance of receiving research tasks to collect Mega Energy and catch Ghost-type Pokemon. Take advantage of this opportunity to boost your progress and explore the world of Pokemon GO even further.


In addition to the thrilling event experiences, Pokemon GO Tour: Hoenn – Las Vegas offers several bonuses:

  • Up to six Special Trades can be made within the park, allowing Trainers to engage in rare and valuable exchanges.
  • Trading Pokemon within the park will only cost 50% Stardust, making it more convenient for Trainers to facilitate trades.
  • There is an increased chance of encountering Shiny Pokemon, adding excitement and anticipation to your Hoenn adventure.
  • By spinning Photo Discs at Gyms, you can receive up to nine additional free Raid Passes, granting you more opportunities to join Raid Battles.
  • During the event, Incense will provide a boosted chance of encountering costumed Pokemon and Unown, further enhancing your encounters.

Pokemon Storage and Item Bag Capacity Increase

To ensure that Trainers are fully prepared for the Hoenn adventure, the maximum capacity of Pokemon Storage and Item Bag will be increased. Trainers can now have up to 6,250 Pokemon in their storage and 5,250 items in their bag. These expansions can be purchased from the in-game shop, enabling you to have ample space for new Pokemon and items.

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