Pokemon GO: December Update on Issues

Updates to Pokemon GO Known Issues

Niantic has recently provided an update on the official Known Issues support page for Pokemon GO. This page serves as a reference for Trainers, highlighting ongoing issues that are currently being investigated by the Niantic engineering team. It is important to note that while this list is regularly updated, it may not encompass every issue the team is working on. Trainers can find additional known issues specifically related to GO Battle League on a separate page. This article aims to provide an overview of some of the key issues listed on the support page.

Shop Display Issues

Some Trainers have encountered an issue where the Shop screen appears empty and becomes unresponsive when attempting to purchase event tickets. Niantic is aware of this issue and is actively investigating it. In the meantime, a workaround suggested by the team is to refresh the game data. It may take a few attempts, but this should help resolve the problem.

Unresponsiveness After Feeding Berries

Occasionally, Trainers have reported that their app becomes unresponsive after feeding a berry to a wild Pokemon. This issue is currently under investigation by Niantic. They are working to identify the cause and find a solution to prevent this unresponsiveness from occurring.

Unresponsive Attacks and Poké Balls in Raids

During raids, Trainers have experienced instances where they are unable to use Fast Attacks. Additionally, some Trainers have found that they cannot throw Poké Balls on the encounter screen after completing a raid. Niantic is actively investigating this issue to address the unresponsiveness of attacks and Poké Ball throws in raid battles.

Post-Galarian Mr. Mime Catch Raid Lobby Issues

Trainers have faced difficulties accessing raids after catching a Galarian Mr. Mime. The raid lobby screen does not load correctly, and a “Rejoin Battle” button remains on the screen. To resolve this issue, Niantic suggests refreshing the game data. The team is currently investigating this problem to implement a permanent fix.

Search Term “Giftable” Showing Incorrect Results

There is an ongoing issue with the “giftable” search term in the Friends List. Instead of displaying Friends who can currently receive a Gift from the Trainer, it shows Friends who do not have a Gift from the Trainer. Niantic acknowledges this issue and is actively investigating it to rectify the incorrect results.

Incorrect Update of Picnicker Medal Count

Trainers have noticed that the count of the Picnicker Medal does not update correctly or may experience a long delay in updating. While this issue persists, Niantic assures Trainers that a fix is in the works and will be included in an upcoming update to ensure the accurate tracking of Picnicker Medal progress.

Inability to Remove Tags after Trading Pokemon

After trading a Pokemon, Trainers have found that tags applied by the Pokemon’s previous Trainer cannot be removed by the new Trainer. Attempting to remove these tags may even result in the app freezing. Niantic is developing a fix for this issue to allow easy removal of tags without any disruptions in the app’s functionality.

Lack of Pokemon Candy for Higher-Level Trainers when Feeding Berries at Gyms

Trainers at level 40 and above have reported that feeding Berries to Pokemon defending Gyms does not grant them Pokemon Candy. Niantic is aware of this issue and is actively working on a solution to ensure that higher-level Trainers can obtain Pokemon Candy through Berry feeding at Gyms.

Visual Bug: Candy XL Not Displaying After Transferring Multiple Pokemon

Trainers have observed a visual bug where Candy XL obtained from transferring multiple types of Pokemon does not consistently appear on the left-hand side of the user interface (UI) after the transfer. However, despite the visual discrepancy, Niantic assures Trainers that the Candy XL is correctly applied to their account and can be viewed accurately when examining Pokemon of the corresponding evolution line.

Freezing App When Tapping Pokemon at Lures

When a Pokemon that the Trainer hasn’t caught yet is attracted to a Lure, it may appear very small on the map. Tapping on these Pokemon can cause the Pokemon GO app to freeze, necessitating a reboot. Niantic is actively investigating this issue and has implemented a temporary mitigation measure. Pokemon originally discovered in the Kalos region will no longer be attracted to Lures. However, Trainers can still encounter Pokemon from the Kalos region with the use of Incense.

Small Pokemon Storage Page With Search Function

Trainers have encountered a sizing issue with the Pokemon Storage page when using the search function in certain contexts. Whether it’s for trading, selecting Pokemon for battle parties, or searching for a specific species from the Pokédex, the subsequent page appears much smaller in the center of the screen. Niantic has resolved this issue in version 0.193.3, ensuring that the Pokemon Storage page displays correctly in all relevant circumstances.

Mega Raids Not Counting Towards Research Tasks

There is an ongoing issue where Mega Raids do not count towards the completion of the “Win a level 3 or higher raid” research task. However, Level 3 and 5 Raids do count towards this task. Niantic is currently investigating this issue to ensure that all raid battles, including Mega Raids, contribute appropriately to research task progress.

Visual Bug for Mega Energy from Research Rewards

Trainers have reported a visual bug where Mega Energy obtained as a reward from a research task does not appear as a collected reward. Despite this visual discrepancy, Niantic confirms that the Mega Energy is correctly added to the Trainer’s account and will be appropriately displayed when viewing Pokemon from the corresponding evolution line.

Sorting Gifts by Gift Icon Issue

Trainers have experienced difficulties sorting Gifts by the gift icon on the Friend List, as the sorting feature does not function as intended. Niantic has addressed this as a preparatory measure for future improvements to the Gift system. Although the issue has been largely resolved for most players, Niantic anticipates a complete solution once the improvements are fully activated.

Buddy Adventure Related Issues

Issues with Earning the “Battle Together” Heart

Trainers have encountered inconsistent earning of the “battle together” affection heart when battling with their Buddy Pokemon in Gyms. There may also be delays in receiving this heart when earned through battles. It’s important to note that this bug does not occur when battling with Buddies in other contexts, such as battling with Friends or in GO Battle League. Niantic is actively investigating this issue to ensure proper reward distribution for battling together with Buddy Pokemon in Gyms.

Poffin Bonus Reset at Midnight

Trainers have observed that Poffin bonuses are reset at midnight according to local time, regardless of the time the Poffin was consumed by a Buddy Pokemon. Niantic is investigating this matter to resolve the issue of Poffin bonuses resetting improperly and ensure consistent behavior based on the specific time of Poffin consumption.

Invisible Buddy Pokemon During Shared AR Experience

Trainers participating in a Shared AR Experience may encounter a situation where they are unable to see the Buddy Pokemon of other Trainers. To resolve this issue, Niantic recommends restarting the Pokemon GO app before starting a new Shared AR Experience. If the problem persists, leaving the Shared AR Experience and waiting a few minutes before attempting again should help resolve the visibility problem. Niantic is actively investigating this issue to ensure a smooth and immersive experience for all Trainers engaging in Shared AR Experiences.

One Golden Razz Berry Resulting in Buddy Pokemon’s Appearance on the Map

Trainers have noticed that feeding their Buddy Pokemon only one Golden Razz Berry can lead to the Buddy Pokemon appearing on the map, even though two Golden Razz Berries are typically required for this to occur. Niantic has already resolved this issue, ensuring that the correct number of Golden Razz Berries must be used to trigger the appearance of Buddy Pokemon on the map.


These are just a selection of the known issues currently being investigated by the Niantic engineering team for Pokemon GO. It’s important to note that this list is subject to change as the team continues to work on resolving these issues and identifying new ones. Niantic remains committed to delivering a smooth and enjoyable experience for all Trainers, and updates will be provided as progress is made.


1. How often is the Known Issues support page updated?

The Known Issues support page for Pokemon GO is regularly updated as the Niantic team gathers new information about ongoing issues. Trainers are encouraged to check the page periodically for the latest updates.

2. What should I do if I encounter a bug that isn’t listed on the Known Issues page?

If you encounter a bug that is not listed on the Known Issues page, you can still report it to Niantic. Use the

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