Origins of Glastrier, the Wild Horse Pokemon

Glastrier: The Belligerent Wild Horse Pokemon

Glastrier, a powerful Ice-type Pokemon, is known for its ability to emit intense cold from its hooves. This equine creature possesses a formidable physical strength that allows it to take whatever it wants by force. Its face is covered with a mask of ice, which is astonishingly durable, being a staggering 100 times harder than diamond.

Type and Category

Glastrier falls under the Ice type category and is often referred to as the “Wild Horse Pokemon.”


Glastrier possesses the ability called “Chilling Neigh.” This unique trait enhances its Attack stat whenever it knocks out an opponent, as it utters a bone-chilling neigh.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Glastrier is weak against Fighting, Rock, Steel, and Fire-type Pokemon. On the other hand, it has a natural resistance to Ice-type attacks. However, Glastrier does not possess any immunities.


Glastrier does not undergo any evolution nor is it evolved from any other Pokemon. However, it has the ability to fuse with Calyrex, resulting in the powerful Ice Rider Calyrex.

Physical Characteristics

Glastrier stands at an impressive height of 7 feet and weighs a massive 1763.7 lbs. Its sheer size and robust build make it a formidable Pokemon in battles.

Glastrier in Detail

Glastrier, with its chilling powers and aggressive nature, is a Pokemon that demands attention. This section will delve deeper into various aspects of Glastrier to provide a comprehensive understanding of its capabilities.

Powerful Ice Emission

One of Glastrier’s most notable attributes is its ability to emit intense cold from its hooves. This trait allows it to freeze its surroundings and create an icy terrain at will. Its mere presence can lower the temperature in its vicinity, causing an immediate drop in temperature.

A Force to Be Reckoned With

Glastrier’s belligerent nature makes it an imposing opponent in battles. It possesses incredible physical strength, capable of delivering devastating blows with its mighty hooves. Combined with its chilling powers, Glastrier can freeze opponents and shatter their defenses with ease.

The Diamond-like Mask of Ice

The mask of ice that covers Glastrier’s face is a remarkable feature. It is not only aesthetically intriguing but also incredibly durable. In fact, this icy mask is an astonishing 100 times harder than diamond, providing Glastrier with exceptional protection in battles.

Unyielding Determination

Glastrier’s unwavering determination allows it to overcome various obstacles and challenges. Once it sets its sights on something it desires, it will stop at nothing to obtain it. This resolute nature makes Glastrier a formidable force to be reckoned with, as it demonstrates its relentless pursuit of victory.

Glastrier and Calyrex: The Fusion

Glastrier has the unique ability to fuse with Calyrex, resulting in a powerful combination known as Ice Rider Calyrex. This fusion brings together Glastrier’s incredible physical strength and Calyrex’s psychic prowess, creating an even more formidable Pokemon.

An Unstoppable Duo

With the fusion complete, Glastrier and Calyrex become an unstoppable duo on the battlefield. The raw power of Glastrier, coupled with the strategic abilities of Calyrex, make for a formidable team that is capable of taking on the toughest opponents.

Ice Rider Calyrex’s Abilities

Ice Rider Calyrex inherits Glastrier’s Ice-type abilities while also possessing a range of psychic powers from Calyrex. This potent combination allows Ice Rider Calyrex to control and manipulate ice with unparalleled precision, freezing opponents in their tracks.

A Perfect Balance

The fusion between Glastrier and Calyrex brings about a perfect balance between physical prowess and mental acuity. The synchronized cooperation between these two Pokemon creates a harmonious unity that maximizes their individual strengths, making Ice Rider Calyrex an extremely versatile and formidable Pokemon in battles.

Frequently Asked Questions about Glastrier

1. Where can Glastrier be found in the Pokemon world?

Glastrier can be found in areas with snowy and icy climates, such as frosty mountains and frozen tundras. It prefers habitats that match its natural icy environment.

2. How does Glastrier’s Chilling Neigh ability enhance its Attack stat?

When Glastrier knocks out an opponent, it releases a chilling neigh that boosts its Attack stat. This surge of power allows Glastrier to deliver even more devastating blows in subsequent battles.

3. Can Glastrier’s mask of ice be shattered?

Glastrier’s mask of ice is incredibly durable and hard, making it extremely difficult to shatter. Only the most powerful attacks or Pokemon with specific abilities may have a chance to break through this icy defense.

4. Can Glastrier control the temperature of its icy surroundings?

Yes, Glastrier has the ability to manipulate the temperature of its immediate environment. It can lower the temperature significantly, causing freezing conditions and creating an advantage in battle.

5. Are there any other Pokemon that can rival Glastrier’s physical strength?

While there are other Pokemon with impressive physical strength, Glastrier’s sheer power is exemplary. Pokemon like Machamp and Conkeldurr are known for their strength, but Glastrier’s abilities and icy nature give it an edge in combat.


Glastrier, the belligerent Wild Horse Pokemon, showcases its remarkable power and chilling abilities. With intense cold emanating from its hooves and a face covered by a mask of ice harder than diamond, Glastrier commands attention on the battlefield. Its fusion with Calyrex gives rise to the formidable Ice Rider Calyrex, further solidifying its champion status. Whether wreaking havoc individually or as part of a fused entity, Glastrier is a force to be reckoned with in the Pokemon world.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Glastrier be found in the wild or is it exclusive to special events?

Glastrier can be encountered in specific locations within the Pokemon Sword and Shield games. It is not exclusive to special events and can be caught in the Crown Tundra expansion.

2. How can I obtain a Glastrier in the game?

To obtain Glastrier, players must first encounter it in the wild. Once located, they can engage in battle and attempt to capture it using Poke Balls. Glastrier can be found in the Frostpoint Field den, and capturing it requires patience and skill.

3. Can Glastrier be bred to obtain more of its kind?

No, Glastrier is unable to breed. This means that if players want additional Glastrier, they must locate and capture multiple individuals in the wild.

4. Are there any alternative strategies or team compositions that work well with Glastrier?

Glastrier’s powerhouse abilities make it a valuable asset in battle. Teaming it up with Pokemon that possess moves to counter its weaknesses can be an effective strategy. For example, pairing Glastrier with a Fire-type Pokemon can help overcome its vulnerability to Ice and Steel types.

5. Can Glastrier break through barriers or resistances that other Pokemon cannot?

While Glastrier possesses formidable strength, it is still subject to the type matchups and resistances characteristic of the Pokemon battle system. It is important to consider the strengths and weaknesses of opponents when utilizing Glastrier’s abilities in battle.

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