New Pokemon Professors in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet: A Journey Through Paldea

Welcome to Paldea!

In the enchanting world of Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet, players embark on an exciting adventure in the rich and diverse region of Paldea. This picturesque land is filled with vast open spaces, serene lakes, majestic peaks, untamed wastelands, and breathtaking mountain ranges. As players traverse the region, they will encounter a harmonious coexistence between humans and Pokemon, with these beloved creatures making their homes in various locations, such as treetops, rivers, and the wilderness.

The Heart of Paldea: Mesagoza

Nestled in the center of Paldea lies Mesagoza, the region’s bustling metropolis and home to the largest city in the area. Players will have the opportunity to attend either Naranja Academy or Uva Academy, two renowned educational institutions within Mesagoza. Depending on whether they choose Pokemon Scarlet or Pokemon Violet, the name, emblem, uniforms, and other unique features of the school will differ.

Unveiling the Rotom Phone and the Pokédex

A handy companion on this thrilling journey is the Rotom Phone, an innovative device that integrates the Pokédex as an app. This advanced tool allows players to access a comprehensive map of the entire Paldea region, illustrating their current location and providing valuable information about nearby towns, Pokemon Centers, and wild Pokemon. The Rotom Phone serves as an indispensable resource for exploration and navigation in this expansive world.

Terastal Phenomenon: Unleashing Extraordinary Power

The Paldea region is home to a captivating phenomenon known as Terastal, which bestows a radiant brilliance upon Pokemon, akin to shimmering gems. When a Pokemon undergoes Terastallization, they are adorned with a magnificent Tera Jewel, resembling a majestic crown, while their bodies glisten as if they were cut gemstones. Every Pokemon in Paldea possesses the ability to Terastallize, harnessing unique powers and augmenting their battle strategies. This remarkable transformation enhances the strength of moves that align with the Pokemon’s Tera Type, of which there are 18, offering limitless combinations of Pokemon and Tera Types. During battles, players can activate Terastallization once per encounter, and it persists until the battle concludes. Recharging the Tera Orb, necessary for Terastallization, can be accomplished through contact with Terastal energy-infused crystals or by visiting a Pokemon Center.

Tera Raid Battles: Collaborative and Thrilling

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet introduce an exhilarating feature called Tera Raid Battles. In these epic encounters, three players join forces to challenge a Terastallized wild Pokemon. Trainers can convene for Tera Raid Battles by utilizing the Tera Raid Battle option, enabling them to recruit allies or partake in existing raids. Notably, to engage in battles alongside known friends, players must establish a unique Link Code. This battle system operates under time constraints, granting uninterrupted attack sequences without necessitating waits for other Trainers to select their moves.

Poké Portal & the Union Circle: Connecting Trainers Worldwide

Complementing the immersive experience of Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet is the Poké Portal, a feature that facilitates dynamic interactions between Trainers across the globe. Through the Pok

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