Mikasa’s Marriage: Attack on Titan Ending

Attack on Titan is a popular anime and manga series that has captured the hearts of many fans. One of its beloved characters is Mikasa Ackerman, who has remained a topic of intrigue and speculation among avid viewers. As experts in our field of entertainment, Game Revolution aims to provide our audience with a comprehensive analysis of the ending of Attack on Titan with a focus on Mikasa’s character arc and her relationships. In this article, we will delve into the question that has been on everyone’s mind: Who does Mikasa marry in Attack on Titan? Our target audience for this article is high school students who are fans of the series and are eager to understand the intricacies of Mikasa’s journey. Join us as we explore the uncharted territories of Mikasa’s character development and attempt to shed light on the ending of Attack on Titan.

Who is Mikasa Ackerman?

Mikasa Ackerman is one of the main characters in the popular Japanese anime and manga series Attack on Titan. She is the adoptive sister of the protagonist, Eren Yeager, and plays a vital role in the series. Mikasa is known for her exceptional combat skills, intelligence, and unwavering loyalty to those close to her.

As a child, Mikasa’s parents were killed, and she was taken in by the Yeagers. This traumatic event has shaped her character and has made her fiercely protective of her loved ones. Throughout the series, Mikasa’s relationship with Eren is a significant focus. She cares deeply for him and will do anything to protect him, often putting herself in danger.

Mikasa’s loyalty and dedication are essential to the plot of Attack on Titan, and her character development is a significant component of the series. Her combat skills and strategic mind have proven valuable in numerous battles, and she has become a fan favorite for her unwavering strength and resolve.

Overall, Mikasa is a complex and multi-faceted character who adds depth and meaning to the plot of Attack on Titan. Her relationships with other characters, particularly Eren, are a driving force behind the series and have kept fans engaged from start to finish.

Analyzing the Manga

The ending of the Attack on Titan manga left fans with a lot of questions and speculation, especially regarding Mikasa’s potential romantic relationship. The manga ended with a time-skip, showing the main characters as adults, with Mikasa and Eren seemingly estranged.

Many fans have speculated that Mikasa’s husband shown in a flash-forward scene could be Eren, but this theory remains unconfirmed. Some readers have also theorized that Mikasa is in love with Eren’s friend Armin, while others believe that she is actually in love with Eren’s brother Zeke. Despite the speculation, the manga provides no concrete answer as to who Mikasa ends up marrying or if she marries anyone at all.

Overall, the manga’s ending leaves much up to interpretation, allowing fans to come up with their theories and speculation. The endings of both the anime and manga have received mixed reactions from fans, with some finding it unsatisfying and others praising it for its boldness.

Examination of the Attack on Titan Anime’s Portrayal of Mikasa’s Relationship

The anime adaptation of Attack on Titan has depicted Mikasa’s relationship with Eren Yeager in a way that differs from the manga. While the anime also portrays Eren as a significant figure in Mikasa’s life, it places less emphasis on their romantic connection.

In the anime, Mikasa’s devotion to Eren stems more from a deep sense of gratitude for his aid in protecting her family. Their relationship is one that is built on trust, respect, and an unbreakable bond forged through hardship. Unlike the manga, the anime also presents Mikasa with a potential love interest, further indicating that her feelings towards Eren may not be entirely romantic.

Comparing the anime and manga endings further highlight these differences. While the manga heavily implies that Mikasa and Eren eventually become romantically involved, the anime’s ending leaves their relationship more open to interpretation.

However, regardless of the differences between the anime and manga versions, Mikasa’s character journey and her relationships remain essential aspects of her portrayal. The anime’s unique interpretation of her dynamic with Eren adds depth and complexity to her character, making her one of the most beloved and influential characters in the series.

The Significance of Mikasa’s Character Arc

Mikasa Ackerman is one of the most beloved characters in Attack on Titan, and for good reason. Her backstory and character arc are intricately woven throughout the series, making her a significant and memorable character. Mikasa’s growth throughout the series is marked by key relationships with her fellow characters that impact her development significantly.

From her earliest introduction, Mikasa is portrayed as a fiercely loyal and incredibly talented warrior. Her strength is matched only by her stubborn determination to protect those she loves. This drive is due, in part, to her past trauma and the pervasive theme of “family” that runs throughout the story.

One of the most prominent relationships in Mikasa’s life is with Eren Jaeger, the protagonist of the series. The two have a deep connection, and Eren’s safety is her primary concern. As the story progresses, Mikasa starts to understand that she is not solely defined by Eren, and that her own autonomy is important. Her growth is also highlighted through her relationships with other characters, such as Hange and Levi.

The ending of Attack on Titan brings Mikasa’s character arc full circle, highlighting her growth throughout the series. In the final moments, Mikasa has a touching exchange with Eren, and through this, she gains closure and a sense of purpose. Ultimately, Mikasa’s arc is a movement away from the single-minded love and dependency she had on Eren and towards greater independence, agency, and a sense of identity beyond her relationships.

In summary, Mikasa’s character arc in Attack on Titan is a powerfully-written and developed journey of growth and independence; one that is marked by key relationships and moments throughout the story. The ending of the series brings her journey full circle, highlighting the depth and significance of her character’s growth.


In conclusion, Mikasa Ackerman is one of the most beloved characters in Attack on Titan, and her character arc throughout the series is significant. Mikasa’s relationship with other characters, particularly Eren, is a crucial aspect of her character development. Furthermore, Mikasa’s growth throughout the series is highlighted in the ending of Attack on Titan.

Analyzing both the manga and anime, it is clear that Mikasa’s relationship with Eren is a recurring theme. The manga ending provides some possible indications regarding Mikasa’s romantic relationship, although some fans have differing opinions on the matter.

In the anime, the ending is less explicit, leaving the nature of Mikasa’s relationship with Eren more open to interpretation. It is up to the audience to analyze and draw their conclusions.

Overall, Mikasa’s character and relationship development throughout Attack on Titan are incredibly well-done, making her character one of the most memorable aspects of the series. Her complex personality, along with the impact she has on those around her, adds depth to the story and enhances the viewing experience for fans.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Who is Mikasa Ackerman?

Mikasa Ackerman is a central character in the Attack on Titan series. She is a member of the Survey Corps and the adoptive sister of Eren Yeager. Her parents were killed when she was young, and she was then taken in by the Yeager family.

2. What is the significance of Mikasa’s character in Attack on Titan?

Mikasa’s character is significant in that she represents loyalty, strength, and determination. She is often seen as one of the most powerful characters in the series and plays a key role in the story’s plot development.

3. What are the rumors and theories surrounding Mikasa’s romantic relationships in the manga?

There have been numerous rumors and theories regarding Mikasa’s romantic relationships in the manga. Some believe that Mikasa is in love with Eren, while others speculate that she is romantically involved with Jean or Levi.

4. How does the anime portray Mikasa’s relationship with other characters?

The anime portrays Mikasa’s relationships with other characters in a nuanced and complex way. Her relationship with Eren is particularly significant, as the two have an intense bond that has been a central focus of the story since the beginning.

5. Why is Mikasa’s character arc significant in the ending of Attack on Titan?

Mikasa’s character arc is significant in the ending of Attack on Titan because it highlights her growth and development throughout the series. Her relationships with other characters, particularly Eren, have helped shape her into a stronger and more independent person.

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